Top 6 cheap Hiking & Camping Essentials for Ladies

Hiking, backpacking or other walking travel it`s a great kind of outdoor activity. If you are interested in making it more comfortable and easy buy a set of trekking poles.

The most essential features of hiking poles are:

  • lightweight;
  • convenient design;
  • adjustability.

We have picked up TOP 6 trekking poles that meet these requirements.

Top 6

Black Diamond Distance FLZ Trekking Poles - Women's LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles - Women's Black Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles - Women's LEKI Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA Trekking Poles - Women's Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles - Women's Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles - Women's
Black Diamond Distance FLZ Trekking Poles - Women'sLEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles - Women'sBlack Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles - Women'sLEKI Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA Trekking Poles - Women'sBlack Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles - Women'sBlack Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles - Women's
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BrandLEKIBlack DiamondBlack DiamondBlack DiamondBlack DiamondLEKI
Claimed Weight(single) 9.6oz[pair] 1lb 1ozoz[pair] 1lb 0.8oz[95-110] 15oz, [105-125] 1lb[pair] 1lb 3.9oz[pair] 7.9oz
Collapsed Length15in (38cm)23in23in[95-110] 1ft 1.4in, [105-125] 1ft 2.6in25in38cm
GripAergon Cork, extendedcork, rubber extensionrubberEVAdual-density foamAergon + Thermo Mid
Included Basketstrekkingstandard, powder38mm Trekking Basketstandardstandardstandard
Locking MechanismSpeedLock+FlickLock Pro-FlickLockFlickLockSpeed Lock 2
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime1 year1 year1 year1 yearlifetime
Recommended Usebackpacking, hikingbackcountry skiing, backpacking, hikingbackpacking, hikingbackpacking, hikingbackpacking, hikingbackpacking, hiking
Shaftaluminum HTS 6.5carbon fiberaluminumaluminumaluminum100% carbon
Strapadjustable, PA safety systemsolutionsolution-SolutionLock Security
Tipcarbidecarbide Tech Tipinterchangable, carbidecarbide, Tech Tips (rubber)carbide Tech TipFlex Tip
Usable Range-23 - 49in37 - 49in-37 - 49in100 - 120cm

Black Diamond Distance FLZ Trekking Poles - Women's

Whether you're carrying a daypack or you've packed for a weekend in the backcountry, you can always use a little extra stability. Grab the Black Diamond Women's Distance FLZ Trekking Poles, and take a little of the strain off of your legs as you hike. These lightweight poles deploy quickly for river crossings and dodgy ascents or descents, and fold into three sections for convenient storage on your pack. The foam grip is comfortable in your hand, and absorbs impact as the tip strikes the trail, while the strap wicks away moisture to reduce chafing on your wrist. Black Diamond equipped the poles with FlickLock adjustability, so you can quickly change the length as the terrain changes.

  • Trekking poles for grueling terrain
  • Aluminum is lightweight and durable
  • EVA foam grip is soft to the touch
  • Moisture-wicking strap reduces chafing
  • FlickLock adjustability is fast and secure
  • Interchangeable rubber and carbide Tech Tips for varied surfaces
  • Folds into three sections for easy storage
  • Item #BLD00S7

Let's go ahead and talk about these Carbon FLZ Distance Pole from Black Diamond. They're like trail series that are an aluminum pole which is a three-piece extendable pole where this is like their z Breakdown type.

Trekking poles are all basically the same if you really think about it but there are certain aspects to a trekking pole that make them more comfortable or super lightweight. In this case, this is a full carbon pole so what you're looking at is basically the entire shaft of the pole is carbon fiber. This pole set comes in at just under a pound total which is crazy lightweight and that's something that I really like about these poles. I've been using them for the past several months they're just so light and so easy to use that they make traveling with them really easy. One of the things that I don't necessarily like about this pole though is the fact that it is that like z shape breakdown. Essentially the pole breaks down in this. Since so it makes it a really small package to be able to put in your backpack and such but if I'm using this for a tarp type situation where I am setting up a shelter using trekking poles. Then I don't have as much versatility in being able to drop one end of the tarp by lowering the length or shortening the length of the pole

This distance series from black diamond is meant more for that type of setting but such a lightweight pole that it's nice to have on the trail for any type of activity that you're doing now. This does have this classic Black Diamond flick lock system to it. So if I push that open, then I'm able to extend this to the different lengths that I have.

This pole happens to be the 105 to the 120 centimeters. They do have a shorter one than this and then also a longer one than this looking.

At the top of the pole, you've got a molded foam and I do really like that they put these cutouts into the foam.

It breathes really well on your hand so that you've got not sweaty hands every time that you are hiking.

LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles - Women's

Incredibly compact when you're stowing them, fully functional when they're deployed, and featherlight at all times, the Leki Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles are the choice for fast-paced hikes and backpacking trips. With a shaft made of pure carbon fiber, these poles feel light in your pack while you're scrambling up boulders, and light in your hands as you wend your way home down steep, rocky switchbacks. An adjustable design with a reliable locking system enhances safety and lets you customize the poles to your height and the terrain, and this women specific model is designed with smaller grips, shorter straps, and more streamlined dimensions.

  • A lightweight folding pole for lady trekkers and hikers
  • Carbon shafts delivers ultra-light performance on long trails
  • Foam grip offers soft comfort for smaller hands
  • Push button release provides quick and easy deployment
  • Secure locking mechanism lets you adjust for length
  • Standard baskets ideal for three-season adventures
  • Item #LEK007V

If you need to go with all the features of trekking pole here you get a very lightweight set of poles. With that carbon construction, they're extremely collapsible so they're great for travel.

They contain carbon fiber that provides durability and light weight.

They're great for those backpackers who don't want to skimp on any features. You have all the adjustability you need in a very comfortable grip. These are LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles - Women's

Don't let rugged terrain get the best of you or your knees. You'll be able to power through the tough spots and leg-grinding downhills like a champ with the help of the Black Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles. They feature a tough aluminum shaft and new FlickLock Pro adjustability system that's now lighter, stronger, and easier to use. This adjustable system is paired with Black Diamond's SmashLock quick release technology that allows you to quickly deploy the telescoping pole and lock it into place with an audible click. Whatever terrain you find yourself in, you'll be as steady and sure-footed as a mountain goat, courtesy of interchangeable rubber and carbide tips, a women-specific dual-density grip and padded strap, and soft, ergonomic rubber grip that's ideal for switchbacks and steep trails. The Trail Pro weighs in just over one pound per pair, so you'll hardly even notice them in your hands or lashed to your pack.

  • Adjustable trekking poles for day hikes and mountainous adventures
  • FlickLock Pro adjustability system is lightweight and easy to use
  • SmashLock technology allows quick deployment and easy collapsing
  • Interchangeable carbide tips allow you to adjust to varying terrain
  • Soft-rubber grip with solution strap offers comfortable handling
  • Ski compatible, accepts 100mm powder baskets for the deepest days
  • Lightweight design makes the poles barely noticeable on your pack
  • Item #BLD00YA

LEKI Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA Trekking Poles - Women's

A map, a weather forecast, and a trail guide can only tell you so much—you never really know what's waiting for you on a backpacking trip, but you can stay prepared for it all with the Leki Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA Trekking Poles. These poles have the light weight, easy packability, and versatile trail performance you need for whatever lies ahead. Thanks to their Micro Vario folding system they can pack down to just 15 inches, making them easy to lash onto your pack when you need your hands free on rocky scrambles. And they're not just foldable, they've got 8 inches of adjustable range to keep you prepared for changing terrain, as well as an extended non-slip grip that lets you choke up when you come across steep and rocky trails. The soft and ergonomic cork grip delivers a comfortable and supportive hand feel, while a carbide metal tip ensures a steady hold on varying trail surfaces in any conditions.

  • Foldable trekking pole with always-reliable trail features
  • Poles assemble and break down easily thanks to Push Button system
  • Aluminum construction is light on weight yet super strong
  • SpeedLock+ system ensures easy adjustment and a strong hold
  • Extended grip lets you choke up on steep upper mountain terrain
  • Carbide tip provides grip through changing trail conditions
  • Cork grip wicks moisture and offers an excellent feel
  • Adjustable strap has safety release system in case of falls
  • Item #LEK007Y

We're taking a closer look at the LEKI Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA lady trekking poles. These are the great option for those who are looking for a collapsible and lightweight pole. It also has a lot of features and is great for travel, hiking, backpacking and anything else. The thing I want to talk about first with these poles is just the collapse ability. This isn't your traditional telescoping pole where all the segments kind of go inside of each other and telescope down.

This is truly a collapsible pole. As you can see there is a central cord that runs through each of the sections here and it's very durable.

length collapses down really small. It`s easy to throw in your pack, in your luggage if you're traveling. If you're not using the poles during a particular part of your hike you can either lash them to the outside or just throw them right inside the pack.

It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You have that central cord that runs through the sections and the first thing I do is I attach the sections. It almost reminds me of the way a tent pole is structured. Each of the segments lock inside of each other and the second thing you want to do is find the two separate sections here up towards the top of the pole. You want to separate them and once you have pulled them far enough you will hear a positive click and a little button will make itself known they're. The first couple times you do it might feel like you have to pull on that a little bit harder than you would like but that's just to get a very secure hold. Once I do that I pull it and you have a positive click. Now all of the pole sections are securely connected to one another.

This is an adjustable pole so unlike some other collapsible lightweight poles like. This it's not fixed length. You can definitely adjust from 100 centimeters all the way up to 120 so you do have a lot of versatility with this pole. You don't have to worry about not getting the correct fit for your height to adjust the pole. Right now I have it set at its lowest usable length which is 100 centimeters but it's really easy to adjust with leaky speed lock.

In order to adjust it all you have to do is open the lock. Adjust it to your preferred height. I'm gonna adjust it. All the way up to 120 centimeters and when you do that it just it stops here at the top so you know you're at its highest point and then close the lock with your thumb. Tit's as easy as that there's no twisting, no turning. It's just open and closed. LEKI uses their argon grips for this pole which is a really high-quality argon comfortable handle. They definitely don't skimp there. So really great handle on there and you've got an extended grip here.

If you want to grip the pole at a different height while you're hiking you don't have to make those minor adjustments. You don't have to make the adjustments as often. If you want to have your hand on top of the pole you want to palm the pole. It really fits nicely into the palm of your hand and has some dimpling there and some resistance. So it's really easy to grip the top. You also have a really soft nice woven strap here and it's really easy to adjust for your height. Take the pressure off of your wrists with a strap so to adjust this. All you do is pull up on the top portion of the strap. You can make it longer or shorter and then just pull down on the top and it locks in.
It's a really comfortable lightweight women`s trekking pole.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles - Women's

The Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles are lightweight and shock-absorbing, the perfect companion for long, rocky trails. Control Shock Technology absorbs impacts on the ground so your final mile feels as good as the first, and its controlled rebound prevents the pole from bouncing back too much, as some poles are prone to do. The foam grip provides a bit of insulation to keep your hand warm during chilly hikes, and the padded webbing strap makes each pole specific to your left and right hands for easy access and extra comfort. The aluminum shaft is both durable and lightweight, and FlickLock Pro lets you collapse and deploy the length with ease for fuss-free transport through the trail's ups and downs.

  • Collapsible trekking poles for long-distance lady hikers
  • Lightweight yet durable shaft ready for adventure
  • Ergonomic foam grip offers comfortable handling
  • FlickLock Pro ensures quick and easy adjustability
  • Interchangeable carbide tips securely bite into all terrain
  • 38mm baskets ideal for summertime use
  • Item #BLD00YC

Utilizing Black Diamonds high-quality Flick Lock pro locking mechanisms and durable aluminum construction the black diamond women's trail pro trekking poles are perfect for hikers and backpackers who are looking for high quality for season performance in the back country.

These are women's specific trekking poles, and they are a three section pole. So you have a lot of adjustability. The range of adjustability here is from 23 inches up to 49 inches. You have adjustability up to 125 centimeters so they pack down and be really small. W with the flick lock pro locking mechanisms, they're really easy to use. All you need to do is flip them open with your thumb. They're really easy. Adjust it to your preferred size and then flick them closed.

These locks feel like they're very durable, so they have mostly aluminum construction. They have a little bit of plastic on there but using these with gloves or using these with just your bare hands is really easy. You don't have to apply a lot of force to open them or to close them so very good construction there.

There are the shaft sections are aluminum so a lot of durability.
They're also very lightweight. Going up to the grips you have dual density foam. Here in the grips and the thing I love about foam is that you have reliable performance in four seasons. In the winter if you're using gloves it works really well with the foam grips.

They're not going to slide around in the summer in hotter temperatures. If your hands are sweating perspiring foam really wicks away sweat, unlike rubber grips. They're not going to be slippery when they're wet on the top. Here you have a flat top so if you need to you can palm the top of this pole if you're descending or if you like to use the pole in that way.

With the high-quality flick lock pro locking mechanisms and just the overall quality that we've come to expect from Black Diamond, you can be confident in the backcountry with these trekking poles. It is the women's Black Diamond Trail Pro trekking pole.

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles - Women's

When carbon is queen, the Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Pole is your right (and left) hand man. In addition to the featherlite strength of carbon fiber, Black Diamond added a cork handle to absorb the impact of the tip against the trail, and a rubber extension below it so you can quickly shorten the amount of pole in use for sudden shifts in grade. Dual FlickLock Pro locks secure the pole in just the right length for you, and the poles collapse for easy packing when you want your hands free to scramble. Carbide and rubber interchangeable tips, as well as two types of baskets, allow these poles to take you across all sorts of terrain and weather conditions, with nothing but a simple switch before you leave home.

  • Lightweight trekking poles with all-season versatility
  • Carbon fiber provides durable, ultra-light performance
  • Dual FlickLock points are secure and easy to adjust
  • Carbide and rubber tips included for summer and winter use
  • Includes powder baskets for ski touring or snowshoe hiking
  • Cork handle absorbs impact and is smooth in your hand
  • Rubber grip extensions help with steep terrain
  • Telescoping poles are easy to pack
  • Item #BLD00Y8

These are the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles.

The aluminum construction gives incredible durability for the weight. The simple locks make height adjustments.
A breeze and the shock absorber lessens the impact of long days on the trail. If using trekking poles has irritated your wrists, elbow or shoulders in the past the shock absorber could be a great solution.

Let's check them out.
These are three sectioned telescoping poles with durable aluminum shafts. These women's specific poles adjust from 95 centimeters to 125 centimeters.

With the flick lock pro mechanisms, they enable you to make height adjustments easily with them. Open with your thumb adjust to the right height and flick closed. The lower section locks into place at a fixed point with Black Diamonds smash lock. This eliminates the need to adjust the top and the bottom sections to the same height. Just pull down until it locks itself into place. In order to collapse it back down, you simply release the upper flick lock and then smash the upper section down into the lower one.
It releases the lock as you press down and then you're all packed up.

Black Diamond places their shock absorber towards the top of their poles. This is called control shock technology and it dampens the vibration that travels through the poles as you hike on hard surfaces.
It can go a long way to preventing irritation on your wrists elbows and shoulders throughout a long day.

The foam grip offers an extension so you can grasp it when you reach an uphill section of the trail. The top of the grip is flat so you can palm it going downhill. The adjustable straps. They're shaped just right with a high surface area to cradle your hands and wrists.


All the trekking poles for women you can see above are well designed and adapted for any weather and terrain conditions. They are adjustable so you can choose your right length.

If you are going hiking consider purchasing a set of high-quality and inexpensive hiking gear. All items in this TOP-list are available for buying online.