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Top 3 cheap Shooting Accessories – Hearing Protection & Enhancement

There are two main types of HPDs:

  • Ear plugs can be mass-produced or individually molded to fit the ear. They can be reusable or disposable;
  • Earmuffs can vary with respect to the material and depth of the dome, and the force of the headband. The deeper and heavier the dome, the greater the low-frequency attenuation provided by the protector.

To help you choose the most appropriate option we have composed the TOP-3 list.

Top 3

Howard Leight Impact™ Sport Black Earmuffs Walker's Game Ear Razor Compact Muffs Walker's® Silencer Earbuds
Howard Leight Impact™ Sport Black Earmuffs Walker's Game Ear Razor Compact Muffs Walker's® Silencer Earbuds
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Brand Walker's Game Ear Howard Leight Walker's Game Ear

Howard Leight Impact™ Sport Black Earmuffs

  • Defend against damaging sounds;
  • Amplify low-level sounds and range commands;
  • Air Flow Control optimizes attenuation;
  • Low energy consumption and automatic four-hour shut-off;
  • Noise reduction rating of 22dB.

Minimize damaging, concussive sound with the Howard Leight Impact Sport Black Earmuffs. Air Flow Control™ optimizes airflow for the highest possible level of sound reduction. Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB level, making communication a breeze. When ambient volumes reach levels above 82dB, Impact Sport Earmuffs block out sounds with a noise reduction rating of 22dB.. Foldable design makes for easy storage. Minimal energy consumption provides long-lasting performance and an automatic shut-off kicks in at four hours. Connects to media players. Runs on two AAA batteries (included).

I want to show you this Howard Leight Impact sports electronic ear muffs.These are incredibly popular, probably the most popular electronic ear muffs out there. Right now and the primary reason is the price.
They fold down so nice and tight like this you can throw in a range bag very easily and, and they're not going to get wrecked because there's not really a lot to right here. It's got the band kind of protection. It all the surrounding way's got these.

It does have a cord that goes between them because it only has power on one side but that's not a super big deal. I don't think at least it's got microphones right on the front here, one on each side. On the left side, we have these on/off switch as well as volume.

We also have a headphone jack at the bottom here. Now this headphone jack. When you plug in it'll still have the microphones on but it'll also have the music on or one of the cool things I saw actually was using like an IPSEN timer on your phone and then plugging it into your headphone. So you're at the range cut thing right. You've got your headphones on. You've got this guy plugged into your phone's, got your epic timer. You hit the button well.

I assume you've got a really long cord here. Your phone sitting on the table and you wait for the beep and then you draw and do your practice. That's one of the cooler things that I heard about these. Now these use a cut-off technology so some better. Headphones out there will use a sound compression where they compress the sound so that when a gunshot goes off you hear the gunshot. This is not very loud what have sets like these do is just cut it out entirely.

They just turn off the microphones while they're shooting going on. There's it's fine I guess but if you're on a really active range what will happen is that you'll hear people talking. They'll talk like this and it's really hard to follow like what's going on because there're cuts. Whenever there's a shot it's happening right so that's why compression headsets are telling better generally more expensive whereas these are really inexpensive.

So let's talk a little bit about the materials on this thing again. This is a two-year-old set, so it's been around the block kind of thing. The headband is not real leather but it's vinyl and it's close enough and again. This one's seen some wear and tear and it's living up just fine. It's got these wire kind of push in style adjustments for the headset so you can see there it just kind of goes in and out which is inexpensive. I guess like I don't really think these wire things are all that great they kind of suck like going in and out of that plastic. We only have to do it once, and then they go on. Your head and you're good to go right now.

I think one of the cooler things about these headsets is just the way that they collapse so easily. So once you've got those in boom it's in and it gets down to that nice small size and you can if you've you really do feel like, you can chuck it in your range bag and it'll be fine and you'll you'll get it out when you get to the range kind of thing some other sets don't feel that way.

Now one thing I didn't really like about the longevity of these headphones. They've there a couple of years, the ear cups on here have already started to harden, and they're not really cushy anymore. So if you were to wear safety glasses which you should at the range they actually don't seal fantastically. Around those glasses anymore and you know the cups are kind of thin and that's for a reason I mean these are really thin headsets here.

Let's just get down the other thing that I've noticed. Is that the clamping pressure that these put on isn't quite as good anymore and I think it's just it might be the swivels but when I first put it on it's not sealing at all on the bottom here and I feel like with a little bit more pressure. It's just it would be so much better if this headband just put a little bit more pressure. It would seal really well but I digress wearing these things. If you put your glasses in there it's not gonna seal at all. These are a little bit old or two years old, so they're not sealing as quite as well on the cup material anymore.

Now the audio quality out of these things is actually pretty good. Keep your microphones pointed forward If you just bought was a set of these. And I can actually hear my own voice very well and I can hear sounds and then in the environment very well. I can hear that rustling, I can kind of echolocate it because I know it's in front of me. And I can kind of see it but it's actually pretty good with these two microphones. Just being able to hear in stereo it's not like the real thing but it's kind of close enough to where I wouldn't mind that much now. If I were to go hunting these would be perfect.

This kind of thing would provide enough protection to get you by with one shot. Let's say this isn't something that I wouldn't like go to the range and shoot like 20 rounds at 15 bmg with just these guys on but would I wear these instead of nothing when I was going up in hunting? Absolutely. And with these electronic hearing muffs, you're gonna be able to hear stuff around you as well.

Now they have a cut-off after four hours which that's a really good thing because forgetting to turn these things off and having the batteries die. That's one good thing about the circuitry, one bad thing is that they suffer from interference pretty badly. So if you have them on max volume and they're just kind of open like this. They can start to squeal a little bit.

The other thing I've noticed is that if they're near a cell phone or if you have someone's like making a call or something like that out of your range you'll hear that like the cell phone interference because they do take on interference quite easily.

Overall, all things have to be relative to price and I think when you talk about price these things they're an excellent purchase for the price.

Walker's Game Ear Razor Compact Muffs

  • Designed for youth and women shooters;
  • Amplifies conversation level noises;
  • Automatically shuts off loud noises;
  • Slim, low-profile ear cups;
  • 23dB NRR.

Walker's Game Ear designed the Razor Compact Electronic Muffs for lighter-framed shooters, including youth and women. Sound-activated compression automatically shuts off loud noises within 0.02 seconds to an effective noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB. Conversations, range commands and the sounds of approaching game are all amplified with hi-gain omnidirectional microphones. Recessed volume control knob allows you to regulate incoming sound. Slim, low-profile ear cups minimize interference with firearm stocks so you can shoulder your gun quickly and shoot instinctively. Perforated comfort headband on a metal wire frame provides all-day comfort and keeps the muffs in place during recoil. Folding design facilitates storage. Operate on two AAA batteries (included). External battery door provides quick access.

Walker's® Silencer Earbuds

  • Sound-activated compression system protects hearing;
  • Omnidirectional microphones pick up on surrounding sounds;
  • Digital processing and full-dynamic-range speakers for sound clarity;
  • Secure Fit fitting system for customizable, all-day comfort.

Walker's Silencer Earbuds can automatically block out gun report while you're shooting at the range or they can detect surrounding sounds while you're hunting in the woods. Walker's sound-activated compression system protects hearing from dangerously loud noises. The earbuds' integrated omnidirectional microphones pick up on sounds from all around. Thanks to digital sound processing and full-dynamic-range speakers, these sounds will be crystal clear. These left and right earbuds boast a patented Secure Fit™ fitting system for customization and all-day comfort. Controls include independent volumes and on/off switches. Runs on two #10 batteries (included) which can last for up to 80 hours. Includes silicone and foam earbuds, lanyard and carry case. 25 NRR.
Color: Black.


The best hearing protection devices protect you from permanent hearing loss. These devices are essential for noisy work sites, shooting, or recreational activities. Appropriate protection in all hazardous noise circumstances prevents damaging levels of noise from reaching your inner ear.