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  RCBS® Base Plate-3 Lee Precision Lock Ring Eliminator Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Shell Plates RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit Lee Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Classic™ Kit Classic Lee Loader Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Iron Reloading Press Kit Lee Precision Case Collator Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Die Wrench Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press Hornady® Classic Press Automatic Primer Feed Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press RCBS® Turret Press Hornady® Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Auto Progressive Press EZ Feed Pistol Bullet Feeder Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Universal Case Retainer Spring – Per 3 Brass Smith Ideal Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™ MEC® Press Mount
  RCBS® Base Plate-3 Lee Precision Lock Ring Eliminator Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Shell Plates RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit Lee Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Classic™ Kit Classic Lee Loader Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Iron Reloading Press Kit Lee Precision Case Collator Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Die Wrench Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press Hornady® Classic Press Automatic Primer Feed Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press RCBS® Turret Press Hornady® Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Auto Progressive Press EZ Feed Pistol Bullet Feeder Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Universal Case Retainer Spring – Per 3 Brass Smith Ideal Press Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™ MEC® Press Mount
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RCBS® Base Plate-3

Use the RCBS Base Plate-3 on any work surface. It features pre-tapped holes for quick mounting. For use with case trimmers, powder measure stands, most RCBS presses and other bench-mounted accessories.
10"L x 6"W x 1"H.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

This is a video about the rcbs accessory. Base plate number two i didn't find a lot of stuff online regarding how the. Base place looks so this is what the box. Comes in basic box inside which you have. Is the actual plate and instructions and. All the tools necessary to install the. Plate the tools that come with it are. Four wooden screws and an assortment of. Other screws that you can use for adding. Items onto the base plate base play itself it's just a metal piece has. Various holes in it so basically you're. Going to put the four wooden screws on their bolt it down to your bench and. Then the various letters here like c. Or d you'll use to put in your press. So your powder drop or other items like that now what you see on this side here. Is the base plate with my press and the. Powder drop and notice here's the. Screws with the washer for the pot of. The press and right next to it i had it. Uh just edit this one on here just so. You can see that you could put both of them on there it's missing the other screw here but there's the first screw. So they both will fit the press and your. Powder drops the only thing is if you. Have them both like that if your press. Is probably going to get in the way of when you're doing your your. Charging or your shells so it's probably. Best to take two of these and just use one for the press and one for the powder. Drop it's pretty easy to take off you. Just unscrew the bolts and then this. This will move out of the way but this is just a quick review of the rcbs. Accessory baseplate.

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Lee Precision Lock Ring Eliminator

A breech lock quick-change bushing with integral lock collar for enhanced convenience when adjusting dies. Split clamp positively locks the die into position. Solid one-piece steel construction with a lock ring is integrated into the design, resulting in a better grip when removing from your breech-lock-equipped press and the knowledge that your die adjustments won’t change during removal.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The li lock ring eliminator includes two. Bushings with integral lock collar and allen wrench this provides unmatched precision and convenience when adjusting. Dies split clamp positively locks die. Into position and works well when using other brands of dies in your press the. Breech lock quick change system allows you to switch dies with a sixth of a turn rather than 14 or more turns loading. With a breech lock equipped press is convenient when loading small quantities of ammunition interrupted three start. Threaded eyes will return and lock into. The exact same position. You.

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Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Shell Plates

Hornady AP Press Shell Plates are available in many popular rifle and pistol calibers. Choose the shell plates you need for quick change loading versatility.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Okay guys i put my 45 shell plate on and. When i raise it when i come down it's. Sinners okay now watch see this i got to. Give it a little turn sometimes not all the time say this one again see it turn. A little bit i have to push it that time. It's centered up that time it's centered. Up see so it seems to be only one half of. The shell plate unless i need. To do it quicker i don't know sometimes. It gets hung up seats gotta move it say it all rights well it says to turn. The set screws clockwise to lower the pas and then set screw counterclockwise to. Raise the paul so i think i got to do the right paw and that should work but i. Don't know if i should mess with it or not sometimes going up it seems like. It's getting hung up to see it didn't go. So i have to move it so all right so you. Guys with a hornady let me know now i did put a little dab of grease around. Here just i mean just smeared it on i. Didn't fill the holes or nothing just a little bit of grease wheel bearing grease so all right let me know. Appreciate it sorry to bother you oops. Just like will handle by mistake so. That's like i said it doesn't do it all. The time so you have to move it a little. But alright have a great day.

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RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

  • Top-quality equipment needed for precision metallic reloading
  • Based on the legendary Rock Chucker Press
  • Ultrastrong cast-iron construction
  • Larger window opening accommodates longer magnum cartridges
  • Ambidextrous designs ensure comfortable right- or left-hand use
  • A convenient, cost-saving solution for the beginning reloader or an equipment upgrade for the seasoned expert, the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Reloading Kits contain virtually all the top-quality equipment needed for precision metallic reloading. Based on the legendary Rock Chucker Press, the Rock Chucker Supreme and Supreme Master Kits offer a superior blend of strength, precision and versatility. They have the same ultrastrong cast-iron construction along with a larger window opening to accommodate today’s longer magnum cartridges. Ambidextrous designs ensure comfortable right- or left-hand use. Rock Chucker Supreme Press, M500 mechanical scale, Uniflow™ Powder Measure, Nosler No. 7 Reloading Manual, Hand-Priming Tool, Hex-Key Set, Universal Case Loading Block, Case-Lube Kit, Powder Funnel and Deburring Tool. Dies and shellholders not included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back youtube today we're going. To be talking about the rcbs rock. Chapter supreme single stage reloading press extremely nice setup very good. Value for the money it's very simple and. Straightforward not a lot of fancy features but for forming cases and things of that nature is a great press. Okay I'm going to show you some of the basic features of it but in a nutshell. You've got a nice sturdy rim here and. The handle is you know got a real nice. Profile to it good large size and a lot. Of mass the press itself the body of the. Press is extremely heavy and strong and. I believe it's a investment-grade iron casting or cast iron you've got just. Under four inches of clearance and then for the die choices you can use standard. Seven eighths a fourteen thread pitch dies pretty much your industry standard. Or you can remove this bushing that's in. Here and you can use the larger dies if. You want to reload like 577 450 martini-henry 50 bmg and so forth the 50. Bmg may not have white enough clearance. With this space in here but it should. Clear because on the box they show a got 1150 on it so the priming arm is set up. In a simple manner similar to the way. You expect on any single stage press it. Comes with both large and small priming. Cups that of course are easy to change out on your own this device right here. Catches all of you spent primers quiet. Reliably the arm of the press can be. Changed over to either left or right-handed as you may prefer this nut. Right here is an indexing nut for tightening out the arm of the press that's really about all there is to it's a really solid unit I'm going to prime some cases on it for you and load up some ammo. I've already been forming some of the 7/7 japanese arisaka ammunition on it or. Forming cases and it does very well with. Forming cases in general and it really. Made short work of that a conversion which is basically just simple 3006. Conversion but it definitely makes a short work of that conversion process it. Looks good very effortless priming operations on. This thing the actual amount of movement. And mechanical advantage that you get with the arm and everything and the. Leverage you get is outstanding i mean you can feel the primer seat firmly oh. Yeah it looks fun i don't know how many. Of you use separate priming tools for. Doing your brass I've always like to prime off the press just because i do. Prefer the feel that you get priming off. Of the press and that's just my. Preference but I've always preferred you. No priming on the press it takes a little longer but i just like the. Leverage you get all right I'm going to. Seat a couple of bullets on this thing. Remove the primer arm out of the way which is nice about this press just flip. It out of the way. Loading 174 green serum match kings from. Arasaka will try them out sunday very. Smooth ram a lot of good leverage. Available i mean it just feels right you. Now you can feel whatever things doing what's going on it's about. All this video was meant to be was just to show this press in action because it. Really is a nice piece of machinery it's made well i mean it's. Just solid and that's the bottom line they're not especially cheap but you do. Get what you pay for to a degree. I like this press too because it's got a. Real noticeable amount of over travel. When you set the press to bump you can definitely tell when it over cams right. There i mean it just does so. Well it's a great press. I'm just basically trying to show some of the linkage working from different angles just in case any viewer curious. As to how it all fell together i mean. This press i mean it just practically runs itself it's just a great setup well. Hopefully this video is pretty much summed this press-up i mean not to beat. A dead horse but that's about all there is to it's a great simple rig that. Anybody can use and if you got some. Monster case forming to undergo it's. Great for that also if I'm not mistaken. I believe our cbs makes a specially. Designed turret that actually screws. Into this press I'll have to do some further research on that but there is a lot of potential for upgrades as far as i know it's a great price either for. Entry-level or for an experienced hand loader you can't go wrong the rock checkered supreme.

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    Lee Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings

    The Quick Change Bushings make changing dies a snap and accomplishes the task in seconds. Once mounted on your die, you’ll never have to adjust the die again unless you want to. It saves time, eliminates guesswork and ensures the consistency of your reloaded product. Per 2.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit

    With a sturdy iron base, rigid cast-iron frame, powerful long stroke and quick-turret-change versatility, this press has the ability to reload any centerfire cartridge from the smallest varmint caliber to the largest magnum cartridges. Typical single-stage reloading requires that dies be individually changed out between stages. This press will speed up your reloading considerably with a turret that holds up to four dies. Just rotate the turret to advance to the next stage and you can load complete rounds one by one without stopping to change dies. Buy extra turrets for other dies and calibers, and you’ll be able to change from one caliber to another in seconds. The large ram is drilled completely through to dispose of spent primers through an attached clear plastic tube.

    Kit includes:¿Classic Turret Press, Auto-Drum powder measure and powder measure riser, large and small Safety Prime, cutter and lock stud, chamfer tool, small and large primer pocket cleaner, a tube of Case Sizing Lube, Safety Powder Scale and a Modern Reloading Second Edition. (Dies and shell holder not included.)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    These videos for jim show you the three. Classic trick press. This is one of the turrets I've got the. Leaf or die set installed in here for. Forty five cold so install just dropping. Then like that now this is the auto. Indexing rod it's got a little plastic. Piece on the top that engages in with. The turret and then this piece sits down. Here on the bottom and it's held in. Place with a screw i took that off as well. Because i like to do the indexing. Manually like this and when they removed you can turn this thing in any direction as you want you can skip a station if. You want to just have a lot of. Flexibility on I'm used to doing it that way now it comes with two primer arms. And they both added at a glance they. Look the same and even looking at them. This way you have to look close to tell which ones for large and which ones for small primers so what i did was i took. Some nail polish and just put an l on. The large and an s on the small that way. I can tell it a glance so this is 45. Long colt which takes a large primer arm. So you just take them and drop them down. In their like that's how they. That's how they go in. There's a rope there's a roll there's a roll pin in there that engages into this. Little hook area right there that. So keeps it in like scott and then. Here's your shell holder for a 45 long cold. That's it rights there now when this. Thing is lowered all the way you'll notice that that primer pin is sticking. Out through the shell holder well what. That also means is if you have a shell in there and you lower it all the way you can't you can't pull the shell out. Or put one in because that that primer. Devices is holding it captive so because. Of that what i do is i do all of my. This is the d capping and resizing guy. So i put up i put a shell in there that. Needs resizing i pick up a primer i drop. It in there and then i run that up into the die and then when i lower it i push. It forwards and reprime then i have to. Raise it up just a little bit so i can take this one off and put the next one on okay so after I've done my batch like. That then what i do is i just pop this. Off take the primer arm out and put the. Shall holder back in now i can lower the. Shall holder down as low as i want to. And it won't interfere the primer arm. Won't interfere effect of you know. Taking shells in and out so i use. The primer arm for this very first stage. And that's it then after that i just remove it and i don't worry about it for. The rest of the operation now in the. Second die this is your expander die it. Flares the mouth of the cartridge so. That you can get a bullet to start. That one's already flared and see now if. If you don't flare it you can't that the boy the board will go. In there to start it now what you got to. Do these dyes come there's a hole in the. Middle of them which lets you flare the. Mouth and also drop the powder in now. When you get it from lead they have this little aluminum plug at the top which has got a hole in the middle of it and lee makes a funnel the fits in there just perfect like that so you can run. Your casing up like this and just dump. In a measure charge let's say you let's. Say you were doing real precision shooting and you were measuring every. One of them on your on your scale you take it off the pan and. Just dump it in okay now what I'm doing. Is I'm using this auto drum. Measuring device and I've already got a. Riser screwed on there and what you have. To do is when we first install the. Turret gun the unscrew this plug and. Take the little o-ring off put the plug. Back in the box so you don't lose it the. O-ring goes on here and they need to. Screw down and you die okay like that. Now that's already adjusted and I've. Locked the adjustment with this dial operate now what you'll notice. What when i run this up in there you'll see that it's operating the mechanism. For dumping the powder. And then here's the here's the hopper. Powder sits on top like that okay so the. Adjustment here with this audio drum is that you've got to get this thing so it comes up far enough if. It doesn't come up far enough it won't operate it all the way it or just be a partial operation like that it will drop any powder or maybe not enough after a. While you'll see how far you have to bring it up now if you bring it up too far then you'll start crushing your cases so you have to bring it up almost. Really to a full stroke but without. Going too far alright so that's that. Stage the next stage these guys have the. Potential to do two things they can see. The bullet and crimp at the same time but because you've got a ford i set the. Fourth guy is your crimper so what you do with these is you screw them down. Until you can feel the crimping part touching the case and then you back it. Out I'll back it out about a turn and then this knob up here is used to. Control how deep the bullet is put. In so you start like this and you rate run it up in there and you keep turning. This down until the bullet is seated to the proper depth and the proper depth. Depends on the caliber and what type of bullet you're using etc and then the. Fourth die is the crimper now in the for. Die set this also does two things it's. Got a carbide insert because if you're using cash led bullets some sometimes. These aren't perfectly round and. There you can end up with little small. Little bulges in the case from the. Bullets not being perfectly round but. When it goes in through this carbide winging it is out any. Imperfections in the cast bullet. And then this knob adjusts the crimp. Right here the other thing i wanted to. Show you is when you've got four dies in. There you can see that the dialect rings are pretty close to each other and you don't have a lot of room in here to get a wrench i think that's an inch and a quarter so. Rcbs makes a thin-walled. Socket i think i paid eight dollars for. This thing and of course it works on our cbs lock rings but it also fits needs. These lis ones and works just perfect so. You can now when you lock when you lock. This one down good you might have to. Unscrew this so you can get this over it. But the rest of them you can just put. This right over top of it and help hold your turret and you can loosen. These up now there is some play in here but it engages on all that all the. Corners and it will it'll tighten to loosen no problem and then the way i. Store these turrets is i went out and. Bought a three-eighths inch hardwood. Dowel and if you've cut these i got a. Scrap piece of lumber and drill 3/8 inch. Holes in it with my drill press and then. Pound a section of this stuff into the piece of wood and then these just. Sit will sit right up on their like that, and they're under stable three-eighths. Inch hardwood dowel. At the bottom i don't know if it's in the field of view at the bottom you've got this tube that catches the. Primers and i have on the end of it i. Have the little red cap and when i see. It's getting full I'll just empty it into a can some people probably just. Leave it open at the bottom and just set a small trash can down there to catch all the primers so hope this. Helps.

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    RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Press

    Based on the legendary Rock Chucker press, the Rock Chucker Supreme offers a superior blend of strength, precision and versatility. It has the same ultrastrong cast-iron construction along with a larger window opening to accommodate today’s longer magnum cartridges, and an ambidextrous design that ensures comfortable right- or left-hand use. It also can be upgraded to function as a progressive press with the optional Piggyback 4 Conversion Kit (sold separately). Dies and shell holder not included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    this is the rcbs rock checker supreme. Single stage press it's designed for. Precision re loaders and also budget-conscious beginners it features a block o cast. Iron design for strength and rigidity it. Also features an ambidextrous toggle block for left or right-handed users and a compound leverage system that eases. The amount of physical strength needed during the sizing operation and in the. Back it also features a spent primer catcher I'll quickly demonstrate how easy it is to reload a cartridge on your rock checker supreme I'll be demonstrating with 308 winchester cases but you can quickly be adapted to reload. Most common pistol and rifle cartridges on the market today so you'll first want to take it properly. Clean and lubricate a case and cert it. Into the shell holder pull your handle. Up the bottom a stroke your old primer. Drops out that will resize and expand. Your case Push forward to seat your primer. And there you have a completed case size. Prime Now we've switched over to our seed dye on our press and adjusted its depth for. The correct cartridge length the next. Step will be to weigh out a proper charge weight of powder we'll dump that. Into our first case place that case in. The shell holder hold the bullet in the. Case mouth and run it up into your seat die run through the stroke of the press. And now you have completed cartridge properly seated and ready to go the rock. Chucker supreme press by rcbs it's great for both beginners and advanced freeloaders alike it's capable of doing. Around 50 rounds per hour it's strong dependable in the last year lifetime.

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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Classic™ Kit

  • Everything in one package except dies
  • Features single-stage press
  • Includes latest reloading handbook
  • Features a patented quick-change bushing system that lets you change dies with a simple flick of the wrist. With Lock-N-Load technology in your reloading press, you can stop loading, change dies, and start loading another caliber in seconds. If you load more than one caliber, Lock-N-Load will dramatically speed up your reloading efforts. To change calibers, simply twist the die counterclockwise, remove die and insert your next preset Lock-N-Load die and bushing. Because they remain locked in their Lock-N-Load Bushings, your dies stay exactly as you set them. The positive locking action of the Lock-N-Load Bushings hold the dies in rock solid, perfect alignment. The combination of six locking lugs and the close tolerance of the tooling firmly grip the die bushing in place in the press for maximum rigidity and accuracy in reloading. Rubber O-rings on the die bushings give you a better feel when the die is inserted and holds the die tight against the locking lugs to prevent accidental loosening. Once you try Lock-N-Load from Hornady, you’ll never want to go back to your old system.

    It’s the reloading press that pioneered quick die changeovers. The Lock-N-Load® bushing system allows for super-fast bushing release, letting you change dies and set up quickly. Change the dies, adjust, tighten the lock ring and you’re ready. Once dies are set for a specific load, this system lets you remove and reinstall dies in seconds. An overbuilt, professional-grade, cast-aluminum frame and linkage ensure durability and lasting service. Features include a Primer Catcher and three Lock-N-Load Die Bushings. The large, easy-grip, ball-style handle is long for increased leverage while reducing effort. The Power-Pac linkage and solid-steel arms multiply leverage applied to make sizing large cases easier. Stability and rigidity are assured by the high-strength alloy frame, and its unique angle gives you outstanding visibility and easy access to the cartridge in the press. An integrated Positive Priming System™ ejects spent primers at the top of the stroke, picks up a new primer and self-aligns to feed and insert the primer at the bottom of the stroke where leverage is optimal. The self-aligning primer arm also allows for easy manual insertion of primers without having to raise the handle. This makes priming easier than ram prime units and better than old-style priming arms. Dies and shell holder not included.

    Want to start loading your own high-quality, accurate handloads but intimidated by all the equipment you’ll need to buy? This kit has everything you need to start making your own cartridges in one convenient package. You’ll receive a Lock-N-Load Classic single-stage Reloading Press(described above), a Lock-N-Load Powder Measure, a precise 1,500-grain Digital Scale, three Lock-N-Load Die Bushings (dies not included), a Primer Catcher, a Positive Priming System, a Handheld Priming Tool with additional primer tray, a universal Reloading Block, a Chamberring and Deburring tool, a Powder Trickler, Powder Funnel, One Shot™ Case Lube and the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading. The only things you’ll need to get started are the dies, shell holders and cartridge components.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey what's up everybody. Brando mcwillie here doing another reloading video seems that people have. Been really enjoying those so i continue. To make a little bit more first and foremost today the carry weapon is the. Kel-tec p38 ii alright kind of like to. Show people they haven't seen my stuff before i kind of like to show the different weapons that i carry on a daily basis because i think it's kind of cool to see if people that do the. Reviews actually carry the stuff they're reviewing so i usually do and i carry a. Variety it just depends on what I'm wearing that day and so forth but i. Thought ways thought that was kind of cool so today i wanted to talk about the. Actual reloader itself I've done a couple of videos on how to reload but i. Never actually went into detail about the my actual press and i kind of wanted. To show that today and kind of show what it came with and what yet so I'm going. To take the camera off the tripod so i can move in a little bit closer and just start taking a look at the press itself. Now show you the box that it comes in here I'm not going to take it out but this is the hardy lock and load classic loader it is not to kit okay i didn't buy the. Kit i bought the actual reloader by itself and it actually comes with the. Loader itself and you actually have to. Take the handle and actually adjust that. And put that on that's not together but everything else is put together for you so you don't have to do any assembly and. If my memory serves me correct i did get. Three of the lock and load die bushings. That came with the loader as well okay. So i didn't have to go out and have that expense for that first time a. Couple of other things that it comes with is the tray that is used to hold. The spent primers okay and that basically just locks on here okay it. Also comes in with a primer tool or primer feeder and two primer i guess you. Call them size sizes or something like that i don't know what you call it but basically i have it set up now for the small primer size primer and this. The one that you would use for the large primers and basically it just unscrews in screws in here but the press itself. Does not come with any mounting hardware i purchased that myself and basically as. You can see here i have like just a basic bench that i had built and it just. Bolts directly on to that bench with some wood screws or wood bolts basically. And used a large washer to hold that in. Place looking at it from this side not. Much difference here you have more access to the bolt but it does a pretty good job and one thing that i recommend is as you load make sure you have a. Quality dent setup as even this one. Which is set up pretty good i think still wobbles a little bit as i pull. That lever arm down but that's not a big deal it still works fine for me the primer. Feeder basically if you can see and. There is a little notch and this feeds. Directly under there and so when i go to. Raise the or lower the ram there the. Primer will be pushed into the casing. Okay so kind of cool so this is what you. Get with it I'm pretty pleased with it. Now if you've seen my other videos you know that i like them a lot and i kind of give you an example of how the lock and load system works and I'll do that with some nine-millimeter dies I'm going. To put this back into the tripod so i can work there so basically here are. Some poor nate'd eyes these are 9 millimeters and if you look at the die. Set the block and load bushings are. Already set so i basically have a set of bushings for each one of my dies kind of. Expensive that's the downfall but it makes it easier for me to load my. Ammunition so i like it so I'm not worried too much about it but basically in order to get that to work is. Basically is basically dropped that in and twist and. It's locked in place and i don't have to worry about screwing it down and making adjustments and so forth now i know that. With a traditional set of dies you can. You know have your retaining not here. Locked into place so once you get it. Flush with the press you don't have to worry about it anymore but still to me this is just so much easier and i just like the way that i. Have it set up so no complaints there at all very easy if you don't want to go. Through the expense of ordering the expensive die bushings you can simply. Just put one in there and then leave it locked in place and every time you want to change out a set of dies you can just unscrew it just like you would in a traditional press so you have the option to do both which i think is kind of nice. Another thing that i am probably i say. That I'm going to get but i haven't yet is there's a tool here that you can. Actually feed primers down into this. Area and it would come straight down and feed new primers here so every time i raise the ram and lower the ram the new. Primer will be fed in i just haven't done that yet there's a spot here for it but i just haven't done it all in all. I'm haven't had any problems with this press at all the only thing that i have had happened this is probably just out of. Wear in use is this pin sometimes will. Pop out and i just have to push it back. In with my hand it's just a retaining pin it's not a big deal I've never even greased this sucker up you can see that it does get dirty you kind of do that when my camera is not that good does get turi dirty dukes working with us spent primers and the dirty brass and all that kind of stuff but it's been great i. Haven't had any hiccups with it at all no problems with it and it was a bit of. Press that I'd highly suggest you know it made it turned me on to other hornady stuff if you look i have a lot of. Hornady dies a lot of horny equipment in. My reloading get up and ability kind of. Happened of this press you know i was going to. Get this press or the rcbs rock crusher i found out that the rcbs rock crusher. Was cast in china and for some reason. That just did not do it for me so i. Decided to get the hornady no one knowing that it was made 100% in the states so that was a big thing for me as. Well so anyway a basic video showing you. The press for those of you who are looking to get one you know i suggested i like it my next. Press would probably be the hornady auto progressive press and I've been loading. A lot of handguns ammunition and i would. Like to have the ability to load a little bit faster now i can load about. 50 rounds in about 45 minutes on this press right here and i can shoot 50 rounds in about 2 seconds so you do the math there so an auto progressive press would be nice, but they're really expensive and i want to make sure that i like this before i started investing a lot of money into reloading i. Found out that i do enjoy it's not something i do every day but it's something that i do maybe once or twice. A month maybe look more net maybe like. More like once a week that i come out here fiddle with something okay and then i get to the point where I'm low on ammo that i start making more so i don't i enjoy it especially during hunting season i like doing rifle rounds that sort of thing too I'm kind of into the ballistic stuff so if you have any questions please comment let me know what you think and you know if you like my videos please subscribe I've got some more gun videos coming up and i hope you guys enjoy those as well you guys take care bye.

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    Classic Lee Loader

    This is the first complete reloading kit ever offered. Millions of rounds have been reloaded with the Lee Loader. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to try reloading, occasional loaders or anyone who wants to keep it simple. It pays for itself in no time. Includes everything you need to begin loading one caliber.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    So I'm going to show you just a deeper. These cases just run in just a couple. Times not too much okay so after. Trimming them it was really easy to do. Then this with this little tool this is. A tool put out by lyman now it's got a. Pocket cleaner here that are clean the. The primer pockets and so i just run that just a few times in and it's got. It's got different sizes this thing actually has you can swap it out for. Small primers whatnot but then I've got. The you swap it out and now this will. Deeper the outside of the casings. You know it doesn't take but just a. Couple times and that's it that's all you want to do so what that does that. Creates a piece of brass that is now. Sized and has its bendy bird so that's. Actually ready to start the reloading process now before i get too far like. Said already had the primers knocked out of that one so the first step of this process on this kit is that. You're gonna have to go have to use. This kit that knock that prime around it's actually and the easiest things to. Do and it's also pretty fun so that was. It okays so there's my primer. I've got a uh so now it's got another. Chasing this usually ready what i do. When I'm using this i usually just d prime all my casings and then. When i start acting the actual reloading. I'll have them I'll have them already so. Well I've gotten this close I'll just go ahead and. I'll go ahead and put that in there and. Just sighs this case and it's super okay see that ones that need doesn't need. Trimming but it really wasn't hard to do. What disallowed me in today now is dad i. Don't even have to I'm not even worried about measuring what i do like about the. Lead loader is that they do come. With a city with a pretty decent set of. Directions because the parts are in this. Just don't look like standard they just. Really don't look like standards reloading parts so what kind of no one. Think that i have seen what i really. Have seen that people don't do and make. This easier is that for some reason. People don't reload there when they're. Using these kits they're not they're not. Lubing the cases now this is just next. Sizing and but i don't understand why. Why they're not why they're not doing i. Guess they're just kind of saying well you don't have to but there's there's a. Step the way this thing actually works is your we're done actually what's going. You do this. So the way this thing actually works is that you drive this case drive it down. Into this cylinder. So the way this thing works is your way. This thing works is you drive this case down into the cylinder but i always use some type of case loop because once you. Do that so all right, so we're gonna go ahead and let's do that all right that. Was pretty easy on the next step in the. Process is your pop the priming this thing and actually i used the top of my. Mic a sleeve to hold my primers now. What you're gonna do is you're gonna flip this over and this thing. Actually has its spring-loaded that's holding this primer and for some reason. People have issue with this and they say. They can't you know when i see videos, and they're like well you know i this doesn't work for me and I'm not able to do this i think it's because they're not looping their cases because what you're. Gonna do is that you're gonna drive this out you're gonna drive it down on top of. This primer that i have sitting its you. Now the bottom you know the bottom side is facing up so it's gonna be I'm loading it into this cartridge now. So what i notice is that it's its very. Solid at first but as i keep driving it. I'm gonna notice that what i just did i just felt it that it gets it actually. Gets softer and what's happened is when i drive this shell out it starts hitting that spring-loaded bottom that's on this other thing and so what I've got now. What i have now is i have a case that. Has now been primed and the primer is. It's good and flush good and flush with. It with the casein but it's I'm gonna go. Ahead and I'm gonna do that again because it's i think that's where people. Have trouble and it's really not that. Hard you just you learn to just feel it. Okay so i just sized it by knocking it. In their okay and then we're gonna do. We're gonna flip this over on top of this primer all right when i start. Driving this thing out my casing is. Right now it's stuck inside this cylinder so it's gonna be very solid but. Once it starts moving and once it hits the this base that has a spring load on it where this primer is it's gonna get. Soft and you're gonna feel that that spring tension is in your driver so all. Right let's started moving i can feel okay i mean and i can hear i can. Actually hear the difference the sound changes there's three different sounds that it goes through so it's solid when. It's stuck in then it starts moving then. The sound mellows out and then when it starts hitting the bottom of this i miss because this thing has a it has a hard. Bottom on it but it's the this ring is spring tensioned whenever starts hitting. The bottom of that and what's pushing your primary is when it starts sounding solid again so there we go we've got. Another one that's the primers you know ready to go so i think the reason people. Have trouble is that they're not they're. Not leaving their cases so maybe if they. Did that, and they wouldn't have that problem but it's pretty simple I'll go. Ahead I'll do another i don't know if you could hear that but. There's three different sounds that just what just happened right there and you. Can just feel it you can feel i mean after you dude you know just a few i say. By the time you do ten you'll feel. Like a pro with that because it's you can hear it's pretty actually pretty simple and one thing i like about these lis loaders you know they've been out. Here too long getting trashed in the powder if they come with these little. Measuring scoops now one thing that i do. Differently the weight then know the way. This is designed is that actually you. Would leave this in the tube like per. The instructions you would leave this in the tube and what you do you'd switch out the bases so you would say okay I'm done with this base and you're gonna go to this base that has a hole in it so you don't have any issues with you'll. Have any issues of like accidentally firing off the primer so the case. Actually sits in there and you would slide this over the top no way this is designed is that you can take your scoop. Of powder and you can dump it in here and it's cut it kind of creates like. A phone on it let's go on down in your case the reason i don't do that is. Because with the cast bullets i use i. Use like petroleum jelly to lubricate these bullets and it gets inside of here. And what happens when i pour the powder in there the powder wants to stick to you know all the lubrication that winds up sticking inside of here so i actually do a little bit different you know and you find that everybody's kind of got their own little techniques how to do that but that's the reason i. Do mine a little different but what i do i just do it like this and i got a funnel got a funnel here so just show. You pretty simple one thing to have accuracy you have to. Have consistency so when it comes to the. Powder what i did i take this car that this is a car that comes with it now one. Think about these cards is that it shows you the bullet weight and then the. Powder options and it gives you like an estimated velocity on these cards so but. I actually at this point in time all right you know one I'm going to use and i just use the card to level off the. Casing there we go all right we're ready. To go to that one leave that there and. I'll go ahead and let's learn it let's. Go ahead and load this bad boy up. So one thing knows okay so now that I've. Got this things this thing is hot and this thing's got a new primer you switch the basis that's the. Instructions go over that so if you. Follow the instructions you won't go wrong with that now. I use the petroleum jelly it's cheap. Works good i don't have any issues with. It all you're gonna do drop that down in. There it slides down and pretty easily now I'm gonna show you're gonna go. Back to the original case that the base. That you used it were to set the primers and you're gonna use this side of it and this is what's actually going to seat your bullet and so what you're going to do you're gonna sit this on top of there and you're gonna drive it down until it. Hits the top of this collar now what's. Important to talk about is that there. Has to be you know there's no adjustment. Made into this the adjustment is made. Into this thing there's a lot and you. Now just there's a lock not hit or like a lock washer and i would call that a lock nut but what you can do you can. Screw it up you basically you screw this. Think out and when you drive it down. What that does it allow you to seat the bullet and you want to work your way. Down until you get to the right. Depth now the reason it's so important. To have your cases all trim the. Same and that's what you know this. Case trimmer works good is that if you. Have a case that is longer and then you had a case that was shorter and you set your adjustment to the shorter case when. You go to your longer case and you put it in there and you beat it down your bullets gonna be set deeper into that casing so that's why it's good that you. Really want to have everything really uniform so let's go ahead and I'm just gonna go. With the pre adjustment that i had on it and let's see how that does folks. That's it just listen to the sound. Oh yeah that's pretty good okay so we. Have 45 70 now this has no crimp on it. Let me show you if you want to put a crimp on it no i know what i just. Had this thing on here like this if i. Want to put a crimp on it flip it over and the crimp the only thing about this. The crimp is the only thing that's conda. Practice the crimp i learned you just. Kind of got to put some force into it so what we're gonna do here. Let's check the overall maximum overall. Length is two point five zero so. We'll check our overall length here and. If anybody ever wants me to do a video on how to use these things I'd be happy. To do that — okay so it's two point five. Five zero so what I've got I've got two. One two three four five and I'm at. Thirty 33 so really what I'm at is two. Point five three that's what I'm. At two point five three so I'm. Good I'm below the hope the maximum. Length of two point five zero so. We're good with that so that was real. Simple didn't take long it's simple to. You know really get into swab recommend these kits because it takes you from. Zero to actually reloading in the. Shortest the shortest route so i hope this. Helped this video kind of changed your. Mind about reloading i hope it i hope it. Convinces you that you can do it and you don't have to spend a hundred dollars you know hundreds of dollars to start doing it this is that's one that I've loaded. You know alerted that in the past but. Yeah like i said it was this was a this was a. Stepping stone for me you know it was somewhere that i started and you. Now and I've moved on since then but you know the only reason i would say that I've moved on is because the lee is limited in. The calibers that they make these. In now so if you're just gonna reload. Basic calibers i mean that's that's actually it's decently round I've been shooting these things a hundred yards I'm real pleased with them in fact i mean for forty-five seventy this is the only thing that I'm using to reload. Forty five seventy so i hope that you. No hope that was helpful to you and I'll probably go ahead and reload a few. More of these there's no point in being i got all this stuff out might as well go ahead and do it actually doesn't take that long so anyway hope you tune. Back in if you liked the video subscribe to my channel i appreciate that I'm. Gonna try to have some more videos put. Up here that kinda maybe help you be. More self-reliant and whenever there's the next ammo shortage or the threat of. A gun grab i want you to be like me i want you to be not not as concerned it's still important to vote it's still important to express our opinions but. You don't have to go into that panic mode that's not really necessary so good. Bless and i hope everything turns out. Good for us.

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    Lyman Brass Smith All-American 8 Turret Press

  • The largest press available from Lyman
  • Eight-station turret machined out of cast iron
  • Holds up to eight dies
  • Large enough to work the largest cartridges
  • Smooth, reliable and precise operation
  • Lyman has taken reloading to the next level with the Brass Smith Turret Press, which features an extra-large, eight-station turret machined out of solid cast iron. The largest press available from Lyman, its die station conveniently holds up to two complete four-die sets or up to four two-die sets. The turret bolt makes changing turrets quick and simple. The rigid, powder-coated cast-iron frame and 1" dia. ram are large enough to work the largest cartridges. The experts at Lyman have created the straight-line primer feed to deliver smooth, reliable and precise operation. The comfortable ball handle can be changed for right or left-handed operation. For use with any standard 7/8"-14 thread dies and standard shell holders.

    Okay guys if you want to see how easy it. Is to change this turret on a lyman 8. Station turret press hang on and we'll. Show you how Okay it's a real simple job I'm going to. Show you how to change the turret and set up my 308 dies there's a couple ways. To do this i think the intended way of course i. Don't read the manual like everybody else there's a hole in this not on the. Top of the turret you stick the handle in here and then all you do is to turn a. Little bit spin the not grayed out i actually don't like doing that the. Threads are really longer than not well. It's a bolt actually so i do it. Differently i just take my little impact. Driver here put the socket on the top of. The knife bend it off it's way faster. Way easier okay now there is a washer on. The top that makes it all work because. There's a there's a spacer there's a. Bushing in the middle of the turret to. Keep it so the turret can spin but yet the bolt can be tight when you get it. You get the bushing and you get the turret but you don't get the handle and the not even though the pitcher makes it look like you do now also there's a little ball bearing right. Here that your detent don't don't lose that it'll fall right. Out of there and don't ask me how i know. So how to do is you set this on here. Line up the hole good turn nut your bolt. Started run it down you're all set it's. Tight it's all done and it's still turned. Because of that bushing so put the. Handle back in inside where we want i like to start and. Handle out of the way so the first one I'm going to put in now this is a lien. Excising die i don't use that very often. But I'll keep it here so i don't you know keep it with the rest of the 3:08 stuff i keep all my dies together that's. Why the other ones full there's actually only two calibers in that 6.5 and 223. Are the only two that's in that but i got a lot of those so then this is my. Actual lyman full-length resizing die i. Use all different kinds of days i have. Reading and i have lee and then this. Line and set now you put your handle all the way up turn this down till it. Touches i like a little cam over because. This press will do it so i usually turn into the extra quarter. Turn or so and then maybe a little more. Then that there and tighten it down and. You tighten the setscrew if you want now. I have some cam over make sure get. My full length sizing this is your cedar. Die move that into position and i screw. That down but what i do with this is i. Take a case and i put a case in there. And then i run that all the way up in. Then i turn this die down until it touches the case. There it's touching then I'll back it. Out of turn because i don't want it to. Crimp i don't use a crimp for my bolt. Guns so that's tighten that down and then you. Won't be definitely won't hit and crimp your case now and you have plenty of. Adjustment with your cedar stem to get. That where it needs to be I'm not gonna seat any bullets today but i will I'll run one through my sizer guy just. To show you i feel okay lube on it very. Little too much and you'll bend the shoulders too little and you'll stick. The case so it's kind of fine line. There push that in out and you're all. Done now if you want drop it in a case. Gauge drops right in it's all good it's all full length your size that dice setup so if you have any questions ask. Then in the comments and like i said. That's it that's all there is to it have a good one guys thanks for watching.

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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Iron Reloading Press Kit

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron frame for exceptional rigidity
  • Incredibly strong 1-1/8" solid steel ram
  • Automatic Priming System saves time
  • Lock-N-Load bushing system facilitates fast changeovers
  • Accessory Mounting Deck keeps tools close at hand
  • Hornady's Lock-N-Load Iron Reloading Press Kit delivers exceptional savings over buying components individually. 26-lb. cast-iron frame makes the press the heaviest, most rigid in its class. Automatic Priming System combines with the Accessory Mounting Deck to significantly speed up the reloading process by allowing more processes to occur simultaneously. Spring-assist 1-1/8" solid steel ram delivers exceptional strength. Lock-N-Load bushing system makes changeovers fast and easy. Accessory Mounting Deck offers quick access to case prep tools. Patented Shell Holder Platform. Ambidextrous operation. Kit includes: press, Automatic Priming System, die caddy, component feed bin and bracket, digital scale, chamfer and debur tool large and small primer pocket cleaners, neck brushes (.22 cal., .25 cal./6mm, .270 cal./7mm, .30 cal., .35 cal., .45 cal.), powder measure, reloading handbook, Unique™ Case lube, Set of six Lock-N-Load Comparators, three-pack Lock-N-Load Die Bushings, Powder funnel (.22-.45 cal.), digital caliper and shell holder kit (#1, #2, #5, #16, #35).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The hornady lock and load iron press the. Next evolution in single stage press technology featuring a heavy-duty cast. Iron frame that 26 pound iron press is. Built to be the heaviest strongest and. Most rigid press in its class for the person who is just going to start out reloading the iron press establishes the. Best of ambassadors out there tight tolerances and manufacture and assembly combine to provide consistency. And precision that will deliver a match accurate ammunition round after round year after year the available completely. Hands-free gravity-fed automatic priming. System combined with the accessory mounting debt increases reloading efficiency by allowing more processes to occur simultaneously the iron press. Provides the unique ability to d prime pause and remove the case to perform any. Desired case prep action then replace and prime the accessory mounting deck. Provides the hand loader with many options for quick access to items such. As trays for bullets or cases a die caddy chamber and deburr tools case neck. Brushes primer pocket cleaners and many. More further ease of use comes from exclusive features such as an ambidextrous toggle spring assist one in. One eighth inch solid steel ramp and the patented shell holder platform and as. With all hornady metallic reloading presses the iron press comes with a patented lock and load bushing system that makes changeovers lightning fast. All our hornady tools need to represent a great value, but they need to be functional they need to be cool and the. Quality has to be top-notch if you're going to mount this to your bench probably for the rest of your life we want to be proud that you chose us we. Want you to be proud that you chose us the workaday lock and load iron press is. Best-in-class a heavyweight reloading machine that sets the standard for rigidity and performance.

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    Lee Precision Case Collator

    Fills all four tubes of the Lee Pro 1000 and Loadmaster progressive presses in only 10 seconds.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Deluxe Die Wrench

    It's the perfect, hassle-saving 4-in-1 tool for use with your Lock-N-Load AP or single-stage Classic press. It firmly holds shell plates and prevents rotation for effortlessly changing plates and tightening press screws. It also lets you quickly and easily adjust the tightness of the spindle lock, lock rings and die flats. 
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press

    Loading handgun and rifle ammunition has never been easier. Just add a bullet and pull the lever – it’s that simple. All other operations are fully automatic. One loaded cartridge is produced with each pull of the lever. Primers, like the powder, are fed only if the case is present. There are no wasted primers or spilled powder. An alternate loading sequence lets you load only one case at a time. Change calibers in just minutes. A Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure and Auto Prime II priming system are included. All handgun calibers also include a Carbide Pistol Three Die Set. The .223 Rem includes a rifle charging die.
    Calibers: .38 Special/.357 Magnum, 9mm Luger, 40 Smith & Wesson, 44 Special/.44 Magnum, .45 ACP, .45 Long Colt®, .223 (includes rifle charging die. Not available in carbide.)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Started a new hobby bullet reloading ice. Too but i started shooting a lot more. Just because i picked up my interest a. Little bit some reason i don't know why but i shot a little bit years ago and. Then ice piqued my interest again i have. No idea why but I'd enjoy it just shooting i don't carry but anyhow this. Is a video just on this lead 1000 press. Which I've seen quite a few videos of. Bottom and most guys do not like them. Well i wouldn't say most I'd say half-and-half 50% don't like them 50 cents. Like him and i like it but i like to. Tinker with mechanical things so to me. Would it oh he's operating operates good and it. Operates most of the time and it's very it's me usually it does something wrong. Either i don't follow through with the press or something screws it up but it doesn't take all it takes about a minute to get it going again and you can let up 50 shells bullets or let me get this. Right to be politically correct i guess. Rounds i guess it would be called 50. Rounds i probably only loaded maybe 400. Rounds at that just to see if i could do. It you know and see if i liked it and i do like it i picked it up for 240 bucks. But that wasn't just the press was like 180 now these just round figures, but they're close and then i got. Also the scale when i picked it up hornady scale which i think he said it. Was like a $30.00 scale $29 or something. And i got some primers one box primers. There's couple boxes there and i also got bollocks i think two packs a full 200. Poets i think a hundred twenty-five. Nine-millimeter by the way 125 grain and. I think i don't know 15 grain i don't. No 145 on her but that don't matter they're just about $1 more per hundred. Between the two different grains the potter was $22 so like i say everything. Come — it was under 250 250 bucks and. That was enough to get started where the. Guy who sold me this thing he had hornet. Be there we're gonna be loader we're not. Going to be I'm sorry um reading i think. Reading loader you know i wouldn't have. Walked out of there with the loader just. A loader you know just the operating thing as what's out there dies and goes out to powder measure. Without all that so it to me this is the. Way to go if you like to tinker if you. Want something that's gonna work smooth right out of the box which this did sort. As soon as i set it up it worked to find but i needed to know what i was doing it. Had to read the directions if you're not. Mechanically inclined I'd stay completely away from reloading completely but i haven't used any other. Re loaders so and i can't really say that. I guess that's a broad statement. But anyhow if you're looking at one and. You like to tinker with your car or anything else and you do like shooting its worth getting one right.

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    Hornady® Classic Press Automatic Primer Feed

    Includes both large and small primer tubes. Use with Hornady’s Positive Priming System on the Lock-N-Load® Classic Reloading Press and you’ll never fumble with primers again. It makes priming a 100% hands-free process.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Lee Loadmaster Progressive Press

  • Oversized, chrome-plated 1-3/4"-dia. ram
  • Automatic indexing system
  • Five stations
  • Positive-feeding priming system
  • Easy-to-empty primer catcher
  • Automatic four-tube case feeder
  • This large-and-in-charge press has premium features for a lifetime of loading both rifle and pistol rounds. The oversized, chrome-plated 1-3/4"-dia. ram has plenty of stroke and clearance to accommodate the largest rifle cartridges. Its automatic indexing system has a wedge lock with a one-ton capacity – now that’s reloading power! Five stations load progressively or singly, and offer factory crimping and post sizing. Removable turrets and a quick-change shell plate make caliber changes in an instant, without tools. The positive-feeding priming system fills easily and the easy-to-empty primer catcher is guaranteed to catch every primer. Automatic four-tube case feeder. Loaded round ejector and case catcher. Accepts all popular brands of 7/8 x 14 dies.
    • 9mm Luger
    • .38 Special/.357 Mag.
    • .40 S &W
    • .45 ACP

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    RCBS® Turret Press

    You have complete control over every step of the reloading process with the RCBS Turret Press because you can operate it in either progressive or single-stage mode. Heavy-duty cast-iron construction. Six stations on the turret head have 7⁄8"-14 threads to accommodate most reloading dies and offer flexibility in the mounting sequence of dies and powder measure. A detent ensures positive alignment. The turret head is held in place by one bolt, allowing quick, easy change-overs. The ball handle can be positioned for right- or left-hand use and there’s a primer catcher that snaps off for convenient disposal. Primer plugs and sleeves are included for seating large and small primers. Dies and shellholder not included.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    How's it going youtubers gonna give you. A demo of our is turret press in the next few minutes i want to take a couple minutes and say. So i just got this set up i've been playing around with it a little bit as some of you may know have seen my videos before i've played around with their single stage or rock sucker i also have. A leader at press that i have set up here right next to it that i probably be reviewing as well later but for the. Moment being gonna focus on the rcbs type press so initial impressions it's. Well built like you would expect from any rcbs product it's got the ambi lever. Here so if you're left-handed right-handed however you choose to operate it it's got a smooth stroke. Definitely well-built very solid impressed by those features um i'm gonna. Hit all the things i like initially so yeah very strong very well-built not. Gonna be disappointed with it as far as. Operability initially my impression is. It's used or would be better used as. Almost a single stage press that you can sit up but have it set up here with a saw i have a bullet sizing die on one. Side i was sizing some cast throughway bullets putting gas checks on them the. Other side i have a 300 blackout full. Inside scene die so i was just doing some of those i could show that here off. Ability real quick and i say it'd be better used as a single stage because the manual operation is just something i don't see an individual would use regularly for continuous use the way you. Would on the lee terry press so these uh. Casings here are 300 blackout again. Already been sized and d-prime but a smooth stroke you can see come out size. D capped very nicely a couple. Impressions about that as well here's. The spent primer catch as you can see. It's um i would call it nesting optimal. Well the one i have here i actually put some electrical tape on it just kept cracking in half that's about the. Quality that you know i would expect. From a very low level company not like rcbs so it does catch. Spent primers you can see there are a handful in here that being said i'm just. Not a fan of the design here's one that dropped on by the side i'll catch it in. There and this just rests in here in these two little holes here and that's again meant to be ambidextrous you could switch sides if i only want it from if you're familiar with rcbs you know that. There's the primer tube again for me i'm. Just not a fan of that model i think the lis i think if the other models have just better all-around. Priming a deep priming mechanisms one of. The other things i'll hit real quick here you can't see it great but i'll just lift this up and pull around the. Actual priming mechanism you set that up. I'm just not impressed with it i don't like it a whole lot some of you may like it just doesn't work for me i think there's way better options out there and then along those lines if you look in here there's actually a little toggle in. There so what that's meant to do is it. It slides back and forth um when you. Prime you'll see you know if i went on the down stroke that would push over and. What that does is it it pushes over allows you to prime the casing and then. When you're deep priming so there you. Can kind of see it moving when you're deep priming it's supposed to fall back and direct those spam primers into the plastic tray there my experience i've. Only been using it a very little bit it. Just doesn't work well it gets stuck on one side or the other so i can't say i'm a fan of it i would argue this this. Turret press being again manual rotation. I don't even know how to take off and replaced or it heads yet they're about 50 bucks probably won't spend that probably won't ever do it versus the buck in the liter i press there $10 they're very easy to swap out but i like this for rifle cartridges doing bullet. Size and full-length sizing on rifle. Casings anything where you're going to be doing a lot of stationary effectively. You know treating it like a single stage press but without having to put in a new. Die every time you want to switch to. Bullets eating or crimping this allows. You just to quickly move between the. Different stages and i know i do like that for 250 bucks i think so what i got. In it it's definitely a well built press. I don't think you'd be disappointed with it if i had to make a recommendation i would recommend getting the litre oppress better for roughly a hundred bucks but i like ours to be our cbs. Stuff if you've seen some other videos i'm definitely a fan of a lot of the. Products they make i have the po check or five i'm going to be reviewing i've done the as i mentioned the rock sucker i think it's the junior 3 review so. That's my initial take on this um if you. All have any questions or you are reviewing it as well be happy to hear. From you.

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    Hornady® Sure-Loc™ Lock Ring

  • Easily make precise adjustments
  • For standard 7/8" to 14 dies and accessories
  • Won’t damage threads
  • Use the Hornady Sure-Loc Lock Ring to easily make precise adjustments on all standard 7/8” to 14 dies and accessories. It clamps around the whole die and applies constant pressure across the threads to hold the ring in place. Won't damage threads. Per each.
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    Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

  • Handle adjusts for right- or left-hand use
  • Fully adjustable handle length and handle swing position
  • Large 1.125"-diameter ram.
  • Quickly change dies with a 1/6" turn
  • Based on the proven design of Lee’s Classic Cast Press, the new Breech Lock series adds quick-change die bushing capability. Built to last, the press features cast-iron construction with a durable powder-coated finish and all-steel linkage. A large opening and long stroke make loading large magnum cartridges easy. The length-adjustable handle also adjusts for right- or left-hand use. Handle swing position is fully adjustable with a 48-tooth, ratchet-type handle clamp. Large 1.125"-diameter ram. Lee’s Lever Prime System features bottom-of-stroke priming for unmatched sensitivity and includes both large and small priming arms. The frame is machined to accept Lee Breech Lock Quick-Change Die Bushings. Change dies instantly with a quick, 1/6" turn. (Dies and shell holder not included.)
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Auto Progressive Press EZ Feed Pistol Bullet Feeder

    When teamed with a Lock-N-Load Case Feeder, this device can increase your handgun cartridge production up to 50%. The die is case-activated so the bullet feeds on contact with the case. This is achieved by a dual-collet design that allows the bullet and collet to work concurrently for consistent bullet feeding. Setup and caliber changes are fast, easy and require no special tools. Works with jacketed or plated pistol bullets only. Easy feed hopper holds up to 200 pistol bullets and features adjustable center plate and bullet feed wipers to ensure smooth feeding. (EZ Bullet Feeder Die sold separately).
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello youtube re loaders thanks for. Watching hornet loader here my standard. Disclaimer i am not an employee of quantity manufacturing nor do i have any interest financially or otherwise miss a low quantity products I've been reloading for almost 35 years and for the last 20 years I've been using hornady equipment almost exclusively hence the name orange loader. The winery logo is a registered trademark of hardy manufacturing grand. Island nebraska welcome to part three of. My four part series on hornady lock and load ap press today's video will be. Looking at the bullet feeders available. From hornady unlike the case feeder the. Bullet feeders will work with any manufacturer's press quantity has both. The rifle feeder that you see here as well. A pistol bullet feeder which is almost. Identical with some changes which will we'll talk about and you can also use. Bullet tubes so let's take a look at the. Rifle bullet feeder first and then we'll. Swap over to the pistol bullet theater and continue our reloading session for. 45 auto okay this is the rifle bullet. Hopper i brought it down onto my. Workbench so you can see how it operates a little easier essentially it has this. Ring around the outside which is going. To rotate it has grooves in the ring so. That it will pick up a bullet from the. Bottom here and transport it up the ring. Until it gets up to the bullet tube and. The idea here is that it's going to collate the bullets and put them in the. Proper orientation in other words the bullet tip is up the bullet base is down and drop them into the bullet tube which. Will then go down to the bullet feeder. Die talk about that in just a minute now we. Have this plate here that's adjustable up and down the idea being is you want. To adjust it so that a bullet in the. Proper orientation in other words with the base down will be held up by the. Plate so it doesn't the bullet doesn't fall back down into the pile the bullets. Down at the bottom if the bullet is upside down in other words the base is up see if you can see that there what. Will happen then is the plate doesn't come up high enough to catch the tip of. The bullet so the bullet will simply slip down and fall into the batch of. Bullets at the bottom here won't make it to the bullet tube so that's how it how. It makes sure that only bullets and the. Proper orientation go into the bullet tube now as a safeguard to we have a. Couple of wiper springs these springs. Here are adjustable so that you can. Adjust them in or out and up and down and the idea being that a bullet that is. In the proper orientation the tip of. The bullet will pass under the spring so. That you know it's able to pass freely but if the bullet gets to this point and. It's upside-down the fatter part of the. Bullet though the shank of the bullet will hit the wiper spring and be knocked. Back down with the rest of the bullets in the bottom of the tub here okay so. Let me go ahead and turn it on you can. See how it operates. One day down here at the bottom there's. One opinion upside down. Right now under falling here's one on the right orientation that makes it all the way to the tube and goes right up to. The right into the bullet. I don't believe the capabilities will. Fill up and you cut out for it we'll. Talk about in a minute. Okay you get the idea. I will collate the bullets into these little steps on the ramp here it'll wipe. Away any bullets that are in the wrong orientation bullets in the wrong. Orientation will fall off here kind of. Secondary safeguard before it gets to the bullet tube so only bullets that are. In the proper orientation with the base down the tip up will enter the bullet. Tube the bullet tube itself is a basically a spring tube and that will. Run down to the automatic cutoff device. On the bottom which we'll talk about in just a second now before we move on i. Just wanted to show you the pistol. Bullet hopper it works exactly the same. Was just a couple of differences on the. The grooves in the outer ring here are. Much larger to pick up the larger. Caliber pistol bullets also the bullet. Tube is much wider too obviously to pick. Up the larger caliber pistol bullets now to change calibers for the pistol. All you have to do is change the bullet tube this is the thick or the wide. Bullet tube there's also a thin bullet tube for some of the smaller calibers like nine-millimeter this one I'll work. With 45 and 40 calibers and so on now. It's so it's easy enough to change over. From large caliber to smaller caliber. With the pistol both bullet feeder it's. A little different with the rifle bullet feeder with the rifle bullet feeder when. You buy it's set up for 223 if you. Want to use it with 30 calibers you need. To buy the 30 caliber conversion kit now. The conversion kit comes with a. Different rotor it has larger steps on. It for the larger caliber bullet has a larger bullet tube. That you need to install also has a. Larger cutoff device and it also comes. With the 30 caliber bullet feeder and. Seeding die so as you can see changing. Over from 223 to 30 calibers with the. Rifle bullet feeders a little more involved than with the pistol theater. With special feeder i just need to change the bullet tube and die and I'm. I'm good to go. Ok I've put the case of the bullet. Hopper for the rifle bullet feeder back on the mounting arm and i just want to. Mention one thing about this mounting arm i mean by the way you can see it a. Little better the mounting arm itself. Was meant to be actually installed on. The surface of your workbench however since i have my press on what in. Line fabrication calls their ultra mount it's about 9 or 10 inches above the surface of the workbench so in line. Fabrication makes a bar here a mounting. Bar for the bullet feeder that attaches. To the top of the ultra mount so it's. It's a way to get the bottom of the mounting bar for the bullet feeder even. With the bottom of the press so it sits. At the right height now this arm itself. The one that comes with the bullet feeder is adjustable you can see the. Bolts here and the slide here where you. Can adjust the whole assembly up and down the pistol bullet feeder comes with. A an arm it's basically the same. Size arm the difference is the arm for. The bullet feeder is not adjustable it's just one big piece. So if you have both the pistol feeder and the rifle bullet theater you'll want. To use the arm from the rifle bullet. Feeder the angle of the top here is. Exactly the same on both and you can adjust the height so when you're using. The pistol bullet feeder you can adjust. The height to be the same as the original arm for the pistol bullet. Feeder or you can adjust it up a little bit for the rifle fear now we. Talked about how the bullet hopper. Collates the bullets and drops them down. Into the tube here well the tube comes. Down and it goes through this cutoff. Device there's a switch inside here once. The bullets load the tube all the way up. To this point here it'll trip that. Switch which will turn the bullet. Hopper off the motor and the bullet hopper okay and down here we have the. Die assembly for the rifle bullet feeder. Now it's a fairly complex die it's all. Kind of one piece we have the actual die. Here the seeder die and then we have the. Bullet feeder extension or attachment on. The die at the top of the extension is. The transverse blocks what they will do. Is when a case is fed into the die this. Block will turn and drop a single bullet. Down into the feeder extension and drop. That into the die itself and then as. But as the ram goes up the bullet. Will be seated in the case and you have your seating adjustment up here at the. Top so let's let me go ahead and show. You how the feeder works, and then we'll take apart this. I died here and I'll show you how this internal workings work in this die so. I'm going to turn the case or the bullet to you're on the first bullet is arrived. Down here at the transfer blocks and the. Tube is filled up to this point here. Where the switch is and has turned the. Bullet feeder off then as a case comes. Up into the die this transfer block will. Pop over and drop a single bullet into. The bullet feeder extension here on the. Die and then another bullet will drop through and you probably heard the bullet feeder hopper turn on again when. This bullet went down I'll do that against you can you know just listen for the bullet feeder hopper to a motor to. Turn on so it makes sure that this part. Of the bullet tube is always full of. Bullets ready to be dropped. Into the die and seated into the case. Okay let's take a closer look at this. Bullet peter died the on the left here. You see the bullet feeder extension to. The die at the top we have the adapter that the bullet tube comes down into just below that we have the transfer. Block that will transfer one bullet at a time into the bullet feeder extension. And then that'll feed the bullet into. The die on the left here which we'll see. Today in the case and as the case goes. Up it'll seat the bullet into the case. And this is the adjustment up here on the tops you can adjust the depth of the. Bullet basically all you do is you. To take it apart you loosen the lock. Knob here and the two pieces come apart. Now the bullet extension here has a. Little ramp on it with a spring and this. Arm at the top of the ramp when they bullet put the spring back in when the. Cases comes into the die here it pushes. This up which then activates the. Transfer box you see how the transfer. Block moves there then the transfer. Block will drop a bullet down into the. Bullet feeder and hit this ramp and that. Ramp will drop the bullet down over into. The cedar die now in the cedar die there. The seeding stem in here is actually. Loose it kind of swings back and forth. So as the bullet comes down it will swing back away from the bullet so the. Bullet can get down into the case and. Then as it clears the seeding stem the. Seeding stem comes back to center and then as the case with the bullet now in. In the neck comes up it pushes the. Seedings down then pushes the bullet down into the case and let's teach the. Bullet so it's its unlike any other. Kind of die you probably dealt with before because of the grant and the. Movable seating stem typically they're. Not movable they sit in one. Position put it back together. I put the spring back on the rod at the. Top of the ramp slide the ramp in. Through the bottom. Then i take the die made it with the. Bullet feeder extension bring this down. And lock it all back together okay so. That's really all there is to the. The die assembly it's basically designed. To drop a single bullet in to the feeder. Extension hit that ramp the ramp will. Cause the bullet to come down into the die and then as the case goes up it. Comes in contact with the seeding stem and seats the bullet so it feeds the. Bullet and seats the bullet all in one step in one die on the pistol cedar. Which we'll see here in just a few minutes the bullet will drop down into. The case in one state you know on one. Station on the press and then it'll move. To the next station where it'll actually be seated it's a two-step process with. The rifle bullet feeder it's a one-step process, and we'll see the rifle bullet the feeder in action in another video. Come that's coming up on loading rifle. Bullets with yellow nail press and also we'll see it in my loading for accuracy. Video series so you won't see it in this. In this particular series we're going to. Use the pistol bullet theater because we've been using 45 autos for our. Four part series for the lock and load press but i will add another. Peace to that another part to the series. So you can see this guy in action. Okay I've reinstalled the pistol bullet. Feeder and now as i mentioned before the. Bullet hopper works pretty much the same. As the rifle hopper the big differences are external one obviously the. Tube here is much wider than its. Accommodate the larger caliber pistol. Bullets it's got a little hanger here to. Hold the tube up so that it doesn't drop. Down and it's able to feed the bullets properly and the bullet feeder die is a. Little different it's not it doesn't have the extension on the side the both. Peter die only feeds a bullet it doesn't. Seat the bolt as well you'll notice I've moved the cedar die over to station five. And the bullet feeder die is in station. For so we can continue our. Reloading process with the 45 auto with. The 45 auto feeder die installed now you. Need a the appropriate feeder diet for each caliber this one's for 45 calibers. They also have a nine caliber or a nine millimeter and a 40 caliber. Feeder diet this is the 45 caliber. Feeder diets so let's continue our. Reloading process from here one of the difference i did want to mention here the pistol bullet fear does not have a. Cutout switch so when the tube is full. It will keep on going you have to. Manually turn it off when the tube is. Full now when you get really cranking. Along the bullet theater your boats will. Be dropping out of the feeder fast and faster than they go into the feeder so it'll kind of even out you won't need. The cut off but i just wanted to. Mention that the bullet feeder for pistols does not have a cutoff switch. Okay let's continue our 45 caliber. Reloading session with the bullet feeder. Die installed. Pick up the case size and you cry. That case well another comes down to the. Skull plate prime it and as our show. Place fills up here I'm just going to make sure I've got the right powder charge i detected several times now but i want. To just make sure we've got five point. Six grains we're using unique powder from alliant still dropping five point. Six so we're right on track. Powder cop looks good I'm going through. The process now here's where things change a little bit with the bullet feeder notice this case has no bullet in it goes into the bullet theater and. Comes down with a bullet insert it into. The neck of the case and then as it. Comes around to station five this case. Will get a bullet this case will have this peter. Well basically on able to reload without. Having to put a new cake casing the show. Play without happy to add a new ball. Process goes much faster suppose the. Case feeder and the bullet reader installed now I'm gonna go ahead and turn on a bullet peter day is activated. And the bullet are installed and that's. Basically how the both heaters work like. I said we're in another video we'll be using the rifle bullet feeder to do 223. I'm going to go ahead and remove the. Activation bar for the case feeder so. That no more cases are fed and I'll go. Ahead and finish up with the bullets. That are in the system now. And there you have it. Bullet theater makes things go quite a bit faster that's all for this video i. Hope you liked it maybe you learn something if so please click the like. Button maybe even subscribe to my channel thanks for watching and happy. Reloading.

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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® AP™ Universal Case Retainer Spring – Per 3

    This Lock-N-Load AP Universal Case Retainer Spring lets you quickly and easily remove and replace cases during any point in the reloading process. Per 3.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Brass Smith Ideal Press

  • Perfect for the beginning or experienced reloader
  • Made of solid cast iron with steel components
  • Compound linkage multiplies hand leverage for reduced effort
  • Built to handle all calibers and rifle cartridges up to 3.7"
  • Accepts all standard 7/8" dies and shell holders
  • Perfect for the beginning reloader or if you're experienced, the Brass Smith Ideal Press makes a great companion press in your personal ammo factory. Although its compact size doesn't require much space on your workbench, this reliable press is made of solid cast iron and most of its components are steel. It's comfortable ball handle is centralized for ambidextrous use. The 1"-dia. ram and 3/7" press opening are built for smooth operation and precision reloading. Compound linkage multiplies hand leverage for reduced effort. Built to handle all calibers and rifle cartridges up to 3.7" and it accepts all standard 7/8" dies and shell holders. Durable powder-coat finish.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Bullet Tubes™

  • Hold 40+ bullets depending on caliber and weight
  • Eliminate the need for a bullet-feeder hopper
  • Milled window in each tube
  • Increase the loading speed of your compatible progressive reloading press with Hornady's Lock-N-Load Bullet Tubes. Tubes hold 40+ bullets (depending on caliber and weight) and eliminate the need for a bullet-feeder hopper. Milled window allows you to see when the tube is almost empty. Suitable for any progressive press with 7/8-14 thread die stations. Per 3.
    Available: 9mm, .40-cal., .45-cal.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    MEC® Press Mount

  • Raises the press up for better visibility
  • Provides additional clearance
  • Base holds reloading dies
  • Give your Marksman™ reloading press a boost with MEC's Press Mount. Raises the press up for better line of sight when seating bullets and provides additional clearance. Pre-drilled holes provide easy press installation and securing to your reloading bench. Two shelves on each side hold a total of four dies, keeping them handy for changing calibers. Made in USA.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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