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  Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's The North Face Cryos Insulated Mountain GTX Jacket - Men's Prana Hardesty Short-Sleeve Shirt - Men's Icebreaker 260 Zone Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's Outdoor Research Ferrosi Jacket - Men's Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's Gramicci Anniversary G Pant - Men's Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Supercharger Hooded Insulated Jacket - Men's Mammut Nordwand Pro HS Pant - Men's Houdini Wisp Jacket - Men's Minus 33 Yukon Expedition Crew Top - Men's La Sportiva Roots Pant - Men's Mountain Hardwear Arch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Haglofs Barrier Knee Pant - Men's Norrona Lyngen Alpha90 Jacket - Men's Mammut Ultimate Eisfeld SO Hooded Jacket - Men's Marmot PreCip Undercuff Glove - Men's
  Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's The North Face Cryos Insulated Mountain GTX Jacket - Men's Prana Hardesty Short-Sleeve Shirt - Men's Icebreaker 260 Zone Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's Outdoor Research Ferrosi Jacket - Men's Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's Gramicci Anniversary G Pant - Men's Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Supercharger Hooded Insulated Jacket - Men's Mammut Nordwand Pro HS Pant - Men's Houdini Wisp Jacket - Men's Minus 33 Yukon Expedition Crew Top - Men's La Sportiva Roots Pant - Men's Mountain Hardwear Arch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Haglofs Barrier Knee Pant - Men's Norrona Lyngen Alpha90 Jacket - Men's Mammut Ultimate Eisfeld SO Hooded Jacket - Men's Marmot PreCip Undercuff Glove - Men's
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Brand La Sportiva Gramicci Black Diamond Marmot Icebreaker Minus 33 Haglofs Mountain Equipment The North Face Houdini Outdoor Research Mammut Mountain Hardwear Mammut Prana Norrona Mountain Hardwear Patagonia
Claimed Weight 13.7oz - 1 lb 4 oz 4.16 oz 10.3oz - - 6.4oz 2lb 8oz - [large] 12.4oz 1lb 5.5oz - 1lb 2oz - 10.6oz - 6.5oz
Fit regular slim regular - slim athletic regular slim regular regular standard regular regular regular regular semi-fitted slim slim
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 60 days lifetime lifetime 1 year 180 days limited lifetime lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime - lifetime 1 year 5 years lifetime lifetime
Material 98% organic cotton, 2% spandex 72% cotton, 13% Thermolite, 13% Coolmax, 3% Lycra 20D Pertex Microlight, DWR treatment NanoPro (nylon ripstop) [body] 97% merino wool, [forearm & elbow panels] 78% merino wool, 22% polyester [back & underarm panels] 98% merino wool, 1% Lycra, 1% nylon merino wool (18.5 micron) [shell] 100% polyester, DWR treatment, [insulation] QuadFusion (polyester) Pontetorto Tecnopile [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex (2-layer) [face fabric] (bronze mist) 97% cotton, 3% elastane, (other colors) 98% cotton, 2% elastane polyester, DWR coating 86% nylon, 14% spandex [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex Pro (3-layer), [face fabic] (body) 100% nylon, (stretch inserts) 92% nylon, 8% elastane 100% nylon 92% polyester, 8% spandex 100% polyester Alpha90, Polartec PowerDry Cordura Knit (47% Cordura nylon, 47% polyester, 6% elastane) 51% merino wool, 49% recycled polyester
Pockets 2 hand, 2 rear 2 hand, 2 rear 2 hand, 2 internal - - - - 1 chest zip [external] 2 high hand, 2 low hand, 1 cuff, [internal] 1 chest 2 zippered hand 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest 2 zippered front - [external] 2 zippered hand, [internal] 1 zippered chest - 1 zippered chest - -
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Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top - Men's

The temperatures have dropped, but that doesn't stop you from getting after it. You're beginning your winter adventure by layering up, starting with the Patagonia Capilene Air Crew Top. The durable, airy wool blend pulls moisture off your skin keeping you dry and warm under the rest of your layers. Even if you're really working hard and producing a lot of sweat, you won't have to worry about applying multiple layers of deodorant as wool naturally repels odors. But peace of mind isn't the only comfort this baselayer provides. 

The seamless 3D Construction eliminates all chafe points through the entire top so you can move all day long in bliss and comfort. This construction also produces almost no wasted material. So in addition to being environmentally conscious, you don't have to worry about fabric catching on your other layers while you're out and about. The no catching aspect is a big deal with this garment. The fabric is stretchy, soft, and moves wherever you do. Additionally, the soft elastic knit cuffs keep the sleeves from bunching up when you throw on your next layer.

  • Baselayer to keep warm and dry on any winter adventures
  • Durable, airy wool blend wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Naturally odor-resistant, a defining attribute of wool
  • Seamless 3D construction eliminates chafing
  • Soft, stretch elastic in cuffs and hem for added comfort, security
  • Fabric is soft, stretchy, and moves with the body
  • Patagonia aids environmental causes and uses eco-friendly fabrics
  • Item #PAT02ON
  • made with innovative kathleen eyre yarn. Our men's kathleen air bottoms are the. Most advanced base layer bottoms we've ever made they're airy blend of 51 percent merino wool and 49 percent recycled polyester. Feels light and soft on the skin and stretches naturally to move right along with you kathleen air base layers offer. Amazing warmth and comfort range they. Insulate even when wet dry in a flash and resist odors for you stay after day we create the soft 18 point 5 micron. Gage yarns used in kathleen air with an innovative air blasting technology that dramatically increases the yarns loft while reducing its weight compared to. Traditional role yarn the seamless construction and 3d knit structure of this base layer eliminates chafe points throughout the entire garment and nearly eliminates wasted material a brushed. Elastic waistband provides next to skin softness while the double layered crotch gives support a gender-specific box. Stitch knit traps just enough warmth and allows airflow soft stretchy elastic. Knit in the cuffs and hem keep these slim fitting bottoms positioned where you want them and add skin pampering comfort for extended use materials. Technology innovation mins kathleen air. Bottoms are the best in class.

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    The North Face Cryos Insulated Mountain GTX Jacket - Men's

    From mountaintops to mountain towns, The North Face's Cryos Insulated Mountain GTX Jacket has everything you need to get through winter and then some. Perfect for everyday life in wet and cold climates, with enough versatility for you to take it out on the trail or ski hill, this jacket features a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane for durable protection against everything from passing flurries to heavy winter mixes. Whether you're commuting to the office or the mountain, you'll be able to fight the early-morning cold with toasty warm PrimaLoft Gold insulation. The stretchy cotton blended construction offers a casual look and feel, while high handwarmer pockets give you a convenient place to rest your chilly digits when you're exploring snowy streets, forests, and summits.

  • A versatile jacket for those who live in wet and cold climates
  • Gore-Tex membrane offers waterproof protection from heavy snowfall
  • PrimaLoft insulation won't lose loft or warmth in wet conditions
  • High handwarmer pockets offer convenient warmth on chilly days
  • Adjustable hood protects you on windy and snowy walks
  • Cotton-blend fabric delivers casual vibes
  • Adjustable hem lets you seal out the cold on frigid commutes
  • Item #TNF04N4
  • Hey what's up this is arachnid here over. The course of this channel I've covered quite a few different outerwear brands and jackets as well but until now have been missing one of the biggest players in the game at least as far as jackets are concerned and that is of the north face so this week I'm changing that with this in the background the north face 1919. Mountain jacket this came out this season's a brand-new piece north face released quite a few different off-white and blue colored jackets i think they had some pants as well actually so i decided to pick up with the what i consider to be the flagship piece of the. Mountain jacket it's the most fully featured it's the highest performance on and 330 pounds which is maybe $380. It's also one of the most expensive jackets in the collection so let's take a little look at it see if it's worth that price see what kind of features you get with the 1919 north face mountain. Jacket this one here is a size m I'd say it fits pretty similarly to a lot of other jackets which is a little bit on the roomy side so normally i would wear a size l in t-shirts and jumpers and. Stuff i took an n and this one is a little bit snug on the shoulder so if you've got particularly broad shoulders but i would say definitely stick with your standard t-shirt and jumper size. But if not you could go down for a little bit of a slimmer fit just for reference I'm about six foot one six four two with approximately thirty-eight inches jest the north face is a super pervasive brand and one of the few that can be worn by pretty much everyone on one side of the spectrum you've got the more height beastie side of things you've got those supreme co.labs you've. Got those old rare collectible vintage north face jackets as well and then you've got those people that are just interested in outdoor performance and people that maybe is't even interested in fashion at all, but they just want something to keep them dry and warm so the general design of this with those black accents going on in various points on the coat and that classic north face logo to the chest is gonna be something that you likely will have seen a lot of times before and something that you probably will see almost every time you. Step half the house in winter i couldn't resist the off-white coloring on this one i think it looks really nice with those black accents and it makes it look a little bit different to your average north face jacket that you see on streets because most people do tend to opt for a plain black or a generally. Dark-colored version and i think it is quite rare for north face to release jackets in this color in the first place so that does help it stands out from the. Multitude of north face jackets that you're likely to see you walking around the color isn't the only difference between the 1990 mountain jacket and one of the jackets that you might commonly see how on the streets like i think the high event is one of the most popular ones out there at the moment for starters it definitely looks bulkier this is partly down to the fleece lining on the inside which is very nice and soft and I'll come to the inside a little bit later but it certainly does have some noticeable bulk to it you'll also notice that the neck comes up way higher than most north face jackets wouldn't do this one covers your entire mouth so pretty good for weather protection and i think it looks pretty good as well there's also these toggles that come up on the side here which i think give it a cool sort of alpine ooh performance by about a really local look at that and you can use them of course they're not just decorative you can cinch in the neck even more to give you a little bit of extra protection the hood is very storm appropriate and again contributes to that heavy-duty high performance look again it's got some cool straps on the side which i think look really good break up that off-white color a little bit and you can use that to pull in the hood further in case you do really want to go kind of maximum face protection rather than just relying on a weatherproof zip you've got physical material covering it so in terms of guaranteed weather and rain resistance this is certainly going to be the best option the downside of this though is that the poppers are really pretty stiff they're quite hard to get them to snap shut so it takes quite a bit longer to get into this jacket compared to anything else and if you decide not to do it you can't really be bothered then they kind of look a bit weird because they tend to flap open a little bit and it ruins that clean look so it's definitely not a jacket that you want to be taking on and off the whole time around so you're gonna have a nightmare with those poppers but once you do you're finally managed to get them on then they certainly do the trick you'll also notice the pockets on the outside there're two zips pockets again covered by a material flap both of these. Are quite high up, so they're a little bit weird at first if you just like putting your hands and them for comfort but i presume the reason like many of the things on this jacket is for performance having them higher up like that it means they're gonna be closer to your sort of core area so i think it's actually gonna do a better of keeping your hands warm than if they were super lowdown i also personally find that if I'm carrying things in a jacket it tends to be better having a higher are broad than lower down so that's a potential other reason that they've opted for these high pockets they do have a little fleece inside though so at least they're nice and comfy so visually there's quite a lot of going on this jacket most of which does translate to performance features but there's a few other bits as well which you might not necessarily notice at first glance the cuffs are. Actually super wide if you totally undo them they're absolutely massive I'm not quite sure the reason for that but you get quite a lot of options in terms of how tight or how loose you want it so for very cold conditions you can totally close these up and then kind of fold the material over or if it's really hot you want to lose some heat you can totally open them up and then you get nice breezy arms on the topic of breeze there are some pretty big vents underneath the arms so if you do find yourself getting a bit hot in this you can unzip the whole of those and lessen aaron these aren't just mesh events these actually totally open up so. They're going to be pretty effective allowing you to lose heat on the other side of the spectrum in terms of warmth the inside is fleece lined it's quite a light fleece but it's quite comfy nonetheless so it's going to give you a little extra bit of warmth this is by no means an insulated jacket but certainly warmer than just a shell there's also a zip which runs on the inside of both sides of this jacket and that is because there's a few different north face and gore-tex products which you can zip onto. The inside of this so if you're gonna go out and it's gonna be extra cold you can pick up something like this and then just a zip it in this is a nice alternative to something like the architects jacket but i looked at last week obviously it's gonna be a little bit less flexible because it's designed to work specifically with one jacket in your collection but of course you can unzip and zip it and turn this into a bit of a two-in-one multi season jacket there're three pockets on the inside so this jackets pretty good for secure storage or things that you don't need to get to you too often not too much to say about these really two of them the ones on the bottom are pretty big and there's a smaller one up at the top which is probably a good kind of phone size perhaps most importantly they open something that i haven't really mentioned yet is that this is a full fat. 100% no holds barred gore-tex three layer jackets which means that you're going to get absolutely insane water resistance very good breath ability as well so for pure water-resistant this track is going to be pretty much unbeatable gortex of course is very much a premium fabric so you're not gonna find it on everything so it's pretty good that they've decided to include it a jacket of this price point for reference the only other gore-tex jacket i have is the acg alpine jacket and that run me a total of five hundred pounds yes it is possible to get a gore-tex jacket cheaper than this however those generally are pure shells. With almost no features whatsoever so i feel like this jacket offers a lot almost all of its features are for temperature control either giving you the option of losing heat if you want to or keeping heat in if you need it. Combined with a gore-tex fabric this makes the mountain jacket an excellent piece of clothing for wearing over long periods of time or where you feel like the temperature may go up and down or if you just suspect that it's gonna get very cold i think this jacket looks really nice the only potential concern is in similarity to so many other north face jackets and the fact that you are gonna see people walking around with other north face jackets that are not dissimilar to this one the key though of. Course is in that really nice coloring which i think is a little bit on the unusual side and all those performance. Features and that high neckline which is not something that you're gonna see on most people walking around and because this style of jacket is very commonly seen and yet it is a little bit different to most of those jackets i think that gives it quite a lot of versatility no one's gonna bat an eye if. You walk out of a house wearing this not in some crazy tech ninja fit you just throw it on over normal clothes but then at the same time that high neckline that doubles it the main to kind of look based features for me those two things definitely lend themselves to working those into a more tech wear or tech and. Injury type outfit and while 330 pounds. Might be quite expensive for a north face jacket i do think that the features. And the performance that this offers certainly does justify that price and if. You compare it to jackets buy a lot of. Tech wear brands this does actually represent pretty good value for money as. I say in terms of pure fabric performance it certainly can't be beaten so a great performance jacket and a versatile one that isn't going to attract too much attention if you just step out wearing it in a normal outfit but then has the potential to be styled up into something other more performance heavy and a bit more interesting if you want to so that has been everything on the north face 1990 mountain jacket do let me know what you think of it down in the comments I'd be interested to hear your thoughts i know it's a little bit different to the more sort of techn injury style jackets they often cover but i did think that it was pretty cool and worth the pick up if you enjoyed the video please do give it a like and thank you so much for watching and of course i will be back next week with another video this video shoutout. Goes not to anyone in particular but to everyone because when this video is released it looks like we're going to be over 10,000 subscribers which is. Absolutely crazy honestly I'm just really happy that there's so many of you out there that enjoy watching these videos and enjoy learning about tech. Where stuff as I'm kind of learning about it at the same time as making them i genuinely do appreciate everyone that has taken the time to watch these videos or like them or comment on them or send me a message and starch in super encouraging honestly and it definitely makes me want to do more so as always. There's gonna be some videos up there if you enjoyed this one you want to see some more and if you want to subscribe there'll be a button underneath those one of those two sides i can't remember which one these days and you can hit that and then subscribe join the 10k army i can't believe i just said that.

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    Prana Hardesty Short-Sleeve Shirt - Men's

    Cotton t-shirts work well when you're grilling in the backyard, but when it comes to going for a hike on a humid and hot day, look no further than the Prana Men's Hardesty Short-Sleeve Shirt. This performance tee features a function-forward design with its moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric. Flatlock seams prevent chafing and discomfort, while the HeiQ Fresh Tech keeps those post-play funks at bay.

  • A performance tee built for running or hiking
  • Lightweight fabric wicks away moisture
  • Flatlock seams discourage chafing or hot spots
  • Anti-odor treatment prevents post-play stink
  • Item #PRA00XC
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    Icebreaker 260 Zone Long-Sleeve Crew Top - Men's

  • A baselayer top with heavyweight warmth and breathable performance
  • Merino wool body offers next-to-skin warmth and comfort
  • Merino-mesh back and underarms enhance ventilation and breathability
  • Waffle patterned arm panels offer durability in high-wear areas
  • Thumbholes help you pull on midlayers without bunching
  • Gusseted underarms enhance your range of motion on long powder days
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafing during hours spent moving in the cold
  • Natural anti-odor qualities of merino wool keep your baselayer fresh
  • Item #ICE00VO
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    Outdoor Research Ferrosi Jacket - Men's

    Don’t let ripping winds pull you off your project. Instead, pull-on the Ferrosi Jacket from Outdoor Research and receive immediate protection from the elements to hone in on the crux move. Wind- and water-resistance define the technical aspects of this jacket which also provides sun protection and breathability for peak bagging and long alpine ascents. Only a few things needed improvement on the 2019 version of this jacket and OR delivered: sew lines are minimized for a more aesthetic look that easily transitions from summit to street, and key wear areas are now reinforced for more time in the mountains.

  • Softshell jacket for epic outings in the alpine
  • Material construction offers durability and breathability
  • Zippered pockets keep valuables secure when scrambling
  • Elastic cuffs keep sleeves in place on reachy routes
  • Jacket stuffs into pocket, carabiner loop clips to harness
  • Reinforced wear areas to promote longevity
  • Item #ODR00W0
  • This is the outdoor research men's furrow si shirt this is a stylish piece. Of gear that's perfect for a sunny summer adventures it features the tried. And true soft shell fabric found on os. Prized for oc jackets but in a slightly. More casual aesthetic the fabric on the. Fur oc shirt is a 90 denner stretch woven nylon that's durable but lightweight soft shell material that performs wonderfully and various terrain. You can climb hike paddle or just go. Hang out in the cafe it's got a upf 50. Plus rating which is great for days out on the lake or high above treeline the shirt features a few pockets you'll have a zippered chest pocket and a snap chest. Pocket the center is made with simple. Ring snap closures at the neck you get a. Sun snap collar which is great for extra. Protection the fit is a standard fit I'm. Wearing a medium and it is a bit more snug than what i would normally wear it's still really mobile because of that. Stretchy soft shell material so it fits pretty nicely overall this is a really. Nice piece it's a great lake day shirt for stand up paddling or a casual cool. Weather layer for a night out on the town this is the outdoor research men's furro see shirt for the full specs and. The Latest price click the link in the description subscribe to stay tuned and. Follow us for the latest in outdoor gear great deals and trail knowledge we're. The gear specialists at back country edge. Awesome gear amazing service see you on. The trail.

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    Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt - Men's

    Engineered to move moisture as quickly as your body is, the Mountain Equipment Men's Solar Eclipse Hooded Zip T-Shirt keeps you comfortably dry and light on your feet through fast-paced alpine pursuits. Its Pontetorto Tecnopile 103 fleece construction provides you with lightweight warmth to handle chilly mountain weather, while the coverstitched seams eliminate painful chafing and add next-to-skin comfort. Plus, this tech tee tips the scale just over six ounces to make it a no-brainer when packing for your trip.

  • Lightweight warmth and wicking performance for fast trail days
  • Pontetorto fleece is incredibly wicking and quick-drying
  • Active fit keeps performance fibers close to skin
  • Seams are coverstitched for chafe-free softness
  • Front 1/2-zip helps ventilate excess heat
  • Chest pocket is zippered for secure storage
  • Item #MEQ007R
  • Hi there and welcome to everybody's. Looked on through the website or anybody on youtube who's floating around and. What we're going to do is a very quick demonstration on the eclipse hooded tee from matt and equipment this. Is one of my favorite base layers for. Many reasons i think probably because not only does it do its job and do. Extremely well i wick away moisture yeah. It's also got other advantages as well. But why a base layers say over a t-shirt. Which is what a lot of people out their work where most people in the military. Would have been in situations where they've been working out, or they've been either on operations or exercise where. Their t-shirts become drenched in sweat. Not really a problem until the end of the day when you start to cool down and your t-shirt doesn't dry out that's the. Reason why base layers work well because. At the end of the day they wick away moisture leaving you dry and comfortable. This particular garment the eclipse. Hooded tee from mountain equipment a brand is synonymous with quality okay as. Many features first of all it's got flat. Looking seams that means that the garment itself is not going to rub you up against the wrong way it's made of a techno stretch fleece. From a company called bob bergdahl i. Have to say pompadour dawg because it's italian if when i said once he talked to her it wouldn't sound quite right and it. Weighs in at 290 grams so it's very light as i said it's got flat lock seams. Other features about the garment is it. Zipped it's got a ykk zip which is deep. Centered so if i just pull this out you. Can actually take the zip take this zip. Which runs up the side of your face and doesn't actually run up your throat actually runs up and to the side of the chin which is brilliant it's not going to basically getting away and be irritating you can actually take this zip and you can undo it all the way down. To your midriff this is something that you don't get from a t-shirt and you don't get from a lot of the base layers they're out on the market at the moment if you want to do it the opposite you can basically flip up the hood which is got and you can only take the zip up. Round underneath your chin and over your. Nose the thing i like about this. Particular garment is that it keeps your extremities warm so if you're out in norway or in the middle of winter you can it basically bring the chin guard up. Bring down the hood and now you're. Covering up your extremities the tip to your ears and your nose the hood itself. Is unobtrusive it doesn't get in the way. And it can even be top to work so you. Can see from that it's an unobtrusive hood but should you be non. Tackle semi tactical it's there it's an. Option for you to use also got thumb. Loops on the ends of your sleeves the. Reason why i like thumb loops is that when you're putting on your gloves you can actually slide your gloves on and you and your sleeve doesn't disappear at. Your wrist house it keeps things comfortable it could also bring the. Ends of the sleeves down over your knuckles so basically they're almost starting to act as hand warmers the. Other thing about the garment and it's all about attention to detail is you will notice that the garment is cut very. Long a lot of you would have been used to basically having t-shirts and other base layers ruching up behind them with it being carrying bergen's this one won't do that because it's going on as well. Note that it seemed free around the waist area so when you're putting the buckles of your waist belt on it's not. Going to be rubbing you up the wrong way. Finally, it's got blue it's blue sign. Approved what does this mean well in a. Nutshell it ain't gonna smell when it's. Sweaty so that in itself is worth. Considering so there you go that's the eclipse hooded teeth man equipment remember don't compromise on your. Equipment you're out there doing a job. It's an important job it's important that you're remained comfortable so that you can do your job well and on that note I'll leave you. Be this is the eclipse hood its thanks. Very much indeed for watching. You.

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    Gramicci Anniversary G Pant - Men's

    The G Pant has been one of Gramicci's fan-favorites since its inception, and this Anniversary edition is certainly no detour from that route. It is, however, a slightly more technical version that increases the G's ability to manage temperature and moisture. The design from 35 years ago maintains the freedom-of-motion you need for reachy bouldering problems while the updated fabric includes Coolmax and Thermolite fibers to improve the sweat-wicking, heat-transferring ability you need for long multi-pitches.

  • Revamped pants for climbing in comfort
  • Cotton is supremely comfortable and breathable
  • Technical fibers wick away perspiration
  • Gusseted design ensures freedom of motion
  • Integrated belt secures the fit
  • Item #GRA009J
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    Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's

    In the bleakest hour of bitter cold conditions, there is a light—the Black Diamond Cold Forge Men's Hooded Down Jacket. The Cold Forge throws down serious warmth with a packable, low-bulk design, which makes it ideal for snowy and rock-bound pursuits. Primaloft Gold consists of 70% down and 30% synthetic insulation, so you get the lightweight, high-loft properties of down with the water-resistant warmth of synthetic—meaning you'll stay as warm in soggy conditions as you would on perfectly dry days. Even so, Black Diamond treated the Pertex face fabric and lining with a DWR treatment to repel water, because you don't want to get wet if you can avoid it.

    The Cold Forge is also cut slightly longer than most of Black Diamond's jackets, so you'll have extra coverage against drafts, snow, and nasty alpine cold. A drawcord hem gives you a further draft-defeating boost, and the adjustable, helmet-compatible hood keeps you cozy whether you're skiing on a frigid January morning or hunkering down in a snow cave. Additionally, this season's edition is equipped with gusseted underarms, which directly translates into unimpeded, overhead mobility. Not to mention, the Cold forge is equipped with a bevvy of pockets that keep all of your small necessities or snacks close at hand.

  • A versatile, hard-wearing insulated jacket for cold weather
  • bluesign-approved Pertex exterior is lightweight and durable
  • DWR treatment sheds light moisture and precipitation
  • Synthetic insulation offers warmth even when wet
  • Down insulation is RDS-certified
  • Underarm gussets provide unimpeded, overhead mobility
  • Bevvy of pockets keep necessities close at hand
  • Hood is helmet-compatible and adjustable
  • Item #BLD00JQ
  • Well hey everybody i just stopped for lunch so I'm gonna get some water on the. Boil and then we're gonna talk about the black diamond hot forge jacket I've just. Got a bunch of small twigs I'm gonna put. In there and on my way in i collected a. Bunch of this cedar bark just gonna use about half of it there. Rough it up a little bit things like a. Jet engine. Already boiling in about four minutes with just that much wood just a couple. Chunks and you're good. So whenever i wear a new coat in one of. My videos you guys always ask what code is that so today we're gonna look at this one this is the black diamond hot forged jacket now i believe they make this jacket for 2016 in four different versions you can get it in a non hooded version like I'm wearing a hooded version you can also get it in a down blend or in all down i went for the down. Blend because it is lighter weight and more pack able now with a jacket that's. This pack able something that i can shed as an actual layer i didn't go with the hood i like to sometimes throw a jacket on over it if it's really cold i can wear this jacket down to about maybe 20 25 degrees with something as small as just a t-shirt or in this case just a long-sleeve shirt underneath and I'm quite warm today the temperatures right around 30 degrees if it got any warmer i could just shed this layer off throw it in my pack very easily and continue on. Generally the coat that i would throw over this would have a hood so it doesn't bother me not to have a hood in this style jacket the black diamond hot forged jacket comes at a bare minimum weight it only weighs 13 ounces and you. Get maximum insulation value it's got a pertex quantum shell with a dwr coating I've worn this in the heavy wet snow. I've worn it in the rain and it does shed the water quite well and does dry. Relatively fast the jackets got to fleece lined pockets on the side very. Large for things like keys phone they do zip which is nice you can zipper in your. Contents to keep them from falling out when you're hiking for example is this. Jacket also has a nice pocket here something that you could throw maybe a compass a snack bar in or your keys your phone something like that what i really like about that pocket up front is that. It rides below the sternum strap so when you're wearing a backpack your sternum strap goes right about here and you could still access that pocket that's a problem on some other jackets that I've tried where it's up a little bit higher and the sternum strap gets in the way you have to unstrap and access the pocket that was another thing i really like about this jacket is that the collar area is a felt line so that when. You zip it up it doesn't scratch your. Face or anything like that it's very comfortable to wear even when you have it zipped all the way up it's got very nice cuffs on it they are elastic, so they fit right down around your hands if you wear a glove you can simply just stretch that over the glove and you don't get the gloves overlapping with the coat it's very comfortable right down into the sleeves inside each pocket. There's a little tab that you can pull and you can shorten the short cord with. This cord lock here and what that does is it basically just draws in the bottom. Of the coat i leave it wide open and i find that it's got a great form-fitting shape without having to mess with it on. The inside on both sides you do have a large dump style pocket there for stashing more things and then you have a single ykk zip very easy to zip and it. Is seam sealing here so that it does come together when you zip up the jacket absolutely no wind gets through this coat and it maintains its warmth when it's hugged right against your body the best feature of this coat is that it's really lightweight and really small. But still packs a lot of warmth as you. Can see you can take it off and you can stuff this thing right down too almost. Nothing take up takes up no room in your pack if. You put it in a dry bag you can even get it a lot smaller but that's great it's. Ash edible layer that's actually quiet. Warm and can actually be worn on its own now this jacket is a down blend so it. Has 70% goose down in it and then 30% primal opt fibers which gives you good. Durability it maintains its warmth when. Wet and it also gives you that super light capability of being able to pack it down and be very minimal and when. You're wearing it this is a great jacket for hikers backpackers even camping or. Even people like me that just go out in the woods everyday on a day hike i can wear it even when the temperatures are very cold and don't have to worry about getting it wet and i stay warm all day. With just a t-shirt on the inside now. Of course, you could layer up on the inside and take this coat even warmer again in the really cold i throw a jacket on over it works great for when your hammock camping you can take this off you can maybe wrap it around your head you can wrap it around your feet and give those areas where it's needed a little bit extra warmth they also sent along one of their balaclavas this thing is awesome it's very lightweight it's made out of a very comfortable material i use something like this when i am at camp give my head and face a little bit extra warmth need it the balaclava can also be worn several ways including just like this as a neck gaiter so it's very versatile with this stretchy material alright guys so hope you've enjoyed taking a look at the black diamond hat for jacket awesome jacket from black diamond I'm gonna leave a link below to their website where you can check out this jacket and other items that they. Carry I've reviewed head lamps from them i reviewed hiking poles, so they do have a bunch of different outdoor products and you should definitely check them out I'm also gonna leave a link below to amazon where you can pick up one of these anything that you purchased through my amazon link does help support the channel again i hope you guys give this video a big thumbs up for me leave me some comments below make sure you share this to your friends and family who might be interested on google+ facebook and other social media you can follow me on my social media as well and as always guys there's a big red subscribe button down there make sure you click it and subscribe for more videos biscuits and gravy slamming, and they. Make a hot forged hoodie which has the hood now i don't really like to have a hood on what i consider to be sort of mid layer especially in the really cold. Weather. Really.

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    Mountain Hardwear Supercharger Hooded Insulated Jacket - Men's

    The new gold standard in alpine insulation, the Mountain Hardwear Men's Supercharger Hooded Insulated Jacket offers insanely lightweight warmth that won't hold you back when you're pushing to the peak. Lightweight, yet tough fabrics and goose down insulation deliver a one-two punch to keep you warm and dry above treeline.

    Dry.Q Active stretch fabric in the upper body allows you to hike and climb freely, while 15D ripstop nylon in the lower portion of the jacket keeps weight down without sacrificing durability. Ultralight goose down insulation offers low-profile warmth that synthetics just can't touch. Zippered pockets check off your utility list to ensure you're ready for whatever the mountain throws at you. When you're ready to charge through alpine environments without feeling weighed down, reach for the Supercharger Hooded Insulated Jacket.

  • Dry.Q Active stretch fabric
  • 15D ripstop nylon lower panel fabric
  • 800-fill white goose down insulation
  • Alpine fit
  • Zippered pockets
  • Item #MHW00PB
  • This is the mountain hardwear men's 32 degree insulated hooded jacket this is a. Lightweight mid layer designed to keep you warm and comfortable on those high-output cold weather days it's meant for a runner's cross-country skiers or any activity where you're moving consistently the jackets name is a bit. Tricky 32 degree isn't a temperature. Rating like on a sleeping bag keep in mind that this is a mid layer it'll definitely keep you warm if you're moving fast in colder temperatures though the top chest area has a wind resistant rip stop fabric and a 40 gram. Thermal q synthetic insulation this will. Breathe well and continues to perform regardless of the conditions the rest of. The jacket is extremely breathable it's made with a flat face stretch fleece. Material this will keep you warm especially on days without wind but breathe much better than most insulated. Fabrics typically found in jackets the. Moisture management properties of this jacket are what make it ideal for those high-output activities this thing is. Great for early-morning approaches high-altitude climbing running cross-country skiing snowboarding you name it's a super versatile piece. Because of how well it breathes and the warmth that it offers if you get a little cold simply throw a waterproof or wind proof shell over the top and you'll be set features are pretty simple you've. Got two zippered hand level pockets there's a snug fitting hood in case. You're not wearing a hat or headband you've got reflectivity on the jacket so. That you can be seen in low-light conditions the fit is athletic it's. Meant to be a jacket you wear while you're doing some type of light and fast activity as I've mentioned I'm wearing a. Large and it fits pretty appropriately i can fit a base layer underneath or maybe another insulator and i could easily throw a shell on top but there's not a lot of room for really bulky puffy. Insulation underneath again i really. Like this piece because of the versatility that it's offers it's super. Lightweight stretchy offers supreme. Readability and has a pretty nice fit definitely a piece for the active user. It's the mountain hardwear men's 32-degree insulated hooded jacket thanks. For watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and. Specs and often for a lot of our products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    Mammut Nordwand Pro HS Pant - Men's

    Designed to tackle just about all of the activities that the vertical world has to offer, the Mammut Men's Nordwand Pro HS Pant is a top-performer whether you're ice climbing, ski touring, alpine climbing, or a blend of all three. Gore-Tex Pro gives this thin and light three-layer shell high levels of waterproofing as well as the extreme breathability that those equally as extreme endeavors call for. Fully taped seams enhance waterproofing by preventing moisture, snowflakes, or raindrops from seeping through.

    Mammut equipped the Nordwand Pro with two-way side zippers for easy on and off as well as ventilation. The raised waistband features external adjustments and a moisture-wicking Coolmax lining. Additionally, the snow gaiters accommodate mountaineering boots as well as ski boots, and Mammut reinforced the external cuffs with Dyneema for crampon protection. This pant attaches to Mammut's Nordwand Pro HS Jacket for complete coverage.

  • Hardshell designed for alpine ascents and ski mountaineering
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex Pro protects from harsh mountain weather
  • Side ventilation zips allow excess heat to escape while climbing
  • High-visibility design keeps you visible in alpine terrain
  • Dyneema-reinforced seam edges protect from crampon points
  • Front pockets are accessible while wearing a climbing harness
  • Ergonomic design is tailored to maintain mobility while climbing
  • Wide waistband for added coverage and better moisture management
  • Item #MAM00VL
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    Houdini Wisp Jacket - Men's

    Whether you are ski touring to a new chute, mountain biking starting in high alpine elevations, or rappelling from crushing a big climb, you'll appreciate the versatility of the Houdini Wisp Jacket. With the combination of ultra-breathable C9 Ripstop and Polartech Alpha insulation, the Wisp balances the line between constant airflow and warmth so you'll never feel overworked when skinning towards the summit. Stretch fabric allows movement where you need it, and abrasion panels are added in key areas where pack straps or harness may damage over time.

  • A breathable midlayer perfect for any activity
  • Polartech Alpha is breathable and regulates temperature
  • C9 Ripstop fabric is durable while allowing airflow
  • Stretch fabric allows for extended range of motion
  • Zippered side pockets keep essentials secure
  • Item #HOU005X
  • My name is axel i work in the marketing. Department after dating and i want to show you another new product of this season it's called be jacket. Like this you also have it on the mannequin. It's a new addition through our shell. Range which is actually smaller this year but in a way wider — it's. Completely circular which means it's. Made from recycled fibers but it's also recyclable and that's all of our shells are circular and also completely free from war apartments. And i think it's really important that certain that the time when you could only think about a product from pure. Functionality perspective is over that's at least how easy i have to consider the. Impact environmental impact you. It's a very versatile show you could use. It for anything from skiing to kayaking. Or just taking a walk with your dog we. Try to make products that are as versatile as possible. It's a very durable fabric we see it as. Sort of our workhorse shell you can use it all year round from pretty much anything i think then take anything you. Throw at it, but we are very proud of ourselves so. That's why i wanted to show it to you

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    Minus 33 Yukon Expedition Crew Top - Men's

    Minus 33's Men's Yukon Expedition Crew Top is built for mind-numbingly cold days. With its heavyweight 400 g/m² merino wool, you can throw this on as a baselayer and explore the Yukon, or wear it on extra cold days on the slopes.

  • Merino wool
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Athletic fit
  • Long-sleeve crew
  • Flatlock seams
  • Machine washable
  • Item #MNU000L
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    La Sportiva Roots Pant - Men's

    Giving your arms the proper credit, you won't get too far into your climb without the right footholds, and you won't be able to nail those footholds in just any old pair of pants. The La Sportiva Roots Pants give you the mobility you need to get your feet set on the most difficult moves, and the durability you need to not shy away from rugged rock walls and boulders. They're made with a durable organic cotton blend that won't rip or tear at the first sign of real rock, and also boast a roomy fit and light stretch to give you easier movement when you're trying to get those feet around. A gusseted crotch aids in further mobility while also preventing blowouts, and a stretchy elastic waistband ensures that you've always got the most comfortable fit possible.

  • Durable climbing pant that lets you move the way you need to
  • Tough organic cotton fabric features a light stretch for mobility
  • Gusseted crotch lets your legs stretch freely without blowouts
  • Elastic waistband offers a secure and comfortable fit as you climb
  • Large open pockets give you lots of room for gear and snacks
  • Item #LSP00KB
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    Mountain Hardwear Arch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

  • A stretchy and comfortable long-sleeve that loves shoulder season
  • Durable Cordura Knit fabric is soft to the touch and moves with you
  • Thumb loops allow for easier layering on colder days
  • Item #MHW017H
  • So the shirt I'm wearing is the mountain hardwear chiller long sleeve shirt and. This shirt is part of a larger product line up that mountain hardwear has using. A technology they call cool q0 and what. That means is they've taken the fabric, and they have put a cooling agent on the. Inside of it that goes next to your skin so that when you sweat it cools you off. And I'll see if i can let you see the. Little blue circles on the fabric and. That's what it basically looks like this. Shirt is eighty-six percent polyester it's fourteen percent you last so. It's very stretchy it's very comfortable. It's soft supple shirt weighs nine. Ounces 255 grams it's very quick drying. Very pack able i acted up and unpacked it. Several times while i was out testing it i washed a thing in the creek wrung it. Out by hand put it back on in about 20. Minutes it was completely dry there's. Several features that the shirt has and one of the ones that i like the best is. The caller it's made so that you can flip the collar up and I'll show you. Can flip the caller up like this and then it has an additional caller. Extension. So if you want to protect the back of your neck from getting sunburned you can flip the collar up and you can wear it that way that comes in very handy at. Times especially when you're so unlike me you have short hair the shirt as well. Has venting panels underneath the arm. Right here that run all the way up to about the elbow all the way through the. Underarm and all the way down the side to right here and it's just kind of. Little panel with a bunch of little holes if you can see there's one. On either side right there now some. Of the other fishing shirts that i have like the columbia sportswear fishing. Shirts there vince it in the back they have a back flap you know with a little mesh back there underneath the flap those are great for fishing not so great. For backpacking because your backpack covers that vent up okay its shirt like. This is much better for backpacking because it will vent through the sides much more comfortable okay the shirt. Also has a side zip pocket right here. Pretty good size pocket it's about 4 by 8 inches you get a snack in their Kempis. Oh gee i don't know a bunch of things you could put in their map maybe if you folded it up pretty good would go in there and the zipper works really good and smooth okay they've sewn it on in a. Was that it doesn't have a bunch of. Saggy material around it that can get caught up in the zipper okay nobody. Likes that now on the inside in the same. Place if i unbutton the shirt right here. There is another pocket it's just a top-loading pocket right here that you. Can put stuff in again snacks oh i don't. No pair of glasses i don't know what. Ipod anything like that you want to. Carry. The buttons are easy to work the. Buttonholes fit the buttons really well they're nice and tight and the buttons actually are flexible i don't know if you can see that or not but these buttons been there they got a lot of flex to them they're not hard and brutal. Now i really would have rather had one. Pocket on this side and one pocket on. This side on the inside is fine but i. Really wouldn't want both pockets on the same side but that's the way they made the shirt so i guess I'll have to live with that also would have rather had. Lapel buttons right here because i think. That the caller just looks a little bit sloppy like that it's not bad I'm just. One of those people i kind of like lapel. Buttons or maybe even a little velcro tab right there to hold those and that's something that i might add in the future we'll just have to see and the other. Feature on this or the sleeves you've. Probably noticed i have one sleeve down and one sleeve rolled up right the shirt. Is made with a roll up sleeve tab right. Here that has a snap on it now it's. Important that you know it has a snap because snap is much easier work with one hand than a button okay so you just. Roll the sleeve up like that and then. You'll find this little tab hanging out. From the bottom of the sleeve and you just grab that tab and you stick it. Right through this little loop in the shirt like that and you just fold it. Over and you button it well if i get. Then lined up you button it up there you go you snap it rather but you snap it together and there you go and then at any time of course you can unsnap it and roll the shirt back down the cuff has one button i think i would have rather had to another one right here but this is you know that's adequate now. Well this is a medium and i usually wear a medium shirt but this one is a full. Cut and a lot of shirts like this that. Are designed to be used in the outdoors whether you're you know fly fishing or. Something like that have a full cut and this makes the shirt more comfortable it gives you a greater range of movement see your father's fly fishing you know i. Have great range of movement nothing's binding nothing's tight sure it's very. Comfortable the hem on the bottom of this shirt i probably can't get it in the camera frame but to him on the bottom of this shirt is just straight across it's not tailored to be tucked in so this shirt can be worn out and it looks fine that way which is usually the way i wear a shirt when it's hot outside you just get better ventilation without. It being tucked in you know so this. Is the mountain hardwear chiller a long. Sleeve shirt you can find more detail. About this shirt and the written part of my review thanks for watching.

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    Haglofs Barrier Knee Pant - Men's

    Layer your Haglöfs Men's Barrier Knee Pants under your hardshells and head into the cold. These DWR-treated insulated shorts use synthetic insulation that has a high warmth-to-weight ratio and stays warm even in soggy conditions. The articulated knees and elastic waist move with you to create unrestricted mobility while you're moving through the mountains, and the knee length provides enough coverage to keep your core warm, without the added bulk of fully insulated pants.

  • Insulated shorts for ultra-cold days in them mountains
  • DWR treatment fights off the elements
  • Synthetic insulation has a high warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Stretch material moves with you
  • Articulated knees don't impede mobility
  • Fabric is bluesign approved
  • Item #HAG00GW
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    Norrona Lyngen Alpha90 Jacket - Men's

    Worn alone for shoulder-season training or layered under a waterproof shell for winter adventures, the Norrona Lyngen Alpha90 Raw jacket provides the lightweight protection you need against the chill. Its hybrid construction features Polartec Powerdry to efficiently manage perspiration as well as Alpha90 material that traps in warmth for your core. The blend balances warmth with breathability to keep you comfortable throughout high-output aerobic activities in cool water. The extended coverage of the high collar, drop-tail hem, and cuffs with thumbholes ensure that you can move without exposing yourself to gusts of cold air while you recreate.

  • Lightweight midlayer for high-output activities
  • Polartec PowerDry manages perspiration efficiently
  • Alpha90 is soft and warm against your skin
  • Extended collar traps in warmth for your neck
  • Thumbholes secure sleeve position and warm hands
  • Drop-tail hem design maximizes coverage
  • Item #NRA00FS
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    Mammut Ultimate Eisfeld SO Hooded Jacket - Men's

    This winter you have goals. You're getting out the map and you're picking your lines because you've already picked your gear. Packing for backcountry adventures can be a delicate balance of weight and performance, but this winter you already know you're going to ditch your hardshell and take the Men's Mammut Ultimate Eisfeld SO Hooded Jacket. Not only is this shell windproof and incredibly breathable, it has fully taped seams and will shed snow should an unexpected storm blow in.

    There are some gnarly chutes to check off your list, and this requires more technical moves—no worries, Mammut has incorporated plenty of stretch into this softshell, offering all the mobility required for complicated alpine sequences. The pockets are positioned for easy access even with your harness on, and the stormproof hood can be cinched around your helmet to keep the wind out, while still offering an optimum field of vision during complicated moves.

  • Technical softshell for mountain excursions and backcountry tours
  • Gore Windstopper gives breathable, water resistant wind protection
  • Vertical Motion and High Reach Technology offer performance mobility
  • Underarm ventilation for dumping heat during a quick approach
  • Exterior pockets are climbing-harness-compatible
  • Drawstring hem can be accessed from inside the pocket
  • Athletic fit reduces bulk for streamlined performance
  • Item #MAM00VM
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    Marmot PreCip Undercuff Glove - Men's

    Not only are wet and pruny hands creepy, but they can be downright dangerous in cold mountain climates—keep you hands dry with the Marmot PreCip Undercuff Gloves. Their DriClime lining wicks moisture so your hands stay dry from the inside, while their waterproof, breathable insert prevents any moisture from creeping in from the outside. They're sized to fit over a liner glove for when it's especially cold out, and the hook and loop closure ensures they stay on tight. 

  • MemBrain waterpoof, breathable insert
  • NanoPro nylon ripstop fabric
  • Polyurethane coating
  • DriClime moisture wicking lining
  • Falcon grip
  • Nose wipe
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Packable
  • Item #MAR2997
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