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  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Wheeler® AR Armorer's Block Tipton® Compact Range Vise Wheeler AR-15 Roll-Pin Install Tool Kit A-Zoom Aluminum Snap Caps and Training Rounds Wheeler® Universal Bench Block Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Cabela's Shooter's/Range Case Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise Hyskore® Bench Top 360˚ Armorers Vise Safariland Kleen Bore AR-15 Accu-Wedge Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Real Avid AR-15 Micro Tool Wheeler® Level-Level-Level Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Upper Vise Block Clamp Wheeler® Trigger Pull Scale Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool Birchwood Casey Cleaning Supplies
  Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool Wheeler® AR Armorer's Block Tipton® Compact Range Vise Wheeler AR-15 Roll-Pin Install Tool Kit A-Zoom Aluminum Snap Caps and Training Rounds Wheeler® Universal Bench Block Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench Cabela's Shooter's/Range Case Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise Hyskore® Bench Top 360˚ Armorers Vise Safariland Kleen Bore AR-15 Accu-Wedge Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set Real Avid AR-15 Micro Tool Wheeler® Level-Level-Level Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Upper Vise Block Clamp Wheeler® Trigger Pull Scale Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool Birchwood Casey Cleaning Supplies
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Brand WHEELER Wheeler Hyskore Caldwell Remington Wheeler Hyskore Real Avid - Wheeler Birchwood Casey Wheeler Wheeler Tipton Tipton Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Safariland Cabela's Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler

Remington® Bolt Disassembly Tool

  • Quickly disassemble your Remington bolts
  • Removes striker assembly in seconds
  • Compatible with a variety of Remington models
  • Enjoy fast, simple disassembly of all your Remington bolts with the Bolt Disassembly Tool. Three simple steps allow the firing pin to be easily removed for necessary cleaning and maintenance. Compatible with Rem. 700®, Seven™, 40X™, 660™, 721™, 722™,XP-100™ and other military models.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey youtube nc shootist here did a video. A couple weeks back i think it was on. The Remington 760 game master disassemblies. And reassembly and i had a viewer comment hey why don't you show us how the bolt of the 760 comes apart and goes. Back together so i figured i would show that process to you today so getting. Started what we'll need a small hammer you might. Need a big hammer if your vote is stubborn like mine was the first time i. Took it apart a small little computer. Type screwdriver a one-eighth inch punch. It's good to have a magnetic part straight just make sure nothing gets lost a pair of needle nose pliers and of. Course your bolt so let's go ahead and. Get started and when we look at the bolt. You can see that there are two small pins there's a smaller one on this side. And a larger one on the other side that. Hold the actual bolt into the carrier. Alright so if you look there are some. Channels cut into the bolt and we can. See that little pin that sticks through the bolt carrier into the bolt so first. Think we want to do is take our small computer screwdriver okay, and we'll get. In there and push those pins up first. Okay and then we'll take our needle nose pliers, and we'll pull that smaller pin. Out go ahead and set it on our tray well. The pliers won't let go of it okay now. We'll move on to the bigger one on the other side you can see it here take out. Screwdriver again push that one up just. Enough to be able to grab it with the. Pliers okay. We'll take that larger pen and set it aside and now the bolt will come free. From the carrier okay, so we'll go ahead and set the our bolt aside all right now. I'm not going to take the extractor out because there's a focus you can see. There's a small pin in there that holds. The extractor plunger and i don't have a. Punch that's that size, so we'll leave it. In there for now the only part left is. The firing pin okay and you can see focus alright you can. See there's a small little pin that. Holds the firing pin in so the firing pin has a slot cut in it so what we'll. Need to do is chuck this up in a vise. And I'll show you how to drift this pin. Out so it's its hard to do the first time but once you get the hang of it's not too bad so let me get the vise. Set up, and then we'll drift that pin out okay I've got our bolt carrier chucked. Into my vise and what I'll do is use. Some softwood some pine or something. Leave the front lugs of the bolt carrier. Sticking out past the wood blocks. And then chuck where the pin goes. Through make sure that's in contact with the wood blocks so you get a nice. Solid contact alright and I've already. Started this pin a little bit so we'll just drift it the rest of the way out so. Take your punch. And just drift that pin out okay and it. Just dropped on the floor but no big deal well we'll get it later all right. So what we'll do is take the bolt. Carrier back out of the vise okay and. You can see once i take the firing pin. Out there's that notch that lines up. With the hole in the bolt carrier all. Right so the reassembly process is. Just the reverse and one thing to. Mention before we get back to the reassembly you can see in my bolt. Carrier I've got a 760 and it's the. Model a dl which has the chequered. The checkering cut into the stock and. The four in so the later Remington's. Have a firing pin spring that sits down. In the bolt carrier okay if you've got. One of the earlier 760 s i believe they. Do not have a firing pin spring so. That's one thing to notice if you open yours up and you've got an early model of 760 and it doesn't have a firing pin. Spring that's the way it's supposed to. Be so don't panic if you've got an. Early one and you don't see a firing pin spring all right so let's try to get. This guy back down in here okay we've. Got the firing pin spring back into. The bolt carrier and I've already started the pin that retains the. Firing pin and you'll notice this is the. The top of the bolt carrier so the pin. When you drift it out you want to drift. It from top to bottom and when you put it back in you want to go bottom to top okay so it's good to go ahead and get. That pin started you can see it there so. What we want to do is maybe back it out just a little bit. With a punch just enough to get the firing pin lined up okay go ahead and. Put your firing pin in and that notch. Will line up with the hole here let's. See if we can get some daylight through here see if you can see that okay so you. Can see there's that notch in the firing pin, so we'll move it out of the way and. We'll start our pin from the bottom okay and that will at least line everything. Up so we can get it set back in the bolt. Carrier okay so we'll go back to our. Vise all right we'll take our eighth. Inch punch. We'll just drift that pin back in there. Okay so you can see that pin is now set. Back into the bolt carrier the firing. Pin is secure but it's also free to. Move around that's what you want you don't want the firing pin to be stuck forward because if it is once you go to. Close the action you're gonna have a slam fire and that's what you don't want so make sure you're firing pins nice and free okay there's the large hole. That was on the side of the carrier. And you'll notice the actual bolt. You have two different size channels you've got a smaller one and a larger. One okay so obviously the larger one is. Gonna line up with the larger holes okay. So we take our pins that we set aside in. Our tray i will take the larger one. And we'll get it started into the. Bolt carrier body okay we'll line up the channel and. Just push it in with your thumb now if. You have trouble just take your punch and kind of give it an extra little push but it should go in pretty freely so if. It's not going in freely don't force it and try to figure out what's causing it to bind up all right, so we take out. Smaller one just push it in with your. Thumb and there you have it there's your. Disassembled and reassemble bolt for the. 760 game master so i appreciate you. Watching if this video was helpful give it a thumbs up thank you guys for watching god bless we'll see you next time.

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    Wheeler® AR Armorer's Block

  • Great tool for AR-15 maintenance
  • Nonmarring urethane material protects gun’s finish
  • Notches, grooves and holes suited for receivers, front sight and charging handle
  • Wheeler's AR Armorer's Block is a must-have for anyone who works on an AR-15. A variety of notches, grooves and holes on both sides allow you to easily position an upper or lower receiver, front sight or charging handle for maintenance or assembly. Can also be used for changing or adjusting triggers. Nonmarring urethane material protects the gun's finish.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tipton® Compact Range Vise

  • Solvent-resistant nylon delivers lasting performance
  • Adapts to securely hold all types of firearms
  • Expands from 11-1/4" to 17-3/4"
  • Nonmarring contact surfaces
  • Tipton's Compact Range Vise offers a completely new level of performance, securely holding a wide array of guns while collapsing to fit in a range bag. Collapses to 11-1/4" and fully expands to 17-3/4", making it easily carried but fully functioning. Six rubber feet provide a rigid, nonslip base. Two nonmarring forks protect your gun's finish while holding it securely in place for cleaning and light maintenance. High-quality, solvent-resistant nylon construction delivers years of lasting performance. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Make sure we're going here fun to do a. Short video and piece of equipment i got. This week washing last sunday it's saturday now. The following week I've been after one. Of these for a while i was gonna double myself which I'm talking about a gun. Stand or a workstation type thing to. Actually put my gun my rifles and while. I'm working on them and that was gonna build one but i wanted me to was gonna. Build it in such a way that they collapse and it was easily storable well. I got looking around on amazon and well. I looked on midway usa there first and i. Had the one that i wanted in the cart and hit pay now or whatever it was and. We're sorry we don't ship to canada of course you don't but i happened to find. The exact same one that i was looking at on amazon that midway had and it's a. Tipton Compaq range right i haven't even. Opened the shit that i got last sunday and i mean have a look at it and i. Haven't taken them in the package but. They obviously took it out of the package customs were ever have a look at it because they recanted even though. It's a it's a plastic press lock claim. Shelf yeah called the typical compact range. Weights i can tell you just by looking at it. It's not a vise it's a gun rest or a gun standard rest or no yeah it's for. Holding your gun in place while you're working on it's got no moving parts other than the two or end arms and the. Base extends. It collapses to 11 and a quarter inches and fully expands to 17 and three-quarter and that's pretty much all. It is its just a place to put your gun. And that's all i wanted i don't care about having pockets and little places. To put two i don't need that kind of thing i just need something to hold my gun instead of using my sandbags to hold. My ankles they're not effective they don't hold the gun any guns worth a damn I'm. Just going to take it out and have a look at it and put a gun on it got to. Take a scope off one of my rifles off my cross man nitro venom desk as the scope. On it is a bsa black-powder scope which. I found out is exclusive to midway usa as well it was made for them and it. Supported 16 by 44 illuminated reticle. Mobot the radicals turned side was on. I've got to take it off i contacted bsa usa, and they told me to. Get in touch with blue dog 3pl here in. Ontario and i did and they told me to. Pack it up and ship it on back to them, and they'll replace the scope with. Whatever they have that's close to it available because that scope is no longer main so hopefully I'll get. Something happy snow for free because it. Is true it's under warranty anyway let's. Get into this here. Talk on the radio. I don't know how close i am i really. I moved the camera back a bit. That's writer too close okay I'll just. Keep the case and I'm wl just pull back. And I'll just hang it up somewhere it's. Pretty heavy for what it is its six. Rubber feet on the bottom. Well plastic all of it. Pretty solid pretty sturdy pretty hard. Plastic yeah i like it down. Why is that month snap down not this one. It's supposed to be i don't want to say. It's cheap because it doesn't feel cheap i think it's a it's its made of a hard. Durable plastic rubber rubberized. Whatever you want to call them places. The gun sits in it works. Stop always in the way. No way. No solid. This. Paper down here with my kids. At the snow think you said the schools gotta take it off and send it back. Pretty good spoke to well it was until the radical turn sideways it's an air. Gun rated springer magnum springer scope as well yeah this is meant for it's just. That right there just holding the gun. I'm happy of course in it being bought. In canada wasn't as cheap as it was buying him from the us either i think it. Was $17.34 us and i think it was like. Three bucks to ship it to me amazon it was thirty-eight ninety-nine but i still got free shipping and. Everything out of it because being a prime member do not an amazon prime. Member if you shop on amazon it's nine. Dollars a month via to be a prime member and everything you order is free. Shipping and i think that's worth it. Plus with the advent of the prime video. That they have on there you get to watch stop for free as well which is movies and tv shows and everything it's actually i think it's worth the money a couple on top of Netflix that we have. And we're governor a lot of our bases cover them and stuff we want a lot. Yeah so that's the tip the gun advice range friendship or whatever you want to call a compact range faces i think this. Is the lowest model they make because i dunno they make big ones that. Have all your spaces to put tools. And other stuff pain it's a proper. Workstation oh by the way don't mind my Denise in the background here I've got a load in the washer here helping to. Birth of one so i make a video and do a little laundry too yep that's the range. Right compact range right they keep forgetting the name of it. That's cool. Gotta remember how the gun goes in here now. I'll put them maybe I'll put a little. Dot or something to let me know about that's this side well i guess it doesn't. Matter I'll take the steering turning. The gun around. Well i got this microbiome desk up here. I love the look of it i love that the fact that it's all black i love the. Stock on it's a really comfortable stock i was taking about camo in the. Stock takes the recoil pad off and leave. It blacks but i have camel guns before. And they come out really good really. Good. got all the paint down there's orange black or contractor flat black forest. Green i think i got a brown or a tan. You just spray all the colors randomly. And then i take a cedar branch and just. Place it against them with the black and just go over with a black that way that the color underneath comes through and. It's gets the pattern gets painted over with the black it's cool works really good by the way i think that'll end this. Video for the tipton's compact range. Vise because it's not a way so it's just. A gun station holder there's nothing in here that clamps hanging down at all it just sits in their ok see you later.

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    Wheeler AR-15 Roll-Pin Install Tool Kit

  • Everything you need for AR-15 roll-pin assembly
  • Hardened steel components
  • Includes Bolt-Catch Install Tool Kit
  • AR Trigger-Guard Install Tool
  • Three starter and three driver punches
  • Two-sided hammer
  • The Delta Series AR-15 Roll-Pin Install Tool Kit includes everything you need to efficiently install every AR roll pin like a pro without worry of damage to the firearm. Hardened steel components have a smooth finish for years of use and abuse.
    • Bolt-Catch Install Tool Kit – Use the punches to start the bolt-catch roll pin easily and finish installation flush with perfect alignment. Kit includes six steel punches in sizes: 1/16", 5/16", 3/32". Three punches in each size have counter-bored tips to start roll pins. Three punches in each size have indexing tips to finish roll pins. Punches are flat on one side for proper alignment and rubber overmolded to prevent damage to firearm.
    • AR Trigger-Guard Install Tool – Includes install and uninstall pins to make installation or changing out trigger guards quick and efficient. Includes molded carry case.
    • Three Starter Punches and Three Driver Punches
    • Two-Sided Hammer

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    A-Zoom Aluminum Snap Caps and Training Rounds

    Snap Caps are a safe and effective way of relieving the tension on your gun's firing pin. The CNC-machined construction precisely matches the dimensions of live rounds, and the specially designed Dead Cap lasts 20 times longer than brass caps. The non-corrosive, anodized aluminum finish features excellent oil retention and withstands repeated cyclings in lever action or semiautomatic firearms. A great way to practice trigger pull.
    See chart below for available calibers.

    Training Rounds(not shown) are designed to teach safe firearms handling. They are not snap caps. They may be worked through the actions of any rimfire firearm for function and testing. Dry firing with these training rounds in the chamber will not damage the firing pin. Impact damage will limit their usefulness to four or five firing pin strikes.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Universal Bench Block

    A time-saving tool for firearm assembly and disassembly. Need to install a pin, detent or spring? This tool is the answer. Ideally sized for M1911-style pistols, the Universal Bench Block has a variety of notches, grooves and holes on both sides. Crafted of nonmarring urethane for durable use. Imported.
    1.3"H x 4" dia.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    And i had to put my trigger on that. Six-hour p2 38 the titanium nitrite one. From w engineering usa. I bought this wheeler universal bench. Block it's a lot like what I've used in. Jewelry making except this one is you. No plastic of source versus a metal. And watchmaking you can do the same thing it's your removing pins and things like that was very similar this one works best on the 1911 body. Type but i think maybe it was fifteen or. Seventeen dollars there's a lot you can. Do with it putting the slide and. Barrel and things like that and that side being able to remove pins if you. Want to do trigger jobs or more disassembled things for the price i. Definitely would get one especially if you're thinking about doing some of your own work this is it even beneficial for doing some larger builds if you ever want to do sbr s or anything like that you can set some of the pins and whatnot yeah using this so maybe look at it and. See if it might work for you it's definitely worth the seventeen dollar specially if you ever decide you want to change out triggers or do any a more intricate work it definitely saves you from either doing it on a wood block or potentially you know scratching your nice guns up so consider it's. Pretty cool.

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    Wheeler® Torque Fat Wrench

  • Apply precise torque when installing firearm screws
  • Ergonomic click/clutch
  • Adjustable from 10-in.-lbs. to 65-in.-lbs.
  • Apply the exact amount of torque you need to install delicate base screws, scope rings, windage screws and trigger guard screws with repeatable accuracy that translates to more consistent performance in the field. This ergonomic, click/clutch enables you to adjust torque from 10 inch-lbs. to 65 inch-lbs. at increments of 5 inch-lbs. Features standard 1/4" drive tip and includes eight bits: T15 Torx; T20 Torx; 3/2" Allen; 5/2" Allen; Leupold/Buehler Windage; #10 Deluxe Flat Blade; #11 Deluxe Flat Blade; and a #32 Deluxe Flat Blade.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Cabela's Shooter's/Range Case

  • Staggered yoke system holds a long gun
  • Compatible with a padlock for security
  • Durable hard shell withstands years of use
  • Keep your vital shooting accessories secure and organized with our Shooter's/Range Case. Staggered yoke system holds a long gun while you work on it. Box is compatible with a padlock. Large lift-out tray handles tools and shooting accessories with ease. Includes bonus 3650 utility box. Sturdy polymer shell withstands hard use. Safe to use with most cleaning chemicals. Made in USA.
    Exterior: 22"L x 14-1/4"W x 11-1/2"H.
    Interior: 18-1/2"L x 9-1/2"W x 8-1/2"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Look what i got in the mail today guys it is the shooting matt from cabala's. Pretty nifty and take a look at it next. Okay folks so this is the shooting matt. From cabala's it is waterproof it's made out of pvc it is very well padded it's. Very beefy this is exactly how it comes out of the box it has a very nice. Shoulder strap so you can carry it to. The range or to your shooting competition very nice carbines right. There and of course carry handle and. It's closed up rolled up by velcro. Straps so very beefy very fee. It also has incredibly beefy grommets. Right here so i think that this is a. Very nice tool to have particularly if. You're going to be shooting long range so it's actually a must so there it is. Laid out and all of its glory it does have a total of six grommets so you can stake it down if you were in an area that you were going to be for a long time or if it was very windy but as you. Can see it has this really nice grippy rubber right here and then here's your. Grommets right here. I've been beard on the other side you. Also have these very nice little pocket that you can put whatever you want you. Want to put your ballistic calculator in there you could put a box of. Ammo you also have a zippered compartment right here that allows you. To put shooting glasses muffs whatever you want so I'm five nine almost five ten and as. You can see there's more than enough room for me to. Get behind a gun on this and it's really. Why so that is one of the biggest. Advantages of this mat and frankly why. It cost so much but it is wide and long. Compared to all the others on the market. So here's a closer look at this pocket it does have a velcro closure and of course you have places to put pins right there that's pretty nice up front here. You also have this row of well it's like. A foot alright it's sealed on three sides and so it allows you to kind of slide your bipod into that so that you. Don't slip off the mat same thing at the very edge and of course on this side you. Have a very large zippered pocket so. This guy is really beefy and you know. What holds several boxes of memos mags you know you can put your glasses in there whatever you want okay so to fold. It up it's really just that simple. And when you get it all rolled up take. The velcro strap cinch it down it's a. Nice compact package there's your carry strap and you're ready to go okay. Pros and cons so the biggest pro for me is the fact that this guy is big its massive it is wide it is long and it is. Thick it's got about a half inch of cushioning I'm a big boy so i want to be. Comfortable when I'm laying prone and shooting for long training sessions. Or long competitions so that's the first one the second one has to be that this. Has tons of features you know you can stake it down it has tripod or bipod. Stops it has pockets so it's just a very. Nice well-thought-out system that carries easily so all those features. Make it very nice and it's not just a pad right it's not just a piece of pvc. Or not just a piece of carpet it's actually functional and it rolls up very. Nicely now on to the negatives. Well the cons well the biggest one has. To be the price this is certainly one of the most expensive ones you're likely to come across it's right around 80 bucks. At cabala's and that's pretty pricey but. You do get the cabala's name right and. You get the cabala's warranty and not so. Fast you don't actually get the cabala's warranty anymore because they got bought out by pro shop so bass pro doesn't honor the cabala's. Warranty anymore my cabala's name doesn't mean that you're gonna get a lifetime replacement anymore now if that. Changes I'll let you guys know but as of the filming of this video no such luck. So that's a bummer you pay all that money and you expect that you're going. To get the warranty that they've had for generations they don't have it anymore so it's kind of bad on bass pro shop. It's not particularly happy with that now it's still a very good product and i would recommend it but don't think that. You're gonna buy this pay your 80 bucks and then in ten years when you know it. Wears out or gets ripped or whatever the case is that you're gonna get it replaced it's not gonna happen it looks like so all. Right that's all I've got for you today so if you like these type of videos please do me a favor comment like share and if you haven't please subscribe as always be. Safe and be good.

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    Wheeler® AR Armorer's Vise

  • Armorer's Vise secures your AR in any configuration
  • Ideal for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing
  • Highly adjustable
  • Rigid construction delivers a rock-solid work platform
  • Ideal for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing, the Wheeler AR Armorer's Vise has a rigid steel base, an angle-adjustable forend support and a magazine well insert that combine to lock your AR in place. Front and rear supports lock into multiple positions in the vise base and are even reversible for maximum customization. Depressions formed into the base keep parts and tools contained while working. Magazine well insert sports a hammer block for lower receiver assembly and dry firing, and its bolt service station secures the bolt face for disassembly and assembly. Vise can be mounted directly to your workbench for increased rigidity. Removable, nonslip rubber feet on base.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    On the spot upkeep made easy the. Portable armorer's vise delivers 100% frustration free cleaning scope mounting. And maintenance right at the range clamps to any bench top and secures your firearm with a padded nomar vise grip. 360 degree rotation provides free and. Easy access at all angles works just. Like the one you have in the shop in fact it's heavy gauge machine steel construction makes it a winner for at-home use — providing the sturdy support and ready accessibility you need to properly service your steel order now.

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    Wheeler® Precision Micro Screwdriver Set

  • Bits are constructed of chrome-plated steel
  • Extendable handle from 3-3/4" to 5-1/2"
  • 5-3/4" flexible extension shaft for hard-to-reach places
  • All pieces fit neatly in an organized carry case
  • When you need tools you can rely on, turn to Wheeler's Precision Micro Screwdriver Set. This chrome-plated steel 58-piece set will meet all your needs. Includes a flexible extension shaft for hard-to-reach places, handle that extends from 3-3/4" to 5-1/2" and an organized carry case. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Hyskore® Sighting System and Cleaning Vise

  • Sight in your rifle in five shots or less
  • Four point-leveling, adjustable front and forend elevators
  • Vise doubles as a stable cleaning platform
  • Padded forend support adjusts to any long gun
  • Follow the instructions with this system and you'll be sighted-in after only five shots or less. It has four point-leveling, adjustable front and forend elevators. The vise is also an excellent and stable cleaning platform. Padded forend support adjusts to any long gun.
    Dimensions: 27-1/2"L x 12-1/2"W x 10"H.
    Weight: 8.6 lbs.

    Note: Do NOT shoot from/on the vise while the butt stock is clamped
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Is an indispensable accessory for the. Serious shooter first you can cite in. Three to five shots will show you how to do that shortly second it doubles as a cleaning vice the. Way it works is that you can move the. Various sections support along these. Sliding bars here so that you can adjust. To any length gun even if you tighten it up you can even use it for some pistols. In order to sign in you need to be able. To fire a good three or five shot group. Our recommendation is to rearrange the. Components this way so if you have a stable base to fire your group from. First thing to do is fire a three or a. Five shot group because you really need two tight grouping to reference from. This is a three shot group that we fired. Using a or fifteen two to three you. Now that we made a cross type target for the simple reason that using this. Type of target is much easier to reference the alignment of the crosshairs it's important to mark the. Center of the group, and we supply iridescent markers you put right over so the center of the group is right in the middle of it now but the purpose is. Exercise we have removed the target but in actuality you would leave the target in place the next thing you want to do is put the rest in the same approximate. Position that when you fire your shots and then you want to just the rest adjust the various sections so that the gun is firmly cradled in the rest make. Sure that the pedestal comes all the way up here so that the porn is resting solidly on it make sure the porn is tightness oddly in the v-notch this one shows that the rest is a good position tightening screws on the. Vice okay now that the stock of the gun. Is snugly anchored in the vice don't make it too tight just so it doesn't move about now you want to bear on the velcro strap around the front pull it. Down good and tight pull it back upon itself like this now the gun is solidly. Anchored at this point we need to. Reference our original point of aim now to do that unload your gun get a sit in. The vice just the way we have it here and then you don't want to touch the adjustments on the scope at this point what we're going to do is we're going to move device left and right the wind age I'm going to use the elevation adjustments at the four corners of the vice to settle elevation to move the reticle the crosshair of the scope to exactly the point where we fired original shots now in our case that's the center of the cross using bullseye target of course that's the center of the bullseye this is the final step in. This step we're going to align the point. Of impact and the point of aim in other words we're going to get you sighted in you take the scope caps off get behind. Your gun and do not touch the vice. Must remain right where it is with the center of the reticle on your original point of aim which of course in our case was the center of the cross target and if you're using the bullseye targets the center of the bullseye look for your. Sight and by turning your adjustment knobs walk the reticle on to the center of the point of impact which is the group that we fired and. Walk with the orange dot at that point. You are sighted in. You. You.

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    Hyskore® Bench Top 360˚ Armorers Vise

  • Convenient 360° rotation around a central axis
  • Integral clutch locks at any angle
  • Ideal for gun cleaning, scope mounting and maintenance
  • With full rotation around a central axis and an integral clutch for locking at any angle, the Hyskore Bench Top 360° Armorers Vise makes gun cleaning, maintenance and scope mounting super easy. When locked with the barrel angled down, solvents and debris run out the muzzle during cleaning rather than into the action or trigger group.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The high score armor advice is the most. Advanced and full-featured long gun. Cleaning maintenance and servicing. Fixture available anyplace although it's. Designed to accommodate any style loan. Gun who specially had ar-15 style guns. In mind when we designed it first make a. Visual examination of your weapon to make sure it's unloaded pull out the red. Take out pin into the upper receiver. Against the lower butt stock rear vise. Type it the foreign for advice clamp it. What do we have we now have easy and. Convenient access to every point on the weapon this includes the bolt group and. Everything in the upper receiver the. Trigger group the recoil buffer and everything in the lower receiver in addition cleaning it's absolutely. Ideal because using only two hands the. Gun is now firmly held in place we can. Clean from the breech towards the muzzle and all the gunk and debris runs out the muzzle rather than running back into. Your lower receiver and trigger group it is in short the perfect the most. Convenient cleaning fixtures you'll find. Anywhere. Your advice is perfect all smiles do we. Have a Remington. What we've done here is we've positioned the arms with the entire gun is a. Downward facing attitude and what this. Means is that pop the vault out now that. Can clean from the breach was the muzzle. And once again all the gunk and debris. Run out the muzzle rather than running. Back into your triggered roof in action there are two ways to adjust the angle. Two heads of the fixture number one is. To use the round holes as we've done. Here on the right or number two that you. Can use the slack as we've done here on the left you can adjust the angle two it's absolutely perfect to service your. Weapon by simply changing the angle. Between the axial rail assemblies you. Can now work on the gun inverted devices. Also right along their respective rail. Assemblies through just to almost any. Length weapon devices are special because they are self centering when. Conventional vise one jaw remains stationary while the other one moves on. A self centering vise both jaws move. Together at the same rate in the same time, and they close exactly in the. Center what that means to you is that. When you lock your gun and this device one by centers on the other and the gun. Is always held dead center in addition. To protect the gun each drove the vise. As a 12 millimeter thick closed-cell. Nonreactive foam pad to protect the gun. From metal parts in the bottom of the vise there are two floor plates. Each floor plate also has a 12. Millimeter thick bone plan locks right. In just like that. Now you come as well protected going. Beyond that on the upper surfaces. Devices frame we also have foam padding. And then up here again when the. Axial rail assembly is the same reason. To protect the finish of your gun for. The times when it may be necessary to. Grip the vise directly on a barrel or. Barreled action we've supplied a pair of. Foam d blocks one block on each side of. The barrel with the barrel inside the b. Slide it down into the vise thank the. Vise and you're good to go one thing to keep in mind is that the. Foam is temperature sensitive and the. Barrel should never be warmer than 150. Degrees Fahrenheit the base measures 19 inches by 12 inches. And is 14 inches high the extreme. Dimension when the axial rail with them. Was a fully extended is 32 inches and. Just the way it's pictured here it weighs 24 pounds. The platform and the v-notch assembly. Add about two and a halves to three pounds. This is the setup with free shots. Sighting in the v-notch and one vise are. Installed please note that the vise is. Fully open the reason is that this. Fixture is not a designed nor intended. To absorb or attenuate any recoil firing. A gun clamped firmly in the vise can. Result in damage to the weapon damage to. The fixture and damage to the shooter with the vise open aim at the center of. Your target and fire a three shot group. Unload the weapon now mark the center of. The group you can use a marker or you. Can use one of the handy orange dots. That have been supplied with the rest. With the guns unloaded remove the caps. From the adjusting turrets of the scope. Firmly clamp the gun in the vise by. Moving device and using adjustments on. The fixture move the crosshairs to the. Original point of aim in this case that. Would be the center of the target now by. Using the adjustments on the scope only. Walk the crosshairs into the center of. The point of impact which has already. Been marked and in our case with the orange marker now the sites have been. Mechanically and optically aligned and. The gun is sighted in. You.

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    Safariland Kleen Bore AR-15 Accu-Wedge

  • Enhance the feel of your AR-15 or M-16
  • Buffering eliminates play in the receiver
  • No firearm modification required
  • The Kleen Bore AR-15 Accu-Wedge enhances the feel and reduces wear on your AR-15 or M-16 semiautomatic rifle. By buffering the cycling system, the Accu-Wedge eliminates play in the receiver. Simple installation requires no modification to your firearm. Made in USA.
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    Wheeler® Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set

  • Nine hardened steel punches from 1/16" to 5/16"
  • Hemispherical tips provide proper alignment
  • Includes fitted nylon storage pouch
  • Confidently drive firearm roll pins of any size with Wheeler's Nine-Piece Roll-Pin Punch Set. Set is machined from hardened steel to prevent bending and breaking. Hemispherical tips provide proper roll-pin alignment. Includes punches ranging from 1/16" to 5/16" and a fitted nylon storage pouch. Imported.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome back to our channel I'm lauren with lock hart tactical and today we'll be looking at the wheeler engineering master roll pin punch set well they've. Done it if combines the roll pin starter. Set and the ball profile roll pin punch set with the precision machined. Gunsmithing hammer all into one comprehensive kit both of the sets have. Knurled handles are machined and. Hardened from steel to prevent bending or breaking and start at 1/16 of an inch. And have nine roll pins ending in a 5/16. The ball profile roll pin punch set is. Designed with a ball profile tip to. Provide proper alignment of the roll pin and prevent damage to the firearm or the roll pin the ball tip profile is perfect. For driving set roll pins and recessing. Then into assemblies the ball profile helps prevent the punch from slipping off the roll pin and damaging the finish of your gun the roll pin starter set is. Designed with a counter bored tip to properly align and start the roll pin preventing damage to the firearm by slipping the roll pin into the recessed tip you can gain much-needed purchase for starting the roll pin into the hole this also helps provide alignment on roll pins for hard-to-reach spots the. Small hammer included in the package only weighs six ounces it has one side. Of the head made of nylon for precise. Work and non marring surfaces and one side of the head made of brass for harder strikes that won't deform punches for more information visit us at lock hart tactical comm thanks for. Watching don't forget to like this video comment down below subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends this is them alarm with lock hart tactical over and out. Try saying that sometimes ask all profile roll pin punch set up a ball. Roll but roll pin punch step.

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    Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Delta Ring Tool

    Simple, one-handed removal of mil-spec AR-15 and M-16 handguards. Custom-formed wire fits securely around Delta ring. Vinyl coating to protect the gun’s finish.
    Dimensions: 16-1/2"H x 4-3/4"W x 1-1/2"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler Engineering 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set

  • Perfect for DIY gun projects
  • Molded stand can hang on the wall or sit on a work bench
  • Includes SAE hex, metric hex and Torx drivers
  • Wheeler Engineering's 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set provides everything you need for tinkering with guns. Molded stand with holes allows it to hang on the wall or sit upright on a work bench for easy-access convenience. Set comes with 3/32", 7/64", 1/8" ball, 9/64" ball, 5/32" ball, 3/16" ball, 7/32" ball, 1/4" ball, 5/16" ball and 3/8" ball SAE hex drivers, 1.5mm, 2mm ball, 2.5mm ball, 3mm ball, 4mm ball, 5mm ball, 6mm ball, 7mm ball, 8mm ball and 10mm ball metric hex drivers and T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40 Torx drivers.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Real Avid AR-15 Micro Tool

  • Field-smart, multifunction tool makes any adjustment to your AR
  • Sight in, tear down and make other adjustments with ease
  • Rugged stainless steel construction with convenient key ring
  • Real Avid knows the one thing that could put a damper on your day at the range is a glitch with your AR. Whether you need to make adjustments sighting in, tearing down or scraping carbon from a sticky bolt, their AR-15 Micro Tool will come to your rescue – ensuring you get back to shooting in no time. The durable stainless steel construction includes a bolt tail scraper, firing pin scrapers, 5mm bit driver, flathead screwdriver, front sight adjuster, rotating turret, bolt face scraper/screwdriver, wrenches (3/8", 5/16", 1/4", 3/16", 1/8"), cutter, pinch pin, 1" ruler, carabiner, bottle opener and key ring with strap.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    The real avid ar-15 micro tool is a. Trustworthy reliable partner for your black gun on the range in the field or. Amidst the intensity of tac ops though. It weighs less than three ounces you have 18 tools at instant command to. Site punch scrape adjust and keep on. Firing the ar-15 micro tool may look. Like an ordinary key fob but don't be. Fooled by the innocent facade it. Includes a flathead screwdriver five different wrenches sizes a cutter a bolt. Face scraper another screwdriver a front. Sight adjuster a pin punch a five. Millimeter bit driver a bolt tail scraper two firing pin scrapers a bottle. Opener a carabiner and yes a keyring all. Stainless steel construction assures the. Real avid ar-15 micro tool can take a. Beating handle all the elements and stay. Ready when you need it.

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    Wheeler® Level-Level-Level

    Level your scope and crosshairs to your firearm's receiver for dead-on accuracy. During mounting, the patent-pending magnetic level bridges the bolt raceway to level your firearm. A second level sits on top of your scope cap for a precisely leveled crosshair. Fits most bolt-action rifles and adapts to many other firearms.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Tipton® Gun Butler® Vise

    An affordable, all-in-one solution for cleaning, carrying and storage. Removable, nonmarring forks securely hold your gun during cleaning and conveniently store in the base for saving space on the shelf. Organized compartments and slots hold solvents, brushes, jags and cleaning rods for easy access. Carry handle for easy transport. Durable plastic construction.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Delta AR-15 Upper Vise Block Clamp

    A heavy-duty clamp for gunsmithing, maintenance or cleaning your mil-spec A2 uppers and flat-top receivers. Safely clamps onto your AR-15 upper receiver and holds it securely without twisting, crushing or marring the finish of your rifle. High-pressure, solvent-resistant polymer construction. Includes handy receiver insert with a gas-tube alignment system. Fits left- and right-hand receivers.
    Dimensions: 15"H x 7"W x 2"D.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Trigger Pull Scale

  • Measures trigger-pull weight from 8 oz. to 8 lbs.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Increment markings are easy to read
  • Accurate to +/- 2 oz.
  • The Wheeler Trigger-Pull Scale is excellent for adjusting triggers, because it ensures accuracy and safe performance. It measures trigger-pull weight from 8 oz. to 8 lbs. Ergonomically shaped handle for consistent direction of pull. Increment markings are easy to read. Indicator stays on maximum weight registered for easy results readings. Measures in 2-oz. increments and is accurate to +/- 2 oz. Made of molded plastic. Imported.
    14.5"L x 4.5"W x 1.3"H
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey youtube fogg cd catskill back was a. Tabletop review of a wheeler engineering trigger pull scale didn't see one out. There i figured i would do one because i was wanted to get on these that was looking for review didn't see any so i think it's me pretty short cuz it's not really much to these things let's do a little bit of a package look at here, so we have a plastic bubble wrap type of. Think and it says uh let's put this lets's put this down, so we get to be this better so accurately measures trigger. Pull force easy to read sliding indicator i don't have any stops at maximum reading ranges from eight ounces. To eight pounds and two ounces carbons it has a rubberized tip grips trigger i. Think they missed don't worry but that's. Okay it's made in china and it's probably translated product number three oh nine. Eight eight if you can read it. It's got a cool born-on date june 22nd. 2011 so let's go ahead and get to this. Review itself open the package and take. A look at this so scale out its the. Packaging because i don't think I'll use that again first impressions the other. Think feels pretty sturdy I'm trying to bend this thing is not bending there's. Like a black abs plastic it's got a. Sticker on here that I'm sure somehow they calibrate it to the slide and this. Is the marking i guess marker there's a. Groove you can see the spring when you pull the rod on the end it moves the. Marker and as the turtle breaks simulate. That italy sit at the highest mark so. Just to review the action pull the. Trigger it breaks leaves it where it's at so really easy operation i don't think much. More than than that there's some writing here let's take a look at what says it says uh warning read instructions before use you know what i did take a yonder at it and it's its. Backtrack of step let me grab the literature that's on here and on the back of this there is a very good. Warning i think we should all follow and hopefully we do and I'm gonna try to as well on every video we're gonna verify that the firearm is unloaded i think that's. Probably pretty really important especially when checking your trigger weight so i brought my favorite handgun. In this is a mark 322 45 and the reason. Why this is my favorite handgun because this trigger is so sweet it breaks like. Like glass i guess they described it's got an over stop travel you can see. Right here this is actually a vorwarts in and i didn't get the whole a horizon kit did some reviews a line and it. Seemed like the biggest change is this decor so i got a targets here i got. The mark to hammer bushing a. Guess what's called and i got the trigger itself because it looks cool and it has the over stop like the contrast. To let's make sure the gun is safe no. Magazine in the gun nothing in the. Chamber and we'll always make sure this. Is pointed in a safe direction to this point there's nothing no one else in here but me so let's get this in frame. So we have the gun let's put this in. Here let's get this in frame so everybody can see what's going on so this is supposed. To be advertised at 2 and 1/2 pounds. According to the four courts in sight so. That's interesting to see where this is actually gonna be at since I've never test this before, so we're gonna pull this right two pounds to a quarter wow. That broke even before two and a half if you could see this or not in the. Camera but i am at 2 and 1/4 let's try. That again because i imagine we should do this a few times to establish an average or you set this installs this in. The trigger and let's do a little closer up you guys get an idea so I'm gonna slowly pull this across we're at 2 pounds looks like. That's two and a half well actually it's. Just less than two and a half that's on the two ounce mark before so two and three eighths i guess of a pound and. Just do a few more times let's do two more times and see where this is gonna ambush out at so i always pull this cross slowly pull this i think. You've been jerked it there too i get two and three eighths again so just under two manas well we're time for the road i just love this trigger and i just love the way to sync feels okay this again all right. Pull this cool oh we can reset it don't we reset pull this cross two pounds just. Enter to net pounds well you know what that is great for courts interpret eyes this at two and half pounds it actually came less than that maybe because i have some rounds through it have probably a couple thousand rounds through this. Handgun and this is a blast to shoot so. Put that back to the side wheeler engineering triggers pull scale. We're all happy with it at this point he seems a real basic straightforward give me some good measurements and i think. It's pretty accurate because again for courts and advertise it two and a half and this is coming out right about there and let's say i also got this. Trigger scale because i got a new project I'm gonna go ahead and tell you guys about i got a marlin 795 that i. Want to go ahead and reduce that down and hopefully do a trigger job on that and see what i can get that to so please subscribe and tune and watch and see how. That project moves along and I'm probably also gonna go ahead and grab my other hand guns i think i would convert those back to stock and put the parts back in and then measure those differences as well since this is a cool little toy i just picked out so thanks for watching ticker.

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    Wheeler® Space Saver Screwdriver Set

    A professional-grade set less than half the size of sets containing comparable tools. 26 bits fit most gunsmithing applications. Includes standard, Phillips, hex and torx bits; a 2" No. 2 Phillips bit that's ideal for recoil pads and a hex-to-square conversion bit to use with 1/4" square-drive sockets. Magnetic handle.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Wheeler® Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool

  • Remove A2-style gas blocks quickly and easily
  • Equipped with starter and finishing punches
  • Durable steel construction
  • Remove A2-style gas blocks from your tactical rifle quickly and easily with Wheeler's Delta Series Gas-Block Taper-Pin Removal Tool. Equipped with starter and finishing punches, making it a must-have for your gunsmithing workbench. Also works on A2 front sights, Smith & Wesson single-taper pin gas blocks and dual-taper pins. Durable steel construction. 

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Birchwood Casey Cleaning Supplies

    Since 1948, serious shooters, avid collectors and professional gunsmiths have relied on Birchwood Casey for shooting and gun care products that have stood the test of time. Birchwood Casey has pioneered innovative products with an unwavering dedication for quality.
    • Perma Blue® Liquid Gun Blue is the proven way to touch-up scratches and worn spots or to completely reblue most guns. It will give a non-streaky, even blue-black finish to steel (except stainless). Size: 3-oz. bottle.
    • The Complete Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Kit is easy to use and it's the proven way for touching up or completely reblueing most guns. Fast-acting liquid gives a non-streaky, uniform blue-black finish to steel. Everything you need to do a professional looking job. Kit includes: 3-oz. Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue, 3-oz. Cleaner Degreaser, 3-oz. Blue and Rust Remover, 00 steel wool pads, blueing applicators, sponge, service cloth, Barricade Rust Protection Gun Wipes and a complete instruction guide.
    • Super Black™ Touch-Up Pens are an easy and effective way to touch-up nicks, scratches and worn areas of black anodized aluminum or black painted surfaces. The pen contains a fast drying, lead-free paint with superior adhesion and durability that helps fill in deep scratches or worn areas. These special formulations are for use on highly polished and matte finished alloy gun receivers, trigger guards, scopes, binoculars, cameras, flashlights, fishing reels and other sporting accessories. Use like a marking pen with no mess – simply rub on with chisel-point felt tip. Size: 1/3-oz.
    • The Gun and Reel Silicone Cloth leaves a lustrous, lasting, protective film on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. The double-napped, 100% cotton flannel cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and then packaged in a convenient reclosable poly bag, staying clean and moist after use. Use on firearms, sporting equipment and precision instruments to safely remove dust and corrosive fingerprints. Size: 14-1/2" x 15".
    • Complete Tru-Oil® Gun Stock Finish Kit puts the perfect finish on your gun's stock. This is a complete stock finishing kit that gives you everything you need to finish a new stock or to refinish an old stock. It brings out the richness and beauty of fine woods and gives you a tough, long lasting finish. And, it's easy to use. Each kit contains a generous supply of professional-grade finishing materials and complete instructions for use. Kit includes: 3-oz. Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish, 3-oz. walnut stain, 3-oz. Stock Sheen and Conditioner, fine, medium and coarse papers, 00 steel wool pads, service and polish cloths and a complete Instruction Guide.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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