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  Rossignol Pure Elite 120 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's Fischer My Ranger 98 Ski - Women's Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's Bern Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Girls' DPS Skis Yvette 112 Foundation Ski - Women's Full Tilt Plush 4 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's Lange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women's Atomic AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles - Women's Head Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women's Dynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women's Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls' DPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women's Armada ARW 86 Ski - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls' Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's
 Rossignol Pure Elite 120 Ski Boot - Women'sSalomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women'sScott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women'sFischer My Ranger 98 Ski - Women'sBlizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women'sBern Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Girls'DPS Skis Yvette 112 Foundation Ski - Women'sFull Tilt Plush 4 Ski Boot - Women'sDPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women'sK2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women'sLange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women'sAtomic AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles - Women'sHead Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women'sDynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women'sRossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'DPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women'sArmada ARW 86 Ski - Women'sK2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women'sRossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's
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BrandK2K2DPS SkisLineRossignolSalomonRossignolScottDPS SkisLangeRossignolAtomicHead Skis USABlizzardBernFischerArmadaFull TiltDynastarDPS Skis
Length40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm158cm, 168cm, 178cm162cm, 172cm-153cm, 161cm, 169cm138cm, 148cm, 158cm, 168cm105-130cm157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm-138cm, 148cm, 158cm, 168cm110cm, 115cm, 120cm153cm, 163cm154cm, 164cm, 172cm-156cm, 164cm, 172cm156cm, 163cm, 170cm-149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm165cm, 171cm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year1 year-1 year1 year1 year1 year2 year limited2 years1 year1 year1 year2 years1 year1 year4 years1 year1 year1 year2 years
Recommended Useall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiingall mountain, freerideall-mountain, powdercarving, all-mountainall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingskiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiingskiing, snowboarding, skateboardingbackcountry skiingall-mountain skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiing, park & freestyle skiingall-mountain skiingall-mountain skiing
Claimed Weight--[pair, 168cm] 7lb 15oz7lb 13.4oz-[pair, 161cm] 6lb 6oz[pair, 158cm] 10.8lb---[pair, 158cm] 10.8lb--[pair, 156cm] 6lb 13oz[large] 1 lb 1 oz[pair] 7lb 9.3oz-4lb 1.9oz (Men's 27.5, Women's 24.5)[pair] 7lb 7.93oz-
Construction--FoundationCap-Wall-sandwichRossitop cap-sandwich-Rossitop cap-half-capsandwich compound sidewall-sandwichsandwich-sandwichsandwich
Core--poplar and bamboo, unidirectional carbon, triaxial fiberglassaspen Macroblock-inverted 3D wood core, CFX superfiber carbon laminatepoplar-aspen wood, prepreg carbon fiber laminate-poplar-wood, Koroyd, carbon, grapheneISO poplar, beech, balsa, paulownia wood, Carbon Flipcore-Air Tech Ti (poplar wood, Titanal laminate)Pop-Lite-poplaraspen, carbon fiber laminate
Dimensions--135 / 112 / 124mm142 / 110 / 125mm-[153cm] 127 / 92 / 110mm, [161cm] 128 / 92 / 111mm, [169cm] 129 / 92 / 112mm110 / 80 / 103mm-129 / 94 / 110-110 / 80 / 103mm-133 / 85 / 113mm131.5 / 102 / 121.5mm-130 / 98 / 123mm[156] 112 / 86 / 106mm [163] 113 / 86 / 107mm [170] 115 / 86 / 109mm-106 / 84 / 123mm[165cm] 126 / 87 / 107mm, [171cm] 127 / 87 / 108mm
Profile--rocker tip, camber underfootearly rise, camber-All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rocker tip, camber underfoot)100% High camber-rockered tip, camber underfoot, flat tail-100% High camber-Allride Rocker (rockered tip, camber underfoot)rocker/camber/rocker-rockered tip and tail, camber underfootAR Freestyle Rocker-rocker/camber/rockerearly rise
Turn Radius--[178cm] 15m14.2m-[153cm] 15m, [161cm, 169cm] 16m[158cm] 17m-[178cm] 19m-[158cm] 17m-[163cm] 13.6m[154cm] 13m, [164cm] 14.5m, [172cm] 16m-[172cm] 17m[156] 16.5m [163] 17m [170] 17.5m-17m[165cm] 17m, [171cm] 17.5m

Rossignol Pure Elite 120 Ski Boot - Women's

Magazines, movies, and the interwebs would have you believe that frontside skiing is a shameful act on par with double-dipping shared French fries and cutting off grandmas in the lift line, but they've got it all wrong. Huge cliffs and neck-deep powder might make for great photos, but tearing up perfect corduroy in the Rossignol Pure Elite 120 Women's Ski Boot is just as fun, and the best part is everyone else is too busy being cool to enjoy it.

The Pure Elite was inspired by race boots. Rossignol designed it with a snug 98mm last and stiff, but light, Sensor Blade shell to serve up a snug and precise fit without weighing you down or crunching your toes into dust. It comes with a 120 flex, but Rossignol built in a flex adjuster in the cuff if you want to dial things back a bit, and also included a removable spoiler and canting adjustment to let you change your forward lean and ankle alignment, respectively. Four micro-adjustable buckles provide near-endless volume adjustment, and the 40mm power strap locks the whole package down for a powerful, responsive feel when you're laying your skis over and milking those carves for all they're worth.

A snug, high-performance boot needs to be comfortable, too, which is why Rossignol hooked the Pure Elite up with a heat-moldable Women's OptiSensor T1 liner. Not only does it provide fully customizable comfort to keep your toes, anklebones, and other foot bumps comfortable, but it has a layer of merino wool to provide killer insulation, moisture management, and odor resistant, so your toes stay cozy, your socks stay dry, and your boots stay fresh as daisies even after a season of hard riding. Rossignol also topped the Pure Elite off with removable soles, which can be replaced with available WTR rockered soles to make hiking and walking easier and safer.

  • Elite alpine boot proves frontside skiing is still fun
  • Stiff 120 flex can be adjusted for easier going days
  • Superlight Sensor Blade shell provides a precise fit
  • OptiSensor merino wool liner is thermo-moldable
  • Interchangeable soles add versatility
  • Item #ROS009Y
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's

    The Salomon Women's QST 92 Ski will be your go-to whether you're railing groomers first thing in the morning or exploring some new terrain days after the last storm. With a 92mm waist width, this all-mountain ski cuts crud and chop with ease, but still rolls from edge to edge like a champ. Its All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile lives up to its all-terrain status, with camber underfoot that ensures excellent edge grip on firm snow and a rockered tip that navigates stuff with ease.

    Salomon's Spaceframe 3.0 AMB construction starts with an inverted 3D wood core that filters vibration and optimizes stability when you're speeding down the mountain. The CFX carbon superfiber laminate and Koroyd honeycomb tip also increases dampening, while the power platform underfoot enhances your edging on hardpack. No matter what you're riding, the ski's full sandwich sidewall construction increases snow contact so you can ski your hardest.

  • All-mountain ski for exploring terrain and ripping up groomers
  • 92mm waist is quick edge to edge and can hold a solid edge
  • Rocker profile mixes edge hold with float and maneuverability
  • Short turn radius enhances tight turns and navigating trees
  • Lightweight construction keeps you riding all day
  • Titanal layer dampens and smoothes the ride while adding power
  • Koroyd Tip cuts swingweight and prevents chatter at high speeds
  • Item #SAL01IA
  • Rob with Solomon here talking about the new Solomon alpine ski collection for 28:19 and in my hands i have the newest. Version of the salomon lux 92 the qst. Lux 92 has been in the market for a couple of seasons but for this coming year we've done some significant improvements to the interior with a new. Laminate layer the laminate layer and this uses our patented cfx or carbon and. Flax laminate technology and the new cf x3 improves the stability and edge hold. By not only using stringers that run tip to tail but also flax fibers that run. Edge to edge this flax dampens vibration while still providing the carbon performance and high-energy rebound that. You come to expect from a free ride all-mountain ski like the lux 92 the rocker profile through the tip means that this thing transitions from soft snow to hard snow very comfortably it's going to provide you float on the deep days but nice carvable edge grip on the. Days when you're out there enjoying the groomers this is a ski that has been. Loved for years and the newest version is sure to expect.

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    Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's

    The Scott Women's Strapless S Ski Poles almost feel like you have nothing in your hands, thanks to their lightweight yet durable construction. With a strapless design to make it easy when it's time to hop back on the chair and a strong tip to punch through icy and firm snow, you'll wonder how you ever skied without them.

  • Lightweight ski poles for lady shredders
  • Strapless design for convenience and comfort
  • Ice tip punches through crusty snow and firm ice with ease
  • Item #SCO00UR
  • This is the scott strapless pole as its. Name suggests its strapless so the idea. Of this pole is instead of having a webbing strap that's really fiddly to get your hand in especially when your hands are cold or straps frozen the idea. Of this is its all integrated within the handle so literally just slide your hand in there it gives you a nice easy. Grip you haven't got mess about but as well. You're not going to drop the pole it is super comfortable all shaped and molded to fit your hand it's lightweight it's. Just a super easy to use pole this is. The scott strapless pole available at. Ski Bartlett in hillingdon or you can also buy it online at ski Bartlett comm. Don't forget to also check out the other. Reviews on in the snow tv.

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    Fischer My Ranger 98 Ski - Women's

    The Fischer Women's My Ranger Ski takes the difficulty out of decision-making by being versatile enough to go from dedicated touring ski to ripping your local resort to skiing big, visionary lines without compromising. While it's not nearly the lightest touring ski on the market, it weighs in at just over seven pounds per pair, so you'll be by no means too fatigued to style the line you just worked for. The light weight doesn’t come at the price of downhill performance, either, thanks to Fischer's Air Tech Ti core, which incorporates a strong, dampening Titanal laminate along with feather-light wood, making the ski torsionally stiff for power and precision through each turn. A helping of carbon in the shovel deflects impact as you plow through variable conditions both in the resort and out, and full sidewall construction adds to the ski's stiffness and strength while providing efficient power transfer from edge to edge.

  • Lightweight, versatile ski for touring or ripping the resort
  • 98mm waist handles from snow and unexpected powder
  • Rockered tip and tail add fun maneuverability
  • Underfoot camber reliably grips firmer snow
  • Wood and Titanal core keeps weight low without reducing performance
  • Carbon in shovel keeps ski stable at speed
  • Sandwich construction provides lateral stability for efficient turns
  • Item #FIS007I
  • Mr. ranger 98 women's version. Super-lightweight they have some carbon. In the tip which is really nice but still a little bit more weight to them which is really good for an icy day. Pretty good turn radius to it really fun. Really playful i like it all over.

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    Blizzard Sheeva 10 Ski - Women's

    Blizzard's Sheeva series is an ode to ripping chicks who spend more time in ski boots than out of them. A freeride-oriented daily driver, the Sheeva 10 is a super versatile set of planks that annihilates big terrain. The 102mm waist is slightly narrower than its burlier big sister, the Sheeva 11, so while you'll still be able to float pow turns on storm days, the Sheeva 10 also sees you through bulletproof hardpack and chundery debris.

    Utilizing the Carbon Flipcore technology that skiers already know and love, Blizzard also added two layers of carbon fiberglass to their women-specific skis to maintain strength while shedding a little bit of weight. The DRT Titanal layer underfoot makes the Sheeva 10 powerful and stable while you're clocking high speeds on the hill, and the playfulness of the multi-layer wood core is just begging you to pop off side hits and pillows. These confidence-inspiring skis rip all kinds of terrain, and even though you take pride in your excessive quiver of skis, the Sheeva 10 is the only thing you'll be reaching for any time soon.

  • A hard-charging daily driver for freeriding ladies
  • Versatile 102mm waist rips up any conditions
  • Rockered profile floats like a dream in fresh snow
  • DRT Titanal layer underfoot adds stability and power
  • Multi-layer wood core is playful and responsive
  • Strong carbon fiberglass layers decrease weight
  • Sandwich construction maximizes edge grip
  • Item #BLZ002Q
  • We've taking a look at the rustle of nine for men this is the equivalent in the women's collection it's the shiva 9 another brand-new ski it is 92. Millimeters underfoot really nice. Looking free ride ski again it's got the tit anal plate here the full wood core if you're looking for a nice playful free ride ski it's very versatile on and. Off pieced this one looks really nice.

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    Bern Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Girls'

    When your little ripper takes off at Mach 7, all you can do is cross your fingers, get out the camera, and trust in the safety gear you’ve given her. Protect your kid's melon for all four seasons with the Bern Kids' Diabla EPS Thin Shell Helmet. With removable earpads and customizable ventilation, this helmet is just at home on the bike trail and at the skatepark as it is on the snow. Bern’s EPS hard foam coated in thin ABS polycarbonate shell is lightweight yet burly line of defense against the inevitable spills and tumbles that come with long days on the hill. After all, if you keep that brain of hers safe, maybe she’ll be a pow-slaying neurosurgeon someday.

  • Mature style and burly protection for your all-season shredder
  • EPS hard foam coated in ABS thin shell keeps your gal safe on the slopes
  • Lightweight construction won't slow her down
  • Adjustable fit accomodates growing heads
  • Vents and removable earpads for summer activities
  • Item #BRN003K
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    DPS Skis Yvette 112 Foundation Ski - Women's

    With a fat waist, the DPS Women's Yvette F112 Foundation Ski is a powder ski at heart, but its unique shape and construction ensure excellent performance all over the mountain. This is the type of ski that gobbles all the morning powder, devours afternoon crud, and finishes the day off with smooth groomers. Its rockered tip and tail help keep the ski afloat in deep pow, while camber underfoot assures edge control over hardpack.

    Unique to the Yvette Ski is DPS' new Foundation construction, which employs the finest ingredients in order to perform on any terrain with ease. The core blends poppy poplar with shock-absorbing bamboo, and stiff carbon and flexible fiberglass inserts work together to diversify the ski's performance on any terrain. The World Cup race base ensures a speedy ride, while the textured top sheet prevents snow from building up and weighing you down.

  • A versatile all-mountain ski the excels in soft snow
  • 112mm waist width assures float in powder
  • Rocker tip and tail eases turn initiation
  • Camber underfoot ensures excellent edge control on corduroy
  • Core blends poppy poplar with shock-absorbent bamboo
  • Foundation construction includes carbon and flexible fiberglass
  • Item #DPK000N
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    Full Tilt Plush 4 Ski Boot - Women's

    If stiff, painful, and miserable are the kind of adjectives you use to describe your boots, then it might be time for you step into a pair of Full Tilt Women's Plush 4 Ski Boots. We've all heard of Full Tilt's customizable flex, forward-flexing ribbed tongue, and innovative three-piece shell, but what you probably don't know is that Full Tilt is producing boots to accommodate wider feet, so you don't have to try and cram your flipper-footed self into a narrow 99mm lasted boot, just to get the performance of a Full Tilt boot. In fact, the Plush 6 comes with a spacious 102mm last, giving your toes plenty of wiggle room while maintaining all the same performance features we've all come to expect from Full Tilt.

    The boot comes with Full Tilt's #4 soft-to-mid flex tongue, but it can be fitted with stiffer or softer tongues (#10 being the stiffest, #1 being the softest). The free flexing cuff and ribbed tongue are designed to never bottom out, so you won't have to deal with day-ending shin-bang after a big landing, and the shock absorbing foot board works to keep the soles of your feet happy after stomping big landings and skiing on chunder and boilerplate. Full Tilt threw in its Intuition liner that can be molded over time by the heat of your feet, or heat-molded by a shop for an instantly precise fit. And since the liner is designed by Full Tilt, it's specifically designed to work with the shell to optimize performance with varying amounts of foam used throughout the liner to maximize warmth, responsiveness, and an overall better fit and feel from the boot as a whole.

  • A hard-charging ski boot with a full serving of comfort
  • Softest Plush available with replaceable tongue to change flex
  • Roomier 102mm last ideal for skiers who want a comfier fit
  • Three-piece construction delivers a progressive forward flex
  • Thermo-moldable Intuition liner offers a customized feel
  • Adjustable lateral angle and forward lean customize performance
  • Item #FLT002B
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today we're talking about the full tilt plush six boots or I'm here with the full tilt rep john schmoke thanks for being with here with us today thank you for having me in the show so I'm super exciting to talk about these boots um to start i will talk about the liner in these boots, so we have a wraparound intuition liner so what can. You tell me that's kind of just one of the better features of why it's a wraparound and what intuition liner really means well here's another example of it the wraparound intuition liner is. We use more interest intuition on this. Particular liner so it's gonna be the warmer liner that we have our there and because it's more intuition it's gonna be more heat moldable for that customer but intuition liners are the lightest weight liners out there other the warmest liners out there and are totally heated moldable and if i like the. Wraparound feel better because i feel like it covers more different sizes of. Calves and ankles and stuff like that. Super hot which is super important and as super important on the ladies but on the ladies liners that you can see we do have a it's cut out so it's lower so. It's gonna encompass more of their it's gonna be less problem with any kind of ankle or calf pressure and women coming. It's kind of complaining about that a little bit experiencing that with their ski boots, so they look nice a very nice solution to that to jump into the next. Thing is we're gonna talk about this ribbed tongue so it's super different from what any other company is doing what can you tell me about that well the rip tongue that we the reason we put a rib tongue on there is because has a. More consistent flex out of the tongue and it's like ripped straws that you can. Buy at the girls shoe store totally when you flex that straw the diameter stays the same and that's what this the theory behind this is that when you flex it stays the same shape so you're not deforming the boot or anything and then it gives you a progressive flex all the boots so you can always keep your. Ankle engaged and you can engage it more or less or anything like that you know when you're out skiing so it's gonna give you a better performance just because you can keep that ankle engaged and keep all the muscles in the foot working and stuff it's not going to change the shape of the you'd have to deform the boot or anything like that everybody hung on it so it's way more responsive is what you're saying — yes which is super helpful because you know with the warm liner a comfortable liner and a responsive tongue that doesn't make you work harder than you need to you can ski much longer than you would in another ski boot, so we also have some adjustable features on here i know that full tilt boots are super customizable so with this boot here we do have the six flex which is about a 90 mm know kind of average scale there so it's a little bit of a stiffer flex but i know that we can adjust that the tongue is that right yes. The tongues we have a flex four. Tongue we have a flex six we have a flex ate a 10 and a 12, so we'll just. Replace the 12 is a stiffest so if you. Buy this boot and you want a softer flexing tongue maybe for a certain type. Of skiing style you can have that for park riders and i think that and then if you want to upgrade that tongue into a stiffer boot for our free riding you can buy that as another tongue you. Can just replace them very easily and then you can go out and you can have a stiffer feel to the tongue and so you can get more response better power and. Performance all the boot with a different drama tour tongues that we have our there that's awesome i think it's really nice to have that kind of feature that customizable is just. Absolutely amazing — and i know some of the straps and about calls and everything are replaceable as well — yes all the buckles are replaceable they're screw onto stuff, and we use as you can see we use the cables on here the cables. Give it less pressure so the service of. Pressure more evenly out on the boot itself so you don't have all the pressure right over the buckle and the. Buckles have micro adjustments on them so you can micro adjust those so you can get their best custom fit that you want. Out of the boot for whatever kind of. Writing you're gonna do we do it on this particular boot — we do have a stiffer material we put at the bottom of the boot so it's gonna have better edge in side-to-side edge had better control. And then we have a softer drummer. Up in this part of the boot so it rapture on your foot and gives you more comfort yeah super comfortable and then. As you mentioned too if you want to change out the flex um just because if you want to ride park or if you want to do some kind of trick skiing we also have that's a shock absorbing it's a. Foot board everywhere okay and yes this. Foot board in this particular boot is made out of a rubber material so it's gonna if they're doing jumps or anything daft a more freestyle right it's gonna give a better feel and a softer landing. On it let's shock to him or if you're. Out and you put a ten flex tongue on air and you're out and you're aggressive skier it's gonna be more dampening out there so it's going to be less fatiguing for you on your boot on your feet and. More comfort that's awesome these are a truly supreme ski but i know one other. Think that women's super appreciate with these is just how easy they are to get on and off yeah we have with the tongue. That we have on earth when you unbuckle the boot and take it apart the whole. Tongue basically will flip up and. Totally flips all the way so it's very. So that's crazy like that's super. Awesome i think these are absolutely stellar i know whenever i go with my girlfriends, and they want to get in their ski boots like be right back in 10-15 minutes i gotta go for my ski boots on it really shouldn't be that much of a process and i think you guys are really eliminated that that problem. For people one other thing is we do have a portion here where you can actually. Change the forward lean is that right this is a four lead mechanism we. Have what are on the back of the boot you can just loosen it up so if you want more for lean or less depending on what. Your skiing style is you can make dam adjustments so even more customers right, and we do have replaceable foot soles. Out of two so you the boot sole can be. Replaced where is dollar i think that from walking you can easily replace that — that's super long it then that definitely helps with the um the longevity of your boot so it's really awesome to have that feature as well um thank you for being here with us today i mean can find the full-tilt plush 6 women's ski boot at the house calm and don't forget to drop a comment or a like below and subscribe to our youtube channel thanks for watching today guys.

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    DPS Skis Uschi A94 C2 Ski - Women's

    As the widest ski in DPS's Uschi line, the Women's Uschi 94 Ski has the versatility to rip groomers, but craves softer snow, and, thanks to the Alchemist construction, delivers an impressively damp, smooth ride no matter where you point your tips. DPS makes its women-specific skis with the same hard-charging performance that's found in the rest of its line, but slightly alters the mounting point for a more balanced, responsive feel.

    A generously rockered tip and flatter tail make this ski nimble and easy to turn, while a helping of underfoot camber adds a powerful feel out of each turn and delivers a reliable edge hold when you hit really firm snow. The Alchemist construction boasts an aspen wood core that offers up a fun, energetic feel, while DPS's signature prepreg carbon laminate with added dampening technology sandwiches the core for a buttery-smooth, stable ride, whether you're hunting for leftovers in the trees or laying quickly from edge to edge on wide open groomers.

  • Versatile women-specific ski with a penchant for softer snow
  • 94mm waist is accessible in firmer snow and can handle deeper days
  • Rockered tip and flatter tail is impressively nimble
  • Camber underfoot delivers edge hold when the snow is firm
  • Aspen wood core adds a fun, energetic feel
  • Prepreg carbon fiber laminate increases dampening for a smooth ride in a variety of conditions
  • Item #DPK001P
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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

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    Lange SX 90 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Women's SX 90 Ski Boot holds true to Lange's reputation of making hard-charging boots for high-performance skiing, but with a more accessible twist. Unlike Lange's famously stiff, narrow boots, the SX boasts a comfortable 102 millimeter last, ideal for skiers with wider feet, while the 90 flex offers a friendly, responsive feel for intermediate to advanced lady rippers who want to crush the entire mountain.

    Lange's mono-injected shell construction offers a smooth, consistent flex for powerful control of your ski, while softer plastic, strategically placed over the instep, makes it easy to get your boot on and off. Inside the shell, the thermo-moldable liner can be easily customized for a precise fit. The liner's women-specific tongue is asymmetrically shaped to evenly distribute pressure across your shin as you flex into the boot, providing more comfort and better overall control. And, Thinsulate insulation keeps your toes toasty all day so you can rip steep corduroy, dance through tight trees, and sniff out powder stashes until the chairs stop spinning.

  • Rip the resort in comfort in this all-mountain ski boot
  • Friendly 90 flex is suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Accessible 102mm last accommodates wider feet
  • Mono-injected shell delivers smooth, consistent performance
  • Softer plastic over instep makes entry and exit easy
  • Women-specific liner disperses shin pressure for comfort and control
  • Liner is thermo-moldable for precise, performance-oriented fit
  • Thinsulate insulation keeps toes warm on chilly days
  • Item #DYN006F
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    Atomic AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles - Women's

    Slice and dice your way around the resort with your Atomic Women's AMT Carbon SQS Ski Poles in hand. The lightweight carbon composite shaft is durable enough to withstand aggressive pole plants, and the AMT grip has a natural feel with a small, women's specific design.

  • Ski poles for resort-wide ripping
  • Carbon composite shaft is strong and lightweight
  • SQS system releases on impact to prevent injury
  • AMT grip feels natural in your hands
  • Item #ATO00AO
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    Head Skis USA Total Joy Ski - Women's

    Make a ski too heavy and your legs will be done by lunch time; make a ski too light and you're going to have a hard time skiing anything but the most ideal snow conditions. When Head set out to design its Women's Total Joy Ski, the company wanted to make a ski that was light, powerful, and, most importantly, fun to ski. So what did Head do? Well, it put heads together and came up with a whole new way to build a ski in order to keep it light, powerful, and a Total Joy to ski.

    What Head came up with was a special ingredient called graphene. Like sugar, graphene just makes everything a whole lot sweeter. Ultra thin, lightweight, and stronger than diamonds (yeah, that's right), graphene gives the Total Joy a stiff and stable feel, without adding a bunch of weight to the ski. But Head took it a step further and threw in layers of carbon, then used a lightweight Koroyd synthetic core to keep the ski light, nimble, and easy to ski. With an 85mm waist, the Total Joy is a frontside ski that will rip everything from East Coast ice to West Coast groomers with ease. A women-specific profile consists of an early rise tip to make turn initiation a breeze, while a toned-down camber profile makes the ski forgiving, yet solid once laid on edge.

  • Carving ski dominates frontside groomers
  • 85mm waist is nimble and carves corduroy
  • Early rise tip eases turn initiation
  • Camber holds an edge on firm snow
  • Graphene adds stiffness and strength
  • Carbon and Koroyd keeps things light and nimble
  • Short turn radius is responsive and maneuverable
  • Item #HEA004E
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    Dynastar Legend 84 Ski - Women's

    The Dynastar Legend 84 Ski allows you to reduce your all-mountain ski quiver to one. By merging freeride DNA with an all-mountain shape, Dynastar created a versatile, all-mountain performance ski that can take on anything from pack to powder. Its 84mm waist width offers just enough float for deep days while holding its own across groomers. Its tail and tip rocker profile with 5-point sidecut supply natural versatility and a balanced sweet spot for comfort across varying terrain types.

    The Legend 84 was designed with Dynastar's Powerdrive Free construction combining a tradition wood core and multi-layer sidewall construction. This creates ultra-smooth versatility and enhanced playfulness across the mountain and through varying snow conditions. Full-length vertical sidewalls deliver optimized edge grip for fast turns through tight trees while the wood core stays responsive, lightweight, and stable through mogul fields and deep powder.

  • Responsive all-mountain ski with performance from pack to powder
  • 84mm waist offers float in powder and holds its own through pack
  • Tip and tail rocker profile adds playful maneuverability and float
  • Lightweight, traditional wood core blends liveliness with stability
  • Sandwich construction blends core materials for optimized precision
  • Vertical sidewalls from tip to tail deliver optimized edge grip
  • 5-point sidecut offers natural versatility for all-mountain skiing
  • Item #DYN005T
  • hi we're here from ski bart layer where. The srgb ski test and we're testing the. Dune star legend 84 mens and this is the. 84 woman's so these are a carryover model from last season, but we've just. Had a ski up the mountain absolutely brilliant even guys what do you what do you think of them well i felt that they were a really agile ski that was so simple to. Ski and pretty much anything really to do so it's a it's a great confidence. Builder for somebody who's transferring from kind of peat ski and wanting to do a little bit more all mountain absolutely i mean the 84 underfoot is. It's the very much just a natural step from a piece to the bottom side and it's. A really forgiving easy turning ski it's its yeah and feels very kind of light. On your feet so very agile good in short. Turns you know we would like to and off we see the one piece off-piste and when. We're off-piste it was you know very kind it wasn't throwing you around it was easy to ski and even when the snow was chopped up it still felt really good. Yeah a very definitely kind. Confidence booster absolutely in carving on a purdue feast or even a red feast i mean it's very stable very forgiving i. Mean the ski just grips and grips excellent.

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    Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'

    Designed for the progressing young shredder who's looking to take their talents to every corner of the map, the Rossignol Trixie Ski is a versatile all-mountain ski that performs everywhere from the park to the bumps. Its nimble 80mm waist easily rides groomers and performs well on park features, helping your young skier get comfortable all over the mountain.

    The traditional camber profile provides plenty of grip and stability at speeds, perfect for rocketing into their first big airs or racing parents back to the lodge. Rossignol's Jib Tip technology gives you plenty of pop for more energized takeoffs, and shock absorption for smoother landings, ensuring that learning in the park can be as painless as possible. The tips are also rounded for backwards landings and approaches. Rossitop cap sidewalls offer an increased resistance to chipping for early attempts on rails and in the woods. The Trixie also comes with Look bindings so these skis are ready to go right away.

  • Gives your progressing young ripper all-mountain capability
  • 80mm waist is perfect for shredding the park or the groomers
  • Cambered profile provides grip and stability for growing speeds
  • Rounded Jib Tips allow for backwards skiing and smooth airs
  • Cap construction saves weight and resists chipping
  • Lightweight poplar core allows for playful maneuverability
  • Look bindings are included to save money and add convenience
  • Item #ROS00EQ
  • Hi I'm kylie I'm from evo and in the. Hand i have the rossignol trixie jib this key is a lightweight ski full wood. Core great for beginner to intermediate skier looking to get into park skiing. It's a full cap construction and full. Camber underfoot so you can see here in. The middle of ski quite a bit of camber a great rebound extra energy added pop. This is. Rossignol gave the ski a more rounded. Tip and tail an overall profile great. For riding switch almost true twin a. Little wider in the nose though and yeah. It's overall great fun ski for the park.

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    DPS Skis Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski - Women's

    Designed for all your frontside-hungry desires, the DPS Powderworks Uschi 87 C2 Ski is a well-rounded on-piste ski that won't leave you high and dry if you venture off-trail. A relatively narrow 87mm waist is perfect for groomer days between storms, when you're craving fast, easy carving down the fresh corduroy.

    The Uschi 87 falls nicely into the center of DPS' new Uschi line and features the same profile as the Cassiar lineup, with a sidecut that's responsive on the groomers yet forgiving when you're cruising around in mixed snow conditions. Early rise in the tips help you initiate turns and ride with ease over crud or soft snow, while classic camber underfoot and flat tails add control, performance, and stability to on-piste turns. Built with an Alchemist construction, a lightweight aspen core offers a playful feel while aerospace grade carbon fibers add dampening and torsional strength that won't weigh you down.

  • A playful, all-mountain resort ski for hard-charging ladies
  • 87mm waist underfoot handles well on groomers and packed pow
  • Early rise in the tips offers forgiving off-trail performance
  • Classic camber underfoot ensures quick edge-to-edge control
  • High tapered edge angles provide an immediate, responsive feel
  • Aspen core keeps things poppy and playful on the way down
  • Carbon laminate dampens vibrations without adding weight
  • Item #DPK002B
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    Armada ARW 86 Ski - Women's

    Whether you are just starting to slide rails or if you are working on perfecting your big switch sevens, the Armada ARW 86 Ski will boost your confidence to inspire progression and fun in the park. The 86mm waist is a perfect blend of nimbleness for rail tricks and stability for big jumps at high speeds. The AR Freestyle Rocker supplements this mixture of control and stability by combining a powerful and long camber section nearly out to the tip and tail, with short rocker sections to the tip and tail that add forgiveness and encourage stylish butters and snappy shuffles. To ensure this ski holds up to day after day of park abuse it is equipped with a beefy 2.2mm edge, a responsive and durable Pop-lite core, and an easily repairable S7 sintered base.

  • Jib ski built for fun and progressive days in the park
  • 86mm waist is nimble on rails and stable at speed
  • AR freestyle rocker mixes poppy camber with buttery rocker
  • Short turn radius is easy to control and manuever
  • 2.2 Impact Edges hold up to hard rail skiing day after day
  • Pop-Lite core offers excessive ollie power and adds durability
  • S7 base features a speed additive so you can clear the big line
  • Item #ARM00JT
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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

    It might be a groomer day, but you're taking those turns at blazing speeds and you need poles to match. The K2 Women's Style Composite Ski Poles have more than enough eye-catching graphics to keep up, and their lightweight composite construction has the perfect swing weight without slowing you down.

  • Women's specific all mountain ski poles, with style
  • Lightweight, durable construction keeps up with your speed
  • Performance rubber grip assists with pole plants
  • All-mountain basketa won't trip you up on the flats
  • Item #K2S00J0
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    Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'

    Designed for the progressing young shredder who's looking to take their talents to every corner of the map, the Rossignol Trixie Ski is a versatile all-mountain ski that performs everywhere from the park to the bumps. Its nimble 80mm waist easily rides groomers and performs well on park features, helping your young skier get comfortable all over the mountain.

    The traditional camber profile provides plenty of grip and stability at speeds, perfect for rocketing into their first big airs or racing parents back to the lodge. Rossignol's Jib Tip technology gives you plenty of pop for more energized takeoffs, and shock absorption for smoother landings, ensuring that learning in the park can be as painless as possible. The tips are also rounded for backwards landings and approaches. Rossitop cap sidewalls offer an increased resistance to chipping for early attempts on rails and in the woods. The Trixie also comes with Look bindings so these skis are ready to go right away.

  • Gives your progressing young ripper all-mountain capability
  • 80mm waist is perfect for shredding the park or the groomers
  • Cambered profile provides grip and stability for growing speeds
  • Rounded Jib Tips allow for backwards skiing and smooth airs
  • Cap construction saves weight and resists chipping
  • Lightweight poplar core allows for playful maneuverability
  • Look bindings are included to save money and add convenience
  • Item #ROS00EQ
  • Hi I'm kylie I'm from evo and in the. Hand i have the rossignol trixie jib this key is a lightweight ski full wood. Core great for beginner to intermediate skier looking to get into park skiing. It's a full cap construction and full. Camber underfoot so you can see here in. The middle of ski quite a bit of camber a great rebound extra energy added pop. This is. Rossignol gave the ski a more rounded. Tip and tail an overall profile great. For riding switch almost true twin a. Little wider in the nose though and yeah. It's overall great fun ski for the park.

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    Line Pandora 110 Ski - Women's

    Skiing is all about having fun, so you better hurry up and eat your shreddies, because you're about to be charging a whole lot of vert on the Line Women's Pandora Skis. As Line's premier powder plank, the Pandora is built to surf the deep stuff, yet still rides firmer snow after the mountain gets tracked out. With a 110mm waist and an Early Rise tip profile, you'll find yourself making big sweeping turns down open bowls, maneuvering through chopped-up snow, and carving down corduroy. Plus, the Pandora's widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduce drag and hooking in soft snow so you can smoothly munch pow, crud, and soft snow.

    Boasting Line's Capwall construction, the Pandora blends the light and responsive performance of cap construction with the smooth, solid feel of sidewalls. Line's engineers gave the Pandora an aspen MacroBlock core featuring aspen underfoot to ensure your turns and landings have a nimble feel and buttery-smooth flex. Thin Tip technology shaves unnecessary weight in the tip and tail, significantly cutting down on tip bounce and swing weight. Other technologies packed into the Pandora are Directional Flex for easy turn initiation and Fivecut geometry for intuitive control and unlimited turn shapes.

  • A spunky, powder-specific ski for surfing fluffy stuff
  • 110mm width waist and rockered tips ensure float
  • Directional flex pattern offers control in chop
  • Fivecut geometry enhances turn initiation
  • Wood core reduces swing and is lightweight and durable
  • Capwall construction combines strong sidewalls with light cap
  • Item #LIN004B
  • My third year skiing on the Pandora and i can honestly say it's my favorite ski. I've ever had that early rise in the. Taper on the tip and tail helped me like just kappas know what i can stay nice and forward and make those good patterns without having to work too hard this really does all that for you and just have fun with it's the only thing. I'll take out and pow but it's also really fun on a groomer if you can totally carve with it and fries I'll just power through anything don't let the 115 waste scare you off from doing a bit of Pandora's it's so easy to ski it really helps to make those turns and initiate them in the deep snow and on the service as well they're fun they're playful star food quick i use it every day whether I'm in. The resort just driving around giving side of the runs with my friends up in. The back country seeing big line suit powder it's really fun on everything.

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