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  Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe - Men's La Sportiva TX4 Mid GTX Approach Boot - Men's Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoe - Men's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Men's
  Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe - Men's La Sportiva TX4 Mid GTX Approach Boot - Men's Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoe - Men's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Men's
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Brand La Sportiva Mammut La Sportiva Evolv Five Ten Scarpa
Claimed Weight 16.2oz 12oz [pair] 2 lb 1.9 oz 10oz 14.5oz [single, size 42] 13.6oz
Closure lace lace - lace lace lace
Last board board - PL=S2: performance lifestyle ergonomic -
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year lifetime 1 year limited lifetime 1 year 1 year
Midsole Traverse Injection MEMlex, STB Control System TPU, SofTech EVA micropore EVA compression-molded EVA EVA EVA
Recommended Use hiking, alpine hiking approach hiking, rock hopping, scrambling casual bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing hiking
Sole Vibram MegaGrip, Impact Brake System Michelin OCX Approach Vibram Idro-Grip V-Smear Trax Enduro Stealth C4 rubber Vibram Dynamis LBT/ Megagrip
Upper Material leather, TechLite PU (1.5mm), rubber 3D-knit mesh, textile leather [night, army] leather [vegan jet] synthetic nubuck leather 1.8mm suede

Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's

Compared to Evolv's other approach shoes, the Men's Rebel Approach Shoe is more durable than the Cruzer and more casual than the Zender. It's ideal for climbers who want to frequent sport crags, climbing gyms, and hangouts in the same shoe. Both the army and night styles are made with leather uppers, and the vegan jet style forgoes leather for synthetic; regardless of the option, the Rebel's upper is ruggedly water-resistant to keep clean on a rainy, muddy day.

  • Burlier approach shoe coupled with a casual style
  • Water-repellent upper crafted out of leather or vegan synthetic
  • Trax Enduro rubber sole extends over toe for extra durability
  • Memory foam footbed with EVA midsole underneath for customized cushioning
  • Item #EVL002A
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    Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's

    As time goes on, approaches are getting the trail maintenance they need to avoid erosion, but there are still plenty of unkempt trails with slippery scree, roots to trip over, and large boulders to hop over. When an approach like that is standing between you and your climb, the Mammut Men's Alnaska Knit Low Approach Shoe prevails. It has the lightweight flexibility that demanding terrain calls for, so you can land on one foot and dodge a root with the other. Underfoot, the Alnasca has a stable platform with cushy SofTech and an anatomic footbed to keep you moving for miles. The Michelin Rock Tech was specialized for alpine terrain.

  • Lightweight, flexible approach shoe made for demanding hikes
  • Base Fit lace closure wraps around the heel for a secure fit
  • Anatomic footbed with heel stabilizer and SofTech EVA underneath
  • Michelin Rock Tech rubber sole assures offroad traction
  • Item #MAM00YN
  • Hi I'm john i have in my hand here a. Mamet ridge low gore-tex approach you so. What's this design for well it's got a very stable sole unit so it like. Lengthwise it will flex but not overly but torsion ally it's very stable this. This shoe has been designed for steep. Rocky rugged terrain so that's why it's. Called approach for approaching cliffs it's also got a really clever outsole whether the lugs are designed to grip really well going uphill and grip. Equally, well going downhill to give you a great anchor on the surface and. It's also high friction in terms of the. Sole unit it's a double density and then. It in a shoe like this you don't want a squidgy sole unit because you want the shoe to feel stable but you still have. To have enough shock absorption to take the impact out of your joint which this will do beautifully the upper is then. Very robust this is built to last so that the nose is rubber all these. Materials are designed to protect you. And hold you anything that laces down to. The toe like this does always fits really nicely over the metatarsals because you can adjust it so this will be very comfortable and in the heel to give you even more comfort and a better fit they put memory foam which will shape and customize to your fit over time so this shoe is designed to last. It's designed to give you sensitivity it's designed to go where the ground is rough it is fully waterproof it has a. Full gore-tex sock inside it and it's a. Really highly competent well engineered. Piece of kit for a mum who excel at making footwear for mountaineers but. Don't just think this is from out in ears anything that's designed to do what this will do will just make a great everyday. Shoe for outdoor use so i give you the. Mum up route low cortex thank you for watching have a lovely summer and have lots of adventures thank you. You.

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    La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe - Men's

    Make good time navigating miles of house-sized boulders when you wear the La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe. Even with a heavy expedition pack, the sticky rubber tread and Impact Brake System give you confidence on wet or dry rock. With two layers of soft EVA in the footbed and midsole, your feet can make it from the car to camp without bruising or blistering. On the most demanding approaches, the leather upper and rubber toe rand hold up to your foot dragging and stone kicking, and the mesh liner covering the tongue and rear-foot add some breathability to summer rock hops.

  • An approach shoe with classic style and high-performance
  • Impact Brake System and Vibram rubber provide confident footing
  • Footbed padding takes the abuse of the trail for you
  • Classic La Sportiva aesthetics and leather upper
  • Rubber rand protects those good looks from scree fields
  • Item #LSP0152
  • the shoe we've got a board lasted construction so that gives the shoe a lot of really good stiffness and torsional rigidity so it's going to maintain its edging power and climbing

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    La Sportiva TX4 Mid GTX Approach Boot - Men's

    You always want your foot to feel prime on the climb, but sometimes there are miles of steep switchbacks, rough rocks, and twig-riddled trails. That's where the La Sportiva Men's TX4 Mid GTX Approach Boot comes in handy. It has the stiffness, stability, and support needed for hauling a lot of climbing gear over rough terrain, and Gore-Tex Extended Comfort applies reliable waterproofing just in case you come across mud or light showers. Extended Comfort also enhances breathability, and Vibram's MegaGrip sole features an Impact Brake System for a safer descent. 

  • Burly approach boot built to traverse high mountain ranges
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex with Extended Comfort for enhanced breathability
  • Strong leather upper with TechLite rand for rock protection
  • STB Control System maintains support and stability on rough terrain
  • Vibram MegaGrip sole with Impact Brake System
  • Item #LSP00D9
  • the shoe we've got a board lasted construction so that gives the shoe a lot of really good stiffness and torsional rigidity so it's going to maintain its edging power and climbing

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    Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoe - Men's

    If your idea of a relaxing weekend is a ten-mile approach to a thousand-foot, fourth-class ridge climb, then the Five Ten Men's Guide Tennie is definitely the approach shoe for you. This low-profile, lightweight shoe has a Stealth C4 sole—the same ultra-sticky rubber that's found on Five Ten climbing shoes. This shoe's incredible traction will make the approach slabs to Half Dome or a few pitches of 5.6 a walk in the park. Whether you're making a quick run up another North Cascades ridge climb or slacklining in Camp 4, your feet will be happy in the Guide Tennie.

  • Durable, comfortable approach shoe for your next climb
  • Extra rubber on toe adds protection on the incline
  • Water-resistant leather upper keeps light moisture out
  • Compression-molded midsole provides long lasting comfort
  • Mesh lining keeps air circulating for temperature control
  • Item #FVT002Y
  • Nancy orchard here with 510 I've got. The new 510 guide tinnie was the original shoe to go from car to trail to. Summit and back to the car again it was. Designed for guides to not have to put. On climbing shoes when they are hanging around in belay ledges the guide tinnie evolved into more of a hiking shoe we. Re-evaluated where that shoe had gone and decided to go back to the original last which is lower volume that keeps your foot from wiggling when you're on. Edge we also went back to our original. Sole pattern with a 5-10 dotty tread. Which keeps more rubber on the rock it. Has a coarse delft seafloor rubber which is the stickiest climbing rubber in the. World but then we added modern state-of-the-art materials full leather. Upper and exoskeleton that gives you a. Little bit more torsional support again the 510 guide tinnie you can get it at 5:10 dot-com or with our retail partners.

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    Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Men's

    Scarpa's Mescalito Shoe gets you to remote alpine areas where the rock has been weathered into bulletproof five star lines. A Vibram rubber sole keeps your feet in place so you can be confident when hopping across a talus field or scrambling up steep rocky inclines. The suede upper provides comfortable durability while working in tandem with the rubber toe rand to resist abrasion, creating a bombproof construction that excels through the demanding approach. The lacing is reminiscent of climbing shoes, with a toe-to-heel design that customizes fit for a snug performance on the trail.

  • An approach shoe to hike into hard to reach alpine destinations
  • Vibram sole provides traction across steep talus fields
  • Scramble up scree fields with a comfortable, durable suede upper
  • Rubber toe rand combats abrasion while trekking through the alpine
  • Lace to toe design customizes fit for performance on long approaches
  • Item #SCR006Z
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