Top 6 discount Sleeping Bags for Ladies

There are different types of sleeping bags:

  • camping bags;
  • backpacking bags;
  • climbing/mountaineering bags.

Women’s-specific bags are designed slightly differently than unisex sleeping bags. They are cut to be wider in the hips, narrower in the shoulders, and they come in a range of shorter lengths. They also can come with added insulation.

We offer TOP-6 discounted sleeping bags for women.

Top 6

Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Sleeping Pad - Women's Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's Big Agnes Elsie Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's The North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's
Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Sleeping Pad - Women'sMarmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women'sSierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women'sBig Agnes Elsie Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women'sMountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women'sThe North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★----
BrandSierra DesignsBig AgnesMarmotMountain EquipmentTherm-a-RestThe North Face
Claimed Weight1lb 11oz[regular] 2lb 14oz, [petite] 2lb 11oz[regular] 4lb 8oz, [long] 4lb 13oz[regular] 3lb 6oz, [long] 3lb 8oz1 lb 15 oz[regular] 4lb 8oz, [long] 4lb 15oz
Insulation800-fill DridownFireline Pro (synthetic)SpiraFil LT (synthetic)700-fill power duck down-Heatseeker Pro
Manufacturer Warrantylifetimelifetimelifetime2 yearslifetimelifetime
Material15D nylon ripstop[face fabric] nylon ripstop, [lining] polyester tafetta[shell] 70D polyester, [lining] 70D polyesterDrilite Loft IIpolyester, nylon-
Max User Height5ft 8in[regular] 5ft 10in, [petite] 5ft 5in[regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft5ft 7in-[regular] 5ft 6in, [long] 6ft
Recommended Usebackpacking, weekend campingbackpacking, weekend camping, winter campingcamping, backpackingbackpacking, mountaineering, winter campingcamping, backpacking, travelbackpacking, weekend camping
Shapemummymummysemi-rectangularmummystreamlined rectangularmummy
Storage Sackyesmesh-yes-included
Stuff Sackyesnylonincluded compression sackyesyesincluded
Stuff Size15 x 7.5in9in X 20in-[regular] 12x10x9in, [long] 12x11x9in-12 x 22in

Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Sleeping Pad - Women's

The redesigned Therm-a-Rest Women's Trail Pro Sleeping Pad still puts two inches of padding between you and the ground, but now includes diagonal-cut foams for extra warmth. In addition to limiting convective heat loss, your comfort is increased thanks to body-mapping that targets support and cushioning for those parts of you that need a little more protection from the cold, hard ground. This do-everything pad packs easily, whether you're carrying your pack into the backcountry or around the world.

  • Inflatable sleeping pad for four-season comfort
  • R-value of 4.8 ideal for cold sleepers
  • Unique die-cut pattern offers enhanced warmth
  • Lightweight foam saves room in your pack
  • Item #CAS0640

With a warm R-value of four-point, eight compact dimensions when packed down and a thick two-inch space of comfort the Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Sleeping Pad is an extremely versatile pad for year-round backpacking or camping.
The foam base throughout the pad also employs pressure mapping technology what that means is dual density. Foams are used throughout the pad. Differing densities throughout the pad that give you extra support in those areas where you need it most: at the hips, at the shoulders and fins out at those places where you don't need it. Saving weight in the process further saving weight is diagonal.

The cuts in the foam take some of the foam out there you have weight at the same time that diagonal cut keeps heat from being lost. In the pad retains your body warmth and makes it a great warm option for season use. The trail pro is manufactured in Seattle, Washington. Built here in the US. Other materials on this pad include a non-slip surface. It has a nice feel to it gain increasing comfort but also helping to keep you and your sleeping bag in place on top of the pad during the night.

Reinforced materials on the bottom fabric of this pad help to hold up, to wear, and tear and give it increased durability for storage for carrying during backpacking. Thermal rest also throws in a stuff sack. Therma res does recommend that you store any self-inflating pad with the integrated valve. Open when they ship the pads they are in a compressed state which so when you purchase a new self-inflating pad.
It's recommended that you open that valve and give the pad 24 hours or whatever time you can give it open so that that foam can rebound a little bit and get to something closer to full inflation.

Marmot Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's

The Marmot Women's Trestles 15 Sleeping Bag offers superb value with its toasty warmth and comfort-oriented shape. Its affordable price point sure doesn't hurt either, leaving plenty of extra loot for far-flung trips into the mountains. SpiraFil LT insulation traps thermal warmth with its high-loft synthetic fibers, ensuring you're sleeping soundly when the mercury plunges on crisp, clear evenings. Newly improved over previous versions, the anatomical, 3D-shaped footbox improves warmth and roominess for your feet.

Although it's rated to 15 degrees, the Women's Trestle 15 is actually a bit warmer than the men's-specific version, as backed by its EN Comfort rating of 16 degrees (versus the men's version with an EN Comfort rating of 27 degrees). Marmot does this because female campers usually sleep colder than their male counterparts, so a bit of extra insulation does wonders to boost overnight comfort in cold weather. On those especially frigid evenings, the adjustable collar and hood lock in precious body heat from escaping. There's also a second fold-down zipper, should you feel overly warm on mild summer nights.

  • Lofty warmth for freezing nights under the stars;
  • EN Comfort rated to 16F for comfort on cold evenings;
  • SpiraFil LT insulation maintains loft and durability;
  • Adjustable collar and hood retain heat from escaping;
  • Second fold-down zipper for extra ventilation;
  • Included compression sack for easy packing;
  • Item #MAR013Q.

Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Women's

There's nothing quite like crawling into a soft bed after a long day, even if your bed is a sleeping bag and your house is a mesh tent. When your long day involves hiking 20 miles of varied terrain and your bed is the Women's Sierra Designs Nitro UL 800 Dridown 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, you're in for a sweet, restful night. Packed with hydrophobic down, you stay warm during even a cold, damp spring night, and it packs up nice and easy in the morning thanks to the high warmth-to-weight ratio of 800-fill. If you're camping closer to winter, the draft dodger collar can be cinched down for a nice, mummy-shaped face hug, and if you're camping closer to summer the self-sealing foot vent makes it easy to give yourself some fresh air on a warm morning.

  • Lightweight sleeping bag for shoulder season camping and backpacking;
  • Hydrophobic down stays dry and lofty longer in damp conditions;
  • Five-inch baffling consolidates down for increased insulation;
  • Foot ventilation offers simple way to cool off on warmer nights;
  • Half-length zipper provides easy entry and reduces bag weight;
  • Bonded interface along zipper track eliminates zipper snag;
  • Item #SDS008Y.

This is the Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag.

This 4 season bag has a thermally efficient and weight saving mummy cut. It utilizes lightweight compressible and weather resistant dry down insulation. Let's have a closer look. Unlike traditional down which can lose its ability to keep you warm if it becomes wet, the feather in this bag has been treated to stay dry longer and dry out faster. If they do become damp best of all the dry down insulation continues to keep you warm even on cold wet nights.

Personally, I still want to know that the insulation is fully protected and the bags water repellent nylon rip stop shell gives me back confidence. The bags tapered mummy cut and baffled design reduces bulk and wait while also eliminating empty space inside. The bag only has a half-length zipper but that helps to cut down on weight. It makes the bag that much warmer and that's still plenty of access to the inside of the bag.

Additional insulation at the collar and behind the zipper add to the overall warmth. My feet get hot regardless of the temperature so I'm also a big fan of foot vents. The simple overlapping design on the Nitro`s foot vent is great. It's easy to extend your feet if they get too hot but when you pull them back in the vent self seals and keeps you warm. The bag weighs well under three pounds and fits inside an included 16-inch by 9-inch stuff sack that can actually compress even smaller than that a mesh storage. The sack is also included and it's the best way to store the bag to maintain loft and extend the life of the bag. With its lightweight packable and weather resistant design the Sierra Designs Nitro 800 Dridown Sleeping Bag is a great option for winter backpacking or camping.

Big Agnes Elsie Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic - Women's

Forget about packing away your camp gear at the end of summer—with the 15-degree Elsie Sleeping Bag from Big Agnes you can hit the peaks in early December or sleep under the desert sky in late January. The combination of hydrophobic fibers and abrasion-resistant material keep you warm and protected when camping in snow caves or quick bivvies. If you are exposed to the elements, the draft tube and collar work to trap body heat and prevent cold air from entering so you can stay toasty from dusk to dawn. When you pack up camp the next morning, this bag won’t weigh you down as you move on to the next alpine lake or high-altitude meadow.

  • Sleeping bag fit for early winter trips to the alpine;
  • 15-degree rating ideal for mountains or brisk desert nights;
  • Lightweight synthetic won’t weigh you down on long treks;
  • Water-repellent finish protects from snow drifts;
  • Draft tube and collar keep unwanted cold air at bay;
  • Item #BAG00FL.

Mountain Equipment Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag - Women's

If you consider your expedition tent a luxury hotel, then the Mountain Equipment Women's Glacier 1000 Sleeping Bag is your world-class hot tub. This bag boasts light, lofty 700-fill down insulation that assures warmth in near-zero temperatures, and the insulation keeps the bag light enough for backpacking in higher altitudes during the shoulder seasons and summertime. Mountain Equipment made the shell out of light, breathable, and ruggedly water-resistant fabric with box-wall baffles that enhance the bag's overall watertight protection. Plus, the waterproof roll-top stuff sack and storage cube help you pack this bag down easily when it's time to break camp.

  • Luxuriously warm comfort comes to you in this down bag;
  • Exceptionally lightweight, durable shell is water-resistant;
  • Duck down insulation traps precious heat and compresses small;
  • Unique baffling delivers consistent warmth throughout bag;
  • Lode Lock closure delivers insulated collar against drafts;
  • Included stuff sack is waterproof for added protection;
  • Item #MEQ008K.

The North Face Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree Synthetic - Women's

Much like the alpine cat it's named after, The North Face Women's 5 Degree Synthetic Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag is adeptly suited for the cold, wind-swept environments of snowy summits and frigid northerly locations. Cyclone construction wraps continuous-filament and cut-staple fibers around the bag for thermal efficiency and superior loft. Since it uses synthetic HeatseekerPro instead of down insulation, the Snow Leopard is an excellent choice for camping in moisture-laden climates where down insulation is susceptible to losing its lofting performance.

There's a fitted hood for maximum warmth, mated to a draft collar that prevents precious heat from escaping into bone-chilling evening air. Pad loops attach to your sleeping pad, preventing migration during overnight movements. The vaulted footbox offers ample room for stretching out in cozy comfort. As a space-saving bonus, the included compression sack is handy on backpacking trips where minimizing overall bulk is essential.

  • Mummy-style sleeping bag for cold-weather camping;
  • Heatseeker Pro insulates even while wet;
  • Cyclone construction for improved loft;
  • Women-specific design targets key areas for warmth;
  • Offset quilted bottom avoids cold spots;
  • Retaining straps attach the bag to your pad;
  • Included compression sack saves space for backpacking;
  • Item #TNF03ZD.
We are here to review the North Face Snow Leopard sleeping bag.It's a mummy sleeping bag with a hood to keep your head nice and warm. It's packed full of North Faces climate shield synthetic insulation so it's warm. It's light, it dries easily and it's breathable.

The Snow Leopard is equipped with a draft collar which has a pull string on the side opposite the zipper. The temperature rating is minus 18 degrees Celsius. On my latest trip, I believe the lowest temperature we experienced was minus 5 to minus 10 degrees Celsius and I was still very warm. I had the bottom part of the zipper open to help ventilate my legs.

My overall impression of the sleeping bag was positive. I found it to be warm comfortable and light enough to pack. Did have a few issues with the zipper? It has a tendency to get caught as you're zipping around. Zipping however it is easily unstuck.

I'll admit it does take a bit of effort to get the Snow Leopard into its carrying bag but it does compress down to approximately 11 inches by 20 inches which is more than enough space for the rest of your gear for your truck.


There are also some features you may pay attention to. They are:

  1. Left/right zipper;
  2. Baffles;
  3. Hoods.

The length of the sleeping bag you need depends on your height. Don`t buy one that’s too short or too long. If your sleeping bag is too short, your head and feet will press against the ends of the bag, compressing the insulation there making it less effective. If the bag is too long, there will be too much empty space in it and it will take more energy and time to heat it up.

If this TOP-list was useful for you, make your choice from it and enjoy comfort sleeping.