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  MTM Ammunition Crate MTM Ammunition-Can Combo Cabela's 100-Round Ammo Boxes Cabela's Green Dry-Storage Ammunition Box MTM Green 20-Round Belt Style Ammunition Carrier Plano® Field Locker Ammunition Can
  MTM Ammunition Crate MTM Ammunition-Can Combo Cabela's 100-Round Ammo Boxes Cabela's Green Dry-Storage Ammunition Box MTM Green 20-Round Belt Style Ammunition Carrier Plano® Field Locker Ammunition Can
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MTM Ammunition Crate

  • Durable, high-impact polypropylene
  • Water-resistant O-ring seal protects against moisture
  • Holds up to 85 lbs. of cargo
  • Use the MTM Ammo Crate to neatly organize and store ammunition in a way that protects it from harmful elements. Durable, high-impact polypropylene construction offers long-lasting performance, while the water-resistant O-ring seal prevents moisture from seeping in. More than one crate can be stacked multiple levels high for bulk storage. Two strong, side-mounted handles. Double latched with two padlock tabs. Holds up to 85 lbs. of cargo. Per each.
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    Okay ammunition we all need it and regardless if you have a hundred or even many thousands of rounds the procedures for. Safeguarding your stored ammunition are virtually the same first you got to find. An appropriate container and in my humble opinion the us military got it. Right with a standard 30 and 50 cal ammo. Cans they've been around for eons, and they've performed exceptionally well for us for many years now you can find. Then at your local surplus store and hopefully at a decent price but before. Purchasing makes sure to carefully inspect each can for integrity and especially the condition of the rubber. Seal underneath the top lid as they are these 30 and 50 cal military ammo cans. Are airtight but you'll want to give your inventory extra protection from the. Corrosive effects of moisture and for that i recommend rechargeable hydra sorban 40 gram silica gel packs and these little guys have likewise worked very well for our ammo cans and for many. Years now each canister will actually cover three square feet of area but i just throw one into each and every ammo can my computer set up to issue different programmed alerts and so i get. An alert exactly every four months i then check all the ammo cans you see here actually i just do a very quick inspection but i pay particular attention to the silica gel packs by. Four months they will just begin to show a slight pink discoloration the rule of. Thumb is if the granules are blue you're good to go if they're pink they're essentially dead and need to be recharged and so every four months as a precaution i recharged the silica gel. Packs i place them in a preheated 300. Degree oven for three hours and presto they're recharged and ready to go again and you can recharge these over and over and over again here's an example like it. Says on here when it turns thick in the. Window get us tickets in a 300-degree preheated oven for three hours, so we get these. Written all right. It's already preheated to 300 here we go. Now while the silica gel packs are recharging let's look at some other storage lockers that we have here at the compound here's where we keep our ammo for classes now this is strictly for. Classes so no one ever draws from this inventory and as you can see here we've been doing quite a bit of training because this locker is usually stocked pretty well and this is in another part. Of the house and i keep most of the shotgun rounds here they're usually a good amount of 9-millimeter rounds here as well and that's been getting pretty low too so it's time for stocking up now let's talk a little bit about labeling all ammo cans should clearly state the. Following information purpose i usually put ranged offensive or hunting quantity. In this case it's 800 rounds bullet. Weight and characteristics these are 230. Grain bullets as well as being hollow points caliber and make these are 45. Caliber and they're spear gold dots you probably should also place the date of storage as well now i like to place this. Exact same information in the front top. And on both sides of the can for convenient viewing and as you can see here each and every ammo can i store is labeled in the exact same manner. Okay the silica gel canisters have been in the oven for three hours, and they've cooled off let's now place them back in their respective ammo cans And finally i like to keep this. Humidifier running in the team room at all times it's time to go on for one. Hour and then offer a half hour continually day and night it maintains. The entire room at a very safe humidity and this is not only for the ammo but. For all of our gear that is stored here in this team room i highly recommend the. Soleus air forty pint portable dehumidifiers it has been running flawlessly for over three years and it's. Also very highly consumer rated and for. Good reason it rocks ok let's recap first you need a storage. Container i recommend the military ammo can although there are many other good alternatives as well you choose what's right for you secondly if you're getting the military ammo cans make sure the. Rubber seal is in good order third label your ammo cans in the front. Top and both sides with the following information purpose quantity bullet. Weight and characteristics caliber and make and the date stored fourth protect. Your hard-earned investment against corrosive causing moisture use a silica. Gel pack in each and every ammo can fifth and if you can afford it by a. Reputable dehumidifier for your storage room which should most likely be where you also store all of your other tactical gear so that everything is protected and finally store your animals. Safely now this room here has a vaulted door so the entire room is a giant big. Safe ok that's how we do it here at the analytical survival compound i hope you at least found something useful that can. Assist you in your own ammo storage needs as always say either subtract or. Add from what I've shown you here no problem but please make it work for you. And your family ok this is an analytical survival saying stay safe my brothers. And sisters.

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    MTM Ammunition-Can Combo

  • Neatly stores bulk ammunition
  • O-ring seal keeps water and debris out
  • Ammunition boxes included
  • MTM Ammunition-Can Combos include both an ammunition can and ammunition boxes, neatly organizing and storing bulk ammunition in a way that protects it from harmful elements. Each can's lid snaps closed, shielding ammunition from water, dirt and other debris. Ammunition boxes also seal tightly and are made to hold ammunition snugly in place.
    • .223 Rem. Ammunition-Can Combo Holds 400 rounds and fit s.17 Fireball, .17/.221/.222/.223 Rem, .204 Ruger, .218 Bee, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem. Mag., .25-20 Win., .300 Sherwood, .300 Whisper, .32 Ideal, .32/.401 Win. S.L., .351 WSL, 6x47mm, 6mm TCU and 6mm-.223 Rem.
    • .45 Auto Ammunition-Can Combo Holds 700 rounds and fits .45 Auto, 10mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG.
    • 9mm/.32 S&W Ammunition-Can Combo Holds 1,000 rounds and fits 9mm Luger, 9mm Makarov, .38 S&W, .38 Short, .380 ACP, .30 Luger and 9x21mm.
    • .308 Win. Ammunition-Can Combo – Holds 400 rounds and fits .220 Swift, .243 Win., .308 Win., 6mm-.284 Win., .250/.300 Savage, .22-250 Rem., 6mm/7mm-08 Rem., .450 Bushmaster, 6.5mm Creedmore, 6.5mm Grendel, 6.5x.257 Roberts and .410 shotshells (not shown).

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    Cabela's 100-Round Ammo Boxes

  • Each box holds up to 100 rounds
  • Great for competition shooters and varminters
  • Perfect to store, organize or transport ammo
  • Hinged Flip Top design
  • If you’re a competition shooter, hard-core varminter or just like to reload larger batches of ammunition, these 100-round ammo boxes are what you need to store, organize and transport your cartridges. High-density plastic construction. Per each. Made in USA.

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    Cabela's Green Dry-Storage Ammunition Box

  • Store ammo in a safe, dry environment
  • Heavy-duty molded-plastic construction
  • 10% more capacity than earlier models
  • Built to accommodate easy stacking
  • Reliable, no-fail brass latch
  • Sturdy handle carries even heavy, full box
  • Store your bulk ammo with confidence in a safe, dry environment. These heavy-duty molded-plastic dry boxes are new and improved with 10% more capacity. The installed rubber seal locks out moisture. Constructed to accommodate easy stacking. A no-fail brass latch secures the lid, and the handle will reliably carry even heavy, full boxes. 767-cu.-in. capacity.
    15-3/4"L x 8"W x 10"H.
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    MTM Green 20-Round Belt Style Ammunition Carrier

  • Clips to your belt so ammo is always at your fingertips
  • Cartridges fit and point downward for easy removal
  • Withstands unpredictable hunting conditions
  • Strong latch ensures lid only opens when you want it to
  • Fill MTM's 20-Round Belt-Style Ammunition Carrier with your favorite hunting cartridges, clip it to your belt and enjoy simple access to your ammunition all hunt long. Cartridges fit point downward, making removal easy. Durable enough to withstand unpredictable hunting conditions. Strong latch ensures lid only opens when you want it to.
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    Plano® Field Locker Ammunition Can

  • Dri-Loc gasket for guaranteed waterproof seal
  • Durable construction utilizing heavy-duty material
  • Heavy-duty latches for added security
  • The Plano Field Locker Ammo Can delivers safe and dry storage for your ammunition in a durable, easy-to-carry container. Modeled after the classic .50-cal. ammo-can interior, this container is perfect for travel, long-term storage and everyday use. The addition of an automatic pressure valve equalizes internal pressure for air travel. Dri-Loc gasket creates a guaranteed waterproof seal. Durable and replaceable clap-down latches for longevity. Heavy-duty hinges and detachable carry straps. Waterproof to three meters for 30 minutes.
    Exterior: 17" x 8.5" x 11"
    Interior: 12.8" x 6.5" x 9.25"
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