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  Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket - Women's Marmot Minimalist Jacket - Women's Patagonia Re-Tool Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Women's Mammut Crashiano Pant - Women's Icebreaker Tech Lite Rangitoto Triple Scoop Shirt - Women's
 Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket - Women'sMarmot Minimalist Jacket - Women'sPatagonia Re-Tool Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Women'sMammut Crashiano Pant - Women'sIcebreaker Tech Lite Rangitoto Triple Scoop Shirt - Women's
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BrandMammutOutdoor ResearchPatagoniaMarmotIcebreaker
Manufacturer Warrantylifetimelifetimelifetimelifetime1 year
Material[face fabric] 87% polyester, 13% spandex, [lining] 94% polyester, 6% spandex[body, hood] 90D Ripstop (86% nylon, 13% spandex), [shoulder, lower sleeves] 120D Cordura (91% nylon, 9% spandex)Polartec Thermal Pro (49% polyester, 51% recycled polyester)[membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex Paclite, [face fabric] 100% recycled polyester, DWR coating87% merino wool, 13% nylon
Pockets2 front2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest2 zippered hand2 zippered hand-
Recommended Usebackpacking, bouldering, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbingbackcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, canyoneering, casual, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbingcasual, hiking & campingbackpacking, hikingbackpacking, casual, hiking
Claimed Weight-[medium] 13.2oz1lb 1oz13.5oz-

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket - Women's

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket provides sleek protection from light weather, with added stretch for active pursuits like climbing, skiing, and hiking. The tough Cordura fabric holds up to repeated abuse, making it perfect for pushing through thickets or attacking rugged rocks while repelling light wind and rain so you don't get caught out on the trail or at the crag without protection. And, its Movement-Mirroring Stretch provides you with unencumbered mobility as you climb and pole plant your way to the summit.

  • Versatile softshell for performance in town and in the backcountry
  • Softshell fabric sheds light wind and rain for comfort in storms
  • Reinforced fabric increases durability when you are on the trail
  • Breathable material dries quickly for added comfort on long treks
  • Movement-Mirroring Stretch construction provides high mobility
  • UPF 50+ guards against harmful rays for happy skin on sunny days
  • Thumbholes, adjustable hood, hem seal out the elements for warmth
  • Jacket packs down into its left hand pocket for packing convenience
  • Item #ODR00V3
  • Okay guys welcome to another video in today's video I'm going to give you a. Four year three-year review on this. Awesome jacket this jacket is made by. Outdoor research and it's called the furrow c jacket I've had this jacket. Like i said i don't know exactly when i got it i got it in like the spring four. Years ago maybe and I've worn this. Is probably my most used most abused. Most useful jacket you can say so this. Is a soft shell a true soft shell so what. It is its an uninsulated windbreaker. With stretch that's pretty much what it is it's not waterproof which is a good. Think and I'll explain in a second real. Quick it has it doesn't have an over use. Of pockets, it has a pocket right here. And a pocket here and a pocket here. Pretty simple i don't like jackets with. Like pockets here here and here because all that zipper and all that extra fabric it's like if I'm not going to use a pockets why are they there so a. Real quick one talk about sizing I'm about six foot two i have a chest. Measurement maybe like 47 48 and this is. A 2x i think it's the biggest size they make and it fits me really well the. Sleeves are a little long which i like because when i raise my hand as you can see they don't ride way up it. Fits me i don't even say snug but not. Loose it fits me perfect it allows me to wear you know a t-shirt and a hoodie. Maybe a fleece underneath this on top. And at the same time i can layer on top. And it does have drawstring at the bottom. Here which i never use just not a fan of it but if you want it you can cinch this. Up and kind of puff it up so you have a way of dead air to give it insulation. Now this jacket in and of itself doesn't. Isn't like insulative it doesn't really have insulation in the form of like. Puffy dead air space like it's not wool. It's not please it's not primaloft it's not down so in that regard it's not that. Warm but what this does is it blocks out. A lot of wind which wind is especially. In cold weather but almost in any weather more for me at least more than. Temperature the wind is what can really. Get you because you can have all the insulation in the world but it winds just coming in and blowing all that heat. Out from around your body you're going cold the fabric i don't know the exact. Weight of it's not super thick it's a. 4 ounce nylon i would say when you buy. This actually this is an older version, so they've updated it a couple times but. Everything wanna say about this jacket I'm confident in saying that the newer versions are just as good if not better. When you get it out of box it will feel. Very chintzy it'll feel very light it'll. Feel very weak ok and when i first got. This i got it on sale mail-order so i. Didn't have a chance to try it on during the feel of fabric and when i first got. It oh i would say i was disappointed i was surprised at how lightweight it was. But let me tell you I've put this. Through first off this isn't a work. Jacket with that being said I've worn it. As a work jacket I've done countless home repair. Projects countless you know outdoor jobs. Countless camping trips countless hiking. Trips fishing trips you name it and this. Has been there and it's not showing any. Signs of we're to the point of I'm kind. Of getting a little concerned because how could a fabric this thin this light. Just be so durable now is it possible. You could snag this and tear it i. Actually see no i had that concern. Because that's why i don't like lightweight fabrics because at least what i do branches and stuff getting caught on it and tearing it but this. Because it has that stretch and it's a. Smooth fabric that isn't doesn't have a. Lot of snag points on it I've snagged. This before sort of and it just rubs off. Now i was before the video i was inspecting this jacket to see if there are any points of where and there's some. Staining oil stains sap stains tar. Stains maybe some dirt stains so overall. This thing I'm going to coin it as. Apocalypse proof now that gone through the apocalypse with this but i would be totally more than confident to go. Through the apocalypse with this would be a great companion especially. For if you'd need to debug out or if. Some big long-term event happened and you needed to do work outside this thing. Is kind of protective layer like it. Protects your skin think of it as. Like a work glove but at the same time it offers wind protection now i want to. Talk about waterproof so this in a gore-tex this isn't waterproof and it's not claimed to be waterproof it's claimed to be water resistant now i have. Found this is not water resistant whatsoever when i first got it actually maybe a little bit maybe it had a teflon. Coating there a uh yeah teflon i think. Through sustaining to resist water but this will readily. Soak water okay so I'm not claiming this. Is a lot of proof um this has gone through a wash i don't fifty times or something like that so whatever water proofing was on here is washed off so it's not. Waterproof and it will readily absorb water and then also because it's not. That swishing material it's kind of. Rougher material kind of canvas type. Material water wool won't as. Easily run off of this but the main so. If I'm working outside in the rain I've. Tried gore-tex like gore-tex rain jacket and you just build up so much heat from. Working that you end up letting out from. Your sweat so I've made that sacrifice. It's like you can either wet up from your sweat or you can wet out from water from the rain now working in this why. I'm calling this a piece of like work wear is because i can do anything and i can pretty much wear this in all seasons and not be uncomfortable but i can be. Doing whatever and because the fit because the sleeves aren't super baggy. It's not getting in the way how i tend to wear this actually is i. Pull the sleeves up and me personally if. I was designing like any work soft shell it actually gets a t-shirt variety because whenever I'm doing like actual work i have the sleeves pulled up so one. Think and maybe the neighbor versions have this probably not one thing I'd like to see is one of those buttons here like on a plaid button-up so you could. Roll it up and button it so you could. Take it on and off and the sleeves stay up now one thing i do like though which. Kind of goes against that is it doesn't have buttons it doesn't have zippers it doesn't have like velcro around the. Sleeves especially in the wintertime. Velcro would just collect snow so i like. How clean the cuffs are moving to the. Lane another reason i like this is. Because it fits me well it's not super. Baggy it fits me well but it's long now. Then again the newer versions this is. Like a 2012-2013 design the newer. Versions might be cut different keep that in mind but the reason i like this one specifically is its long length so. It's not overly long as you can see you. Now it goes maybe eight inches past my. Waist well it does not have pit zips the. Newer versions might with that being. Said with this type of fabric with this type of jacket i never found the need for pit zips because sometimes i wear this with a t-shirt and a problem i found with jackets with pit zips if you only have a t-shirt or tank top underneath is that zipper wear is on the inside of your arm. And it can cause discomfort so maybe. That's why they didn't include offensive but frankly this breathes so well you. Don't need a pizza what a pizza is real quick is its pretty much as if you're opening by your armpits which is pretty much your main source of perspiration air where you're going to be sweating from and what i found is I've worn. This in temperatures from 70 degrees. Eighty degrees when i need something. Maybe working around spruce trees and i don't want my forearms irritated but. I've worn this in 70 degree whether it's not uncomfortable it's just a t-shirt underneath and then i also wear this. Hiking cold-weather hiking I'll wear. This down to zero degrees with a puffy. Or with a hoodie underneath and the only. Reason wearing this again is to block from that windchill effect overall i. Don't want this to be a longer view frankly i just want it to be straight to the point this jacket long story short if you're looking for a soft shell jacket that's lightweight compact our lightweight packs down. Really small is very comfortable in a wide range of weather and is super. Durable and also really easy to work in. And not cumbersome and a host of other. Reasons that i can't think of off the top of my head this is the jacket for you this is a true soft shop i have had other soft-shells in the past that are really thick very stiff do you just feel. Awkward and they're not that warm and. They don't provide that much wind blocking ability no this doesn't offer. The best wind block ability there's a. There's a fine line between berthe. Readability and wind proof so if you. Have something 100% wind resistant it's not going to agree that well if you have something 100 shot waterproof it's not going to breathe whatsoever so this is a. You sacrifice a little wind blocking capabilities for a very breathable. Jacket so yeah long story short they. Have newer versions out and i would feel. Confident in recommending those even though i haven't tried them I'm also going to leave with a link to get his tactical he has liked one at least one maybe two videos talking about this exact jacket and i pretty much can echo. Everything he said this is like my go-to. Jacket for a lot of stuff again it's not. Insulated it's not a like winter jacket. But it's a nice layering piece and very. Comfortable it fits very well for all you found this helpful useful if you. Have any questions about this leave it in the comments below if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and like always go back to home page we'll watch through my current videos if you like what you see feel free to subscribe we'll catch you on the next video.

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    Marmot Minimalist Jacket - Women's

    Don't be caught in a rainstorm without the Marmot Women's Minimalist Jacket. The lightweight, water- and wind-proof Gore-Tex Paclite material offers durable, reliable protection from the elements while saving space in your pack. Underarm vents let you regulate your body temperature as you work up the last set of switchbacks to the summit, and the draw cord hem keeps any moisture or chilly breeze from creeping up into your layers. If the weather turns really gusty, pull up the adjustable hood to keep your face shielded from the biting wind and sideways rain so you can stay on the trail until the storm passes.

  • Repel the wind and rain in this lightweight jacket
  • Gore-Tex Paclite material offers packable protection from the elements
  • Adjustable hood keeps face shielded from the wind
  • Draw cord hem seals out wind and rain
  • Articulated design offers uninhibited motion
  • Item #MAR01HT
  • The durable yet lightweight marmot minimalist jacket offers full waterproof. Protection for anyone looking for a. Waterproof breathable shell to use in. Any season throughout the year you've got reliable gore-tex pack light. Fabric here so they keep the weight down. Because you have gore-tex it is breathable but in addition to that you. Have underarm zips for ventilation you. Have a fully adjustable hood that's got. Lots of features there it even works. Over top of a climbing helmet and you've got a lot of other features throughout this piece to keep you comfortable in the back country let's take a look at those features starting with the hood this might be my favorite feature about the jacket you have a lot of adjust ability in the hood so not only do. You have adjust ability around the top of your face and around this area but you. Have adjust ability in the back as well. This works really great just over top of. A hat or over top of your head but it's. Big enough that it fits over a climbing helmet so this piece is gonna work well if your ice climbing if you're mountaineering if you're in chilly. Conditions where you need to layer underneath of it but you might need to. Wear a helmet in those conditions so i can cinch down the back here i can cinch. Down the front and there you've even got. Some stretchy material in there so that it cinches right where it needs to but. It doesn't block your vision they have a stiffened brim on the outside of that. Hood so you can look around and it doesn't block your vision at all this is. Great when you're hiking you need to look around and you don't want that to. Inhibit your vision it's an annoying. Feature when you try and look around and you're blinded by the side of your hood. So really functional hood lots of. Features in there to make it really technical now moving down the jacket you. Obviously have a full length zipper here and there's even a soft fabric behind. Fabric there in the zipper so that it. Doesn't chafe your chin if you have it all zipped up it has a little bit of a. Higher collar than some other jackets that I've seen so you can really cinch that down and protect your neck if. You've got lots of wind if you don't actually need to use that hood you have. A nice storm flap in front of the zipper. And then you've got velcro tabs here. Along the zipper to keep that closed and. One small feature that's easy to miss is you actually have a little gutter on the. Inside of that zipper so if any water. We're to sneak its way in there it will get caught on there and run down the jacket so you're completely protected. There in addition to the breathable gore-tex pack light material you've got. Underarm zips these vents are easy to. Use they're nice and big so you can really vent that out if you're wearing a backpack if you're moving fast if you're climbing you can open those up you still. Have all the protection you need but you can dump out all of that excess heat that isn't able to escape through the fabrics down here on the sleeve you have. Really nice adjustable cuffs this is. Something i don't see on a lot of lightweight pieces but if you're wearing gloves with this you can put gloves over top or underneath then it works really well there now moving down you do have. Two pockets on the outside here you as well. Have a storm flap in front of those pockets, and they're big enough to put. Something small like maybe a headlamp an. Extra granola bar or something like that if you need to protect your hands there. A nice hand warmer pocket as well if i. Move down towards the hem you can see the bottom of the zipper actually has a snap so that helps keep the storm flap. Over top of the zipper and helps protect. From water leaking in through the zipper on the hem you do have an adjustment so. You can cinch that down if you're wearing a backpack with a hip belt or if you're wearing a harness it's gonna prevent the jacket from coming out at. The bottom and it's gonna keep you nice and comfortable and protected from the. If you take a look at the inside of the jacket you can see that it's completely seam taped completely seam sealed this. Is going to keep you completely dry and. You can be confident in that gore-tex pack white material i see this as being. Almost more of a chilly or cold weather. Piece when you might want to layer underneath of it when you're gonna be in conditions where you need a durable. Fabric but you also want something. That's lightweight enough and pack able enough so this isn't in the ultra lightweight category of some of those very pack able rain jackets but it's. A very minimalist so you can take it ices. Climbing you can take it mountaineering you can layer underneath of it and you. Can be confident that it's going to keep you safe and dry when you're in the outdoors it's the marmot women's minimalist jacket. You.

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    Patagonia Re-Tool Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Women's

    The Patagonia Women's Re-Tool Full-Zip Fleece Jacket feels warm and cozy while you run errands about town, take the kids to the park, or enjoy a leisurely walk down by the river. And thanks to this fleece's slim fit, you won't feel like you're frumping around in a huge blanket, either.

  • A warm fleece for casual and cold-weather activity
  • Polartec fleece made from partially recycled material
  • Stand-up collar is double-layered for added warmth
  • Princess seams add feminine aesthetic to cut
  • Chest pocket holds cards, keys, and essentials
  • Item #PAT01Y5
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    Mammut Crashiano Pant - Women's

    Ready for adventures of a vertical or horizontal nature—and everything in between—the Mammut Crashiano Pants are designed with hiking, climbing, approaching, and descending in mind. Perspiration is inevitable on these types of adventures, so Mammut constructed the Crashiano with lightweight polyester to allow plenty of airflow and added a Midiori treatment to enhance their ability to manage moisture. A gusseted crotch adds even more motion to the stretchy fabric, while the elastic hem keeps the pants out of your way as you hike or climb.

  • Technical pants for hiking or climbing
  • Polyester is lightweight and breathable
  • Midiori treatment enhances moisture management
  • Stretchy material moves with you
  • Gusseted crotch provides plenty of space to move
  • Elastic hem stays out of your way
  • Item #MAM01CV
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    Icebreaker Tech Lite Rangitoto Triple Scoop Shirt - Women's

    When you know you're going to be hopping between the trail and town throughout your day, the Icebreaker Tech Lite Rangitoto Triple Scoop Shirt makes for a steadfast companion. This lightweight performance t-shirt features a corespun wool-nylon blend, offering up a temperature-regulating, odor-resistant fabric that's more durable than wool alone. Offset shoulder seams prevent chafing beneath your pack, and light graphics on the front provide style when you head back into town for a quick lunch.

  • Scoop-neck top takes you from the trail into town
  • Corespun construction provides lightweight, durable comfort
  • Wool offers moisture-wicking, odor-resistant performance
  • Offset seams prevent hot spots and chafing beneath a pack
  • Standard fit ensures relaxed mobility during daily pursuits
  • Item #ICE012L
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