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  La Sportiva Vapor Nano Ski - Men's La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Men's Elan Ibex 94 Carbon Ski - Men's La Sportiva Vapor Svelte Ski - Men's Hagan Ski Mountaineering Ultra 82 Ski - Men's Kastle TX65 HP Ski - Men's
  La Sportiva Vapor Nano Ski - Men's La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Men's Elan Ibex 94 Carbon Ski - Men's La Sportiva Vapor Svelte Ski - Men's Hagan Ski Mountaineering Ultra 82 Ski - Men's Kastle TX65 HP Ski - Men's
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Base Nano Highspeed Stone Grind Race P-Tex 6000 Graphite (sintered) P-Tex 5000 - sintered
Brand Hagan Ski Mountaineering La Sportiva Kastle La Sportiva Elan La Sportiva
Claimed Weight [164cm] 2lb 3oz [168cm] 4 lb 10.1 oz, [178cm] 5 lb 2.2 oz, [188cm] 5 lb 3 oz [per ski] 1lb 8oz [pair, 180cm] 5 lb 4.7 oz - [171cm, pair] 5lb 13oz, [178cm, pair] 6b 0.7oz, [185cm, pair] 6lb 4.2oz
Construction half cap Carbon Torsion Box (cap) sandwich Carbon Torsion Box (cap) Vapor Tip, Fiberglass Reinforceent, CYA Plate Reinforcement cap
Core paulownia, carbon stringers Kevlar weave composite karuba wood, carbon Kevlar weave composite Tubelite Wood, Bridge technologies wood
Dimensions 117 - 82 - 102mm 126 - 96 - 113mm 98.5 / 65 / 79.8mm [180cm] 130 / 103 / 120 mm 130 / 94 / 111mm 127 / 94 /116mm
Length 164cm, 170cm, 176cm 168cm, 178cm, 188cm 160cm 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, 188 cm 163cm, 170cm, 177cm, 184cm 171cm, 178cm, 185cm
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Profile camber, rocker tip (V250) rocker tip & tail, camber underfoot camber 60% camber, 20% tip rocker, 20% tail rocker Mountain Rocker Low Omega
Recommended Use ski mountaineering backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering backcountry touring backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering backcountry touring
Turn Radius 18m [168cm] 17m, [178cm] 19m, [188cm] 21m 22m [180cm] 20.7 m [163] 18.9m [171cm] 18.5m, [178cm] 20.5m, [185cm] 20.9m
Tail - - skin clip flat flat, skin clip swallow

La Sportiva Vapor Nano Ski - Men's

The Vapor Nano Ski from La Sportiva is the newest incarnation of skis that are blurring the lines between uphill and downhill. With tip rocker, tail rocker, and traditional camber underfoot, these lightweight skis can ski anything from deep powder to mank with ease. Where they really shine, however, is on the uphill. Carbon nano-tubes make up the laminate layers that are placed over a Kevlar weave composite, and reinforced with carbon fiber plates for added torsional rigidity. These days, just because a ski is light, it doesn't mean that it can't ski hard on the downhill, and these are a perfect example of that new standard. To make touring easy, La Sportiva added tip and tail skin attachment holes that are compatible with La Sportiva's proprietary, pre-cut skins.

  • Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Carbon Torsion Box (cap construction)
  • Kevlar Weave and paulownia core
  • Prepreg carbon nanotube laminate layers
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement plates
  • 103mm underfoot width
  • Traditional sidecut 130/103/120mm
  • 5lbs 5oz per pair (180cm length)
  • Tip and tail skin attachment holes
  • Flat, notched tail
  • Compatible with La Sportiva HiGlide Vapor Nano skins
  • Item #LSP004A
  • Hi this is corey lowe here with la. Sportive talking with brad from back country skiing canada about a few of the hot products from la sportive starting off here with the la sportive spectre ski boot this is our 4 buckle. Ski boot it is the lightest 4 buckle ski. Boot on the market one of the key features is that in walk mode this boot has 60 degrees of range of motion incredible range of motion and walk mode. For ease of touring uphill the buckles. Themselves stay completely pitched up. Even when open you say the boot can be wide open and tour really well and your. Buckles don't flop around this boot also retails for $649 so quite a good value. For the light lightest 4 buckle boots on. The market moving on from boots into. Skis here this is the la sportive vapor. Nano ski this ski is construction. Constructed with carbon nanotubes carbon. Technology that comes from the aerospace industry first time it's been applied to ski this ski itself weighs 1,200 grams. So quite light but also skis very stiff. The way the carbon nanotubes set up make. For a very torsion ally rigid ski so it. Holds an edge on harder snow quite well the rocker ship profile allows the ski. To float nicely in soft snow so 1,200. Grams he is quite light for general ski. Mountaineering recreational back country skier and the little brother to the vapor nano. New for this year is called the vapor spelt this has the same carbon nanotube. Construction technique but in a 95. Millimeter wasted design a little bit. Less tip rocker as well and with the. Skinnier waste we anticipate this ski will hold an edge better in firmer. Snow this ski weighs just 1000 grams so. It's our contribution to the mythical 1. Kilo ski debate that you see happen so. That's it for la sportive spectre ski boot vapor nano ski and vapor speltz come check them out.

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    La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski - Men's

    The La Sportiva Super Maximo LS Ski is built to blend uphill and downhill performance so that your day of touring can be even better than expected. The 94mm waist is a little wider than traditional touring specific skis to provide excellent float and stability on the downhill, while the Low Omega Profile further enhances float while also easing turn initiation and boosting overall control. On the uphill side of things the cap construction cuts key grams to keep you charging up the skin track, while skin friendly tails ensure you can stay focused on the side hill instead of your equipment.

  • Powder ski that thrives in touring scenarios with fresh snow
  • 94mm waist blends edge control on firm snow with float in powder
  • Low Omega profile eases turn transitions and boosts overall control
  • Cap construction cuts down on weight for effortlessly touring
  • Full length wood core boosts dampness and response on the downhill
  • Skin specific swallow tails ensure you can stay focused on the walk
  • Sintered bases allow you to skip across alpine meadows with ease
  • Item #LSP00EG
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    Elan Ibex 94 Carbon Ski - Men's

    You want a lightweight ski for charging hard up the skin track but you're not willing to ride a pair of noodles down sketchy objectives you put your blood, sweat, and tears into on the way up and rightly so. Mom always said you can't have your cake and eat it too, but the Elan Ibex 94 Carbon Ski begs to differ.

    With a 94mm waist and Mountain Rocker profile, these sticks keep you afloat in the soft stuff while letting you lay it down on hardpack. Inside the Tubelite wood core you'll find light carbon tubes to add stability and a powerful rebound, with fiberglass reinforcements to stiffen the ski for optimal downhill performance. Vapor Tip inserts further reduce weight and dampen vibrations for a smooth ride while you're plowing through crud, so you can confidently rip anything the backcountry throws at you with enough gas in the tank for an extra lap at the end of the day.

  • Touring skis that search for the perfect balance of up and down hill
  • 94mm waist balances uphill speed with downhill powder performance
  • Mountain rocker profile grips on skin tracks and floats in powder
  • Tubelight wood core is responsive, lightweight, and trustworthy
  • CYA plate enables you to mount all types of bindings reliably
  • Vapor tips cut down on swing weight for effortless kick turns
  • Fiberglass laminates enhance flex and dampness for a smooth ride
  • Item #ELA001P
  • So i found the ski touring winner this. Year this boat is the atlantic's 84 carbon. Looks really nice it's really light as well super light but I'm sure that doesn't affect the performance in a negative way yeah like the look at this ski like to try it out alam slovenian ski maker you. No very traditional ski maker, but they're doing some really innovative designs these days so I'm looking. Forward to testing this somewhere this winter.

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    La Sportiva Vapor Svelte Ski - Men's

    You can't help the fact that the harder the line is to ski, the more you want to ski it. Luckily, the La Sportiva Vapor Svelte Ski shares your affliction with a lightweight construction that likes to travel long distances and up big, intimidating mountains with aplomb. Now, we know what you're thinking—a lot of skis are getting thrown in the lightweight class these days, but we assure you, that with a weight of just 5lb 3oz (1175g) in a 188cm length, the Vapor Svelte Skis truly belong in the lightweight class.

    Sitting at a versatile 96mm underfoot, the Vapor Svelte will make the most of the variable conditions you'll encounter above treeline, along with enough tip and tail width to float the occasional powder and a narrow enough waist to easily hold an edge on the hardpack. A slightly rockered tip and tail let you make tight turns down pinner couloirs and navigate narrow chokes through the crux of your line. When you make your exit and loosen those turns up down the apron, you will be able to arc turns with confidence thanks to plenty of camber underfoot.

    The construction of the Vapor Svelte consists of what La Sportiva calls Carbon Torsion Box construction. The layup is made up of a Kevlar weave composite core with prepreg resin matrix reinforced with carbon nanotubes, the result of which makes the ski both ridiculously lightweight and torsionally stiff. The other major benefit to this construction is that the ski will last much longer than a traditional wood core ski, while maintaining the same snappy feel throughout the ski's life. Since this ski is built to ride lines where conditions will be, well, less than ideal, La Sportiva went ahead and put a burly P-Tex 6000 base to resist core shots and a wide 2.2mm steel edge to the put the handle on chunks of ice and the occasional rock.

  • A svelte backcountry ski that feels lighter than vapor
  • Versatile 96mm waist excels on firm and soft snow
  • Rocker tip and tail play in powder with a surfy feel
  • Camber underfoot holds an edge on variable, icier snow
  • Carbon Torsion Box construction is light and surprisingly stiff
  • Item #LSP00JB
  • I'm randi and this is doug we're the. Owners of cripple creek backcountry, and we are here today talking about the mas. Pratibha vapor smell yeah this favorites felt was new for this fall the fall of. 2015 and it actually had an early. Release in the spring, so we got our hands on a couple pairs ahead of time. And randy had a chance to get on there what'd you think i really enjoyed this ski i think that it's really similar to the vapor nano the this ski is just a. Little narrower waisted ski than the vapor nano so this is 96 underfoot the. Nano comes in at 103 underfoot and i. Think you and i have talked a lot about this that this is the ideal waisted ski for kind of an everyday touring ski go. Ahead yep well it a lot it will float decently in. Powder it's not as wide as some of the skis out there but what you get for lower waist is you get a ski that's really maneuverable and will do pretty well edge to edge and a hard pack as well yeah and you know the main the. Main point here with the vapor nano is. That it's laid up with carbon nanotubes so this is a new technology that sportive has developed which brings this. Ski in at 1165 grams for one's the night. Which is yeah almost 40% lighter than. Any other ski in its class so if you're. Looking for and all-around lightweight back country touring ski sport eva's favor spell has every other ski in this. Class beat yeah made right here in the united states and the secret location see yeah top secret location they are made here in the us yeah and what are. You tell me about the construction of the ski how is it laid out so that it's a carbon prep reg construction and then. The nanotubes they're actually almost painted on in layers so it's a pretty. Involved process it's really exciting new technology from sports eva you know in their initial run of the. Na nos they had a little bit to figure out but it's clear you know now that the. Quality is there and getting out and skiing on the spells yeah so it comes in. 1199 what links is it come in and then. It comes in a 168 178 and a 188 and if. You were gonna buy the ski doug what likely to go with i probably ski it in the 178 length right here it's about as tall as i am about by 10 you know we were talking about the their early rise technology in. There which is gonna make the ski a little bit shorter but it'll also keep you up on top of the snow which is one of the big reasons to usually go longer so i want to go any longer to 178 yep i. And i think that looks like the perfect ski for you i can't wait let's bring on. The snow.

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    Hagan Ski Mountaineering Ultra 82 Ski - Men's

    At two pounds per plank, the Hagan Ultra 82 Ski is an ultralight option for ski mountaineering. It's light and nimble for technical ascents, and as the second-widest ski in Hagan's Ultra collection, it can still handle a rowdy downhill. Carbon stringers stiffen up the ski so you can gain some speed down tight, steep couloirs, and there's plenty of camber underfoot when you want to edge your way down, even when the couloir is icy. Hagan rockered the tip ever so slightly to ease turning if you score some softer snow at higher altitudes. The ski has a light paulownia wood core encapsulated in ABS sidewalls for extra durability. The tip and tail do not have sidewalls to reduce weight and enhance swinging.

  • Ultralight ski designed specifically for mountaineering
  • 82mm waist shaped for firmer snow commonly found on summits
  • Lightly rockered tip helps navigate more variable snow
  • Camber underfoot can hold an edge on straight ice
  • Carbon stringers amplify stiffness without adding much weight
  • Sidewalls underfoot add durability and easy-to-tune convenience
  • Item #HSM000K
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    Kastle TX65 HP Ski - Men's

    As the skinniest ski in Kastle's TX touring collection, the TX 65 HP Ski is choice for rando racing a ski mountaineering world cup. Each ski weighs just over a pound to keep light on the uphill, and two full layers of carbon keep this ski surprisingly stiff on the downhill. Kastle's Hollowtech tip also reduces the ski's overall weight while simultaneously becoming 30% damper. With Hollowtech, the TX 65 HP Ski feels more stable, has a more powerful edging performance, and improves steering for high performance on race day.

    The TX 65 HP Ski has a long camber underfoot with a long effective edge that maintains a moderate turn radius ideal for big, technical mountains. The Fast Grip Shovel tip quickens the ski's response time at the beginning of each turn, and the Fast Grip tail allows a more aggressive and precise performance at the end of each turn. Kaslte made the ski out of a light, poppy karuba wood core sandwiched with race-inspired sidewalls for a stable ride at high speeds.

  • High performance ski designed for ski mountaineering world cups
  • Nimble 65mm underfoot maneuvers best on hardpack and ice
  • Standard camber creates a long effective edge and quick turns
  • Racing-inspired sidewalls ensure control at high speeds
  • Light, poppy karuba wood core encapsulated in carbon for stiffness
  • Hollowtech tip reduces weight and amplifies damping
  • Item #KAS001D
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