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  Marmot Xenon Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad - Women's Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Women's Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's
  Marmot Xenon Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad - Women's Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Women's Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's
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Bag Length [regular] 75in, [long] 80in - 78in 76in - [regular] 5ft 11in, [long] 6ft 7in
Brand Marmot Eureka Marmot Sierra Designs Therm-a-Rest Mountain Equipment
Claimed Weight [regular] 2lb 14.5oz, [long] 3lb 0.4oz 2 lb 6 oz 2lb 6oz 2lb 7oz 12oz [regular] 3lb 6oz, [long] 3lb 8oz
Degree 20F 40 F 15F 20F - -6F
Draft Tube snagless, insulated yes yes - - yes
European Norm Comfort Rating 20.3F - 9.3F 28F - 12F
Fill Weight [regular] 1lb 13.35oz, [long] 2lb 1 lb 6 oz 26.6oz 22.4oz - [regular] 2lb 1oz, [long] 2lb 3oz
Foot Circumference [regular] 45in, [long] 46in - 37in 40in - 20in
Insulation HL-ElixR Eco Eureka! Synthesis Performance (synthetic) 800+ fill goose down 700-fill Dridown - 700-fill power duck down
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime 2 years
Material [face fabric] 20D recycled polyester ripstop, [lining] 30D recycled polyester taffeta [shell] polyester taffeta (40D), [lining] peached polyester (50D) [exterior] Pertex (20D nylon ripstop), DWR coating, [lining] 30D nylon, DWR coating [shell] 20D polyester ripstop, [lining] 20D polyester taffeta 30D nylon ripstop Drilite Loft II
Recommended Use backpacking, mountaineering, weekend camping, winter camping camping, backpacking backpacking backpacking ultralight backpacking, camping backpacking, mountaineering, winter camping
Shape mummy rectangular mummy mummy mummy mummy
Shoulder Circumference [regular] 58in, [long] 60in - 56in 59in - 31in
Stuff Sack compression yes yes yes yes yes
Stuff Size 9.5 x 19in 7.5 x 17 in 7.5 x 16in 16 x 8.5in - [regular] 12x10x9in, [long] 12x11x9in
Zipper full-length full-length full-length none - -

Marmot Xenon Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down - Women's

From the high alpine of the Absaroka Range to the meandering paths of New Hampshire's Mount Washington, the Marmot Women's Xenon 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag is designed to maximize warmth without weighing you down. Fashioned with a women-specific composition, the Xenon is equipped with additional insulation in strategic areas (ones where women most frequently lose heat) and sports a 15-degree rating that makes it ideal for early spring wanders through Moab or a late fall trip to Acadia National Park.

Constructed with a lightweight Pertex material, the Xenon features 800-fill down insulation that assures furnace-like warmth when temperatures dip below comfortably cool. Marmot utilized curved baffles to prevent the insulation from shifting around as you sleep. Additionally, the bag is outfitted with a Down Defender treatment, which provides extra protection from light moisture. And thanks to the anatomically-correct footbed and nautilus-inspired hood and draft tube, the Xenon is able to maximize thermal efficiency. Should things start to heat up a little bit, the two-way side zippers allow easy-peasy ventilation. The bag comes fully furnished with an internal stash pocket, drawcord for the hood, and hang loops. And, stuff and storage sacks are included, which makes taking care of your bag far easier than that time you decided to adopt a hamster and it promptly went missing.

  • 15F temperature rating
  • 800-fill down with Down Defender treatment
  • Pertex 20D fabric
  • Women-specific mummy shape
  • Nautilus hood
  • Draft tube
  • Internal stash pocket
  • Two-way zippers
  • Hang loops
  • Stuff and storage sack included
  • Item #MAR00T8
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    Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad - Women's

    The Women's NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad is Therm-a-Rest's lightest pad yet for ultralight backpacking, and it's still comfy for camping. Women-specific ThermaCapture insulation uses a reflective layer to mirror your body heat back to you, and the Triangular Core Matrix enhances warmth and repels cold for cozy nights. The NeoAir XLite also features stable horizontal baffling, an easy-to-inflate air valve, and an included stuff sack and repair kit.

  • Women-specific ThermaCapture insulation
  • Triangular Core Matrix construction
  • Inflatable air valve
  • Horizontal baffling
  • Stuff sack and repair kit included
  • Item #CAS002R
  • We're gonna take a look at therm-a-rest neoair excellent pad this is the women's. Specific version weighs in at 12 ounces this is gonna be perfect for anyone that's looking to go fast and light especially those of you out there they're considering doing a thru-hike you'll want to take a look at this pad a two and a half inches thick this pads gonna offer a great night sleep and it. Does have an r-value that allows it to use for three seasons part of that is due to a reflective barrier that's built inside the pad that's reflecting your body heat back up to you instead of having the ground leach it out of you and in the women's specific model there is a double barrier so compared to the basic x-lite which only has a single barrier the women's version has two since women typically sleep colder the. Newer x-lite is an inflatable sleeping pad so you will need to blow it up by mouth on the other hand this allows the. Pad to be packed up very tight and small and you'll notice the minimal design where a thermal arrest has trimmed off the corners at the feet and the head. Doesn't require as many breasts to blow. This style of pad up for that reason it also is in keeping with that minimalist design concept there're a women's specific model this pad fits someone up to five feet five inches long if you're a woman and you're taller than that like me you'll have to go with the basic neoair x-lite which does fit up to six feet this pad does come with a stuff. Sack it packs up to about nine inches by four inches so easily fit in a pack and therm rest does include a repair kit. Should you run into any problems in the field and which you might need to patch or repair the pad you've got the things you need there to do it.

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    Eureka Kiewa 40 Sleeping Bag: 40 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    From a camping trip in Vermont to sleeping out in the backyard with the family, the Eureka Women's Kiewa 40 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag's tapered rectangular shape features a low profile, 3D footbox with a full-length zipper for a variety of uses. The durable yet lightweight polyester taffeta shell fabric is built to last, while the peached polyester lining gives you an extra cozy night's sleep every time you slip into the bag. A full-length, insulated zipper draft tube defends against cold air sneaking in, and the anti-snag guard helps keep frustration to a minimum. Plus, an internal pocket gives you a safe stash spot for your phone, headlamp, or map for quick and easy access in a pinch.

  • 40-degree temperature rating
  • Eureka Synthesis synthetic insulation
  • Tapered rectangular shape
  • Low-profile 3D footbox
  • Internal pocket
  • Draft tube
  • Compression stuff sack included
  • Item #ERK002C
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    Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's

    If you consider your expedition tent a luxury hotel, then the Mountain Equipment Women's Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag is your world-class hot tub. This bag boasts light, lofty 700-fill down insulation that assures warmth in near-zero temperatures, and the insulation keeps the bag light enough for backpacking in higher altitudes during the shoulder seasons and summertime. Mountain Equipment made the shell out of light, breathable, and ruggedly water-resistant fabric with box-wall baffles that enhance the bag's overall watertight protection. Plus, the waterproof roll-top stuff sack and storage cube help you pack this bag down easily when it's time to break camp.

  • Luxuriously warm comfort comes to you in this down bag
  • Exceptionally lightweight, durable shell is water-resistant
  • Duck down insulation traps precious heat and compresses small
  • Unique baffling delivers consistent warmth throughout bag
  • Lode Lock closure delivers insulated collar against drafts
  • Included stuff sack is waterproof for added protection
  • Item #MEQ008K
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    Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Women's

    Summer camping in the high alpine just isn't the same without the Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic. Its compression stuff sack makes it easy to bring along in your pack on your backpacking or bike touring trip. Made from recycled fabric and recycled high loft insulation, you'll not only stay comfortable through chilly nights but you can feel good about it as well. Marmot's HL-ElixR Eco insulation is a unique blend of 3 different recycled fibers that is soft to the touch and with its combination Wave Construction, ensures a high loft for extra warmth. If you get too toasty though, the fold-down second zipper provides added ventilation to keep you comfortable.

  • Sleeping bag made from recycled materials for warmth when camping
  • High loft insulation provides a soft-feel warmth for cold nights
  • Combination Wave Construction keeps loft high for stable warmth
  • Fold-down second zipper can provide ventilation if you overheat
  • 3D Footbox increases insulation for toasty feet on cold nights
  • Blanket construction allows versatile use in varying conditions
  • Insulated draft tube prevents chilly breezes from getting in
  • Compression stuff sack enables bag to easily be carried in pack
  • Item #MAR01RI
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    Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's

    Stop fighting with your zipper and say goodbye to getting your hair caught in hook-and-loop tabs. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 Dridown 20 Degree Sleeping Bag will revolutionize the way you backpack. By doing away with the zipper altogether, Sierra Designs not only reduces the weight of this bag, but makes a more comfortable sleeping experience. As the name implies, an incorporated comforter mimics the delicious feeling of being at home in bed. Tuck that blanket around your neck, or toss it down when the sun heats your tent up in the morning. If it gets pretty toasty, but you're insistent on sleeping in, you can also pop the foot vent open for an extra draft.

    You tend to toss and turn at night, and you like to roll over a dozen times before falling asleep. Thanks to a sleeve for your sleeping pad, you can totally get away with that now. Roll your heart away, and never fear waking up on the cold, rocky ground again. Also, if the temperatures dip below freezing, you can toggle the comforter to the sidewalls, tuck your arms into the insulated sleeves, and cinch the hood down for that cozy mummy bag feel that keeps you warm and feeling safe.

  • Unique lightweight sleeping bag for comfortable backpacking trips
  • Hydrophobic down provides warming loft even should it get wet
  • Zipper-free design provides lightweight luxury while camping
  • Toggles on comforter and insulated sleeves let you mimic the mummy
  • Pop your knees to open the foot vent when you're feeling stuffy
  • Item #SDS008T
  • This unique and innovative sleep system is the sierra designs backcountry bed. Duo sin 1.5 sleeping bag this is a. Double wide two-person sleeping bag that. Has a lot of features a very unique. Construction that's going to help you be very comfortable in the backcountry first thing that stands out to me here. Is you've got your sierra designs backcountry bed style so this is a. Zipper this sleeping bag you've got a really broad opening here in the front. Of the bag and although you would think. With a traditional sleeping bag that long zipper that runs up and down is easy to get in and out of this open construction is really easy to crawl in. And out of the sleeping bag you've got. An integrative sewn in blanket here in. The top i've got it folded over here. Just to show the size but this is. Stitched in half way into the sleeping. Bag and so you've got all of this room up top to use this as a blanket. You've got integrated sleeves here so. You can bring this around tuck this around your body and use it almost like a blanket that you would use at home so it's very comfortable in that way for. The warmest of nights you can take this tuck it away so that you have a lot of. Breathability and it's just a very very. Comfortable sleep system the bottom of. This bag has a traditional foot box so. You do have warmth around your feet. You've got a really nice baffled foot box down here at the bottom and as you can see we've got two sleeping pads here. Underneath of the backcountry bed now. This is a double wide it's meant for two people and this is going to fit up to someone who's six feet tall you've got a. Lot of girth and a lot of movement in. Here so it's a great option to take into. The backcountry it packs down pretty small smaller than you you would pack down two separate sleeping bags but with the foot box and. With the construction here you can slide. In two sleeping pads to the integrated. Sleeve here in the top so you've got a lot of movement around your feet you can. Actually take your feet out of the sleeve down here and that is able to. Vent and really cool you off on warmer nights the sleeping pads i have here are. Both 20 inches wide but you can use. Either 20 or 25 inch wide sleeping pads. The integrated sleeve that's on the top. Half of this bag is actually expandable. So i have it set on the smaller setting. But there's little toggles on there where you can expand that sleeve out to be a little bit wider so you can have wider sleeping pads do you want to. Mention that the bottom of this sleeping. Bag is not insulated so you do need to. Made it with a sleeping pad but you do have almost like a sheet right here. Underneath of you so you're not coming into contact directly with the sleeping pad you have a really comfortable material right here between you and the sleeping pad and as we move up the. Backcountry bed there is not a. Traditional hood that you would expect on a mummy sleeping bag but you do have a hood designed in the top so on the. Coldest of nights when you're coming. Close to that temperature rating for these sleeping bag you can really bring up that blanket tuck it around your head. And around your neck and use that hood. In the top to really batten everything down and to hold in your heat so you can. Use this in a variety of different ways and it's just very comfortable it feels. More like sleeping in your bed at home where you have your sleeping or you have. Your blanket around you and. You have the ability to have your feet out and really vent in the bag this bag. Is insulated with synthetic material and what i like about synthetics is that. When you're in humid or damp conditions. Or this bag were to become wet it's. Gonna dry out really quickly and it also is going to maintain its thermal efficiency even when wet so it performs. Better than down in that way and the. Synthetic insulation they're using here. Is still very compressible compact this. Bag weighs in right around four pounds four ounces so again that's for two people if you think about cutting that. Weight in half you've got a really great back packable option here you can take this into the backcountry the materials. This top material is a durable nylon. Ripstop fabric and that is also going to. Resist moisture so it's going to keep moisture from going into the bag the. Material on the inside of the bag is lighter weight and it's a little bit softer so you have a soft next to skin feel it's really comfortable there and this bag is rated for 1.5 seasons it. Doesn't have a true en rating or a. Specific temperature rating but in. Warmer weather around maybe around 50. Degrees in summer late summer into fall. Or late spring into summer it would be a. Bag that's meant for warmer weather sierra designs does include a stuff sack. For this backcountry bed and just to. Show the size if you pack it down in here and cinch it down it's definitely. The same size or smaller than two separate sleeping bags and i'm just a. Big fan of this style it's easier to use. In my opinion than trying to set two sleeping bags together and with the. Integrated sleeping pad sleeve that. Uninsulated bottom really makes this sleep system a little bit lighter weight a little bit more packable and it's just. A unique innovative way for couples to. Sleep in the backcountry it is the sierra designs backcountry bed duo sin 1.5 sleeping system. You.

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