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Top 3 inexpensive Gun Maintenance – Vises

If you need more convenience while cleaning or handling your weapon you should consider gun vise purchasing.

The 3 main features for right gun vise are:

  • firm stand;
  • adjustability/flexibility;
  • a firm stand.

We picked up 3 top-rated inexpensive gun vises.

Top 3

Tipton® Ultra Gun Vise Tipton® Gun Vise Hyskore® Portable Armorer's Vise
Tipton® Ultra Gun Vise Tipton® Gun Vise Hyskore® Portable Armorer's Vise
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Brand Tipton Hyskore Tipton

Tipton® Ultra Gun Vise

  • Fits virtually any rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver;
  • Switch up the module assemblies in any configuration;
  • Comes with an AR block for working on your AR-15;
  • Extra-wide vise delivers up to 26.5" of clamping distance;
  • Dual-clamp technology with ball-and-socket articulating clamp pads;
  • Glass-filled nylon construction with stainless steel reinforcing plates.

Tipton's Ultra Gun Vise is fully adjustable to fit bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, automatic pistols, revolvers, compound bows and crossbows for cleaning, maintenance and upgrading. Modular design allows you to switch up the module assemblies in any configuration to fit virtually any shape firearm. Comes with an AR block that provides a premium base for working on your AR-15. Independently adjustable front and rear clamps hold guns securely and are both height and length adjustable.The extra-wide vise delivers up to 26.5" of clamping distance. Fast-turn knobs ensure quick clamping. Overmolded rubber contact pads prevent damage to firearm. Glass-filled nylon construction with stainless steel reinforcing plates adds rigidity and strength. Leveling feet for easy scope leveling. Movable, removable accessory/tool trays are constructed of stiff, solvent-resistant nylon for years of dedicated firearm cleaning.
32.5"L x 11"H x 10.5''W.
Wt: 15 lbs.

Overall the Tipton's best gun vise does exactly what it was designed to do and it does it very well.

I'd like to see a little bit higher quality materials but my fear is that would raise the price considerably. I think is probably an acceptable price range for this kind of product here.

However, it makes your cleaning jobs a whole lot easier. It makes maintaining your weapon a whole lot easier. Since you no longer have to worry about it. Rolling around on the bench or getting knocked off and really if you're doing weapons maintenance on a regular basis this is a great tool to have additionally for us. It allows us to lock a weapon in.

Tipton® Gun Vise

  • Rubber cradle and jaws both protect and secure your firearms;
  • Quick-release cam locks guns in place;
  • Molded-in compartments keep essentials close at hand;
  • Durable solvent-resistant polymer construction.

Boasting a rubber cradle and jaws that both protect your gun and keep it from slipping, Tipton's Gun Vise is a great way to secure your firearm while leaving both hands free for cleaning or gunsmithing. Quick-release cam action locks shotguns and rifles into place without hampering access. Molded-in compartments offer convenient storage for solvents and other items you want close at hand. Rugged solvent-resistant polymer construction.

We're here today to give you a short review of the Tipton's best gun vise.

It is actually a really useful tool in our shop here. Now the Tipton's best gun vice can be adjusted to an extremely wide variety of firearms. I really can't think of any a shoulder-fired rifle that you really can't fit this thing to starting.

At the front here everything uses these big knobs to adjust and tighten down. It's all to listen adjust very fast. We have the front cradle up here for the four end of your rifle or shotgun. And you can undo this front knob and slide it forward or back to wherever you need. Additionally, you can undo this knob right here on the cradle and you can slide it up or down at an angle. There are some detents in there that it skips over and you can set through a pretty wide range got to loosen it up.

A little bit more you can slide it through a pretty large range and get this thing really set wherever you need it. When you get it where you want it and you lock the knob down there are little detents in here that keep it from sliding. Once you lock it down so you don't really have to crank it down hard but you can get it set in and you're pretty good to go on the back here. This is the portion. That really gives it the vice name now there are two knobs that allow you loosen this up and slide this portion forward or back on the aluminum track in. The base and once you get it set to where you want the buttstock to be.

You have two cams here on either side. They have these big locking flipper levers on them what you do is initially you start with the levers in the up position. You use these black knobs on either side to adjust the pads to get them fairly close to the stock.

You then flip these levers down and it cams those pads in and applies pressure to your stock and it really locks it in there. I mean you can see I can lift the back of the I set by it so it's really holding the stock in fairly sturdy and because these are just in and out. If you're working with a really fine wood stock and you don't want to worry about mari you can use pretty light tension. If you're working with the tactical rifle that's got some weight to it or you're really going to be doing something that's going to be moving the rifle around you can increase the tension and really crank that down additionally.

There is padded material in the middle here to protect your stock if you've got a really good angle on that stock on the toe. Then it's not going to get nicked up or torn up now. One of the really neat features of this vise is it was designed to allow you to work on ars as well very easily. Now you see we have an ar-15 in here and one of the primary ways to clean an. Ar-15 is to shotgun the rifle open that way.

You can just slide in your bore guide. You can run your rods in etc and you don't have to fully disassemble the rifle. They see it cleaned ars for a while know that when you take the upper receiver off it's usually flopping around. It always takes one hand to stabilize the upper while you're using the other hand to try to run the rod and manage patches.

On the Tipton's Best Gun vise they include this nifty little l-shaped bracket here and what I like to do with it is set it with the short side up. Slide it back underneath the trigger guard and then lock it down and it will hold the ar in shotgun fashion. So that you can put your bore guide in here, run your cleaning rod, etc.

Hyskore® Portable Armorer's Vise

Hyskore's Portable Armorer's Vise can be used at the workbench or on the range. Clamps to a benchtop and rotates 360° around a horizontal axis. A gun can be held at any angle, making cleaning, servicing and shooting procedures a breeze. Made of welded steel with EVA foam pads.

The Portable Armorer's Vise has been designed to give the shooter a fixture that he can use either at home on his workbench or in the field to secure his guns for cleaning and servicing clamp.

The clamps to the bench top insert the shaft of the vise to the hole. So that the club caves engage and tighten the nut and you're ready to go. The vise is the perfect servicing and maintenance fixture for all guns.

Plant the gun on the vise. Then the vise can be rotated through 360 degrees. So the gun can be clamped pointing downward or the gun can be held level and the vise becomes the perfect scope mounting companion.

The vise makes cleaning and servicing of style weapon. A simple task grip the gun in the vise remove the rear. Take down pin and a rotate device that's just at the perfect angle and lock it into place. Now you have full access to the trigger group, the bolt, and carrier assembly. And you're able to clean the gun with the muzzle angled down. So the old gunk and debris run out the muzzle and not back into your action and trigger group.


Gun vise is an essential part of many gun cleaning kits. There are a few things you should know if you are looking for the best gun vise. We complemented every item of our TOP-list with detailed description and customer review. So you can compare and make a reasonable choice.

Hope, we saved your time and money when you decided to buy a gun vise. All items at this page are from reliable brands and were tested by many firearm owners.

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