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  Nosler® Reloading Manual #8 Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook 3rd Edition Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook 5th Edition Loadbooks USA Caliber/Gauge Specific Reloading Manuals Hornady® Reloading and Bullet Accuracy DVD Hodgdon® 2016 Annual Reloading Manual Lyman Long-Range Reloading Handbook
  Nosler® Reloading Manual #8 Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook 3rd Edition Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook 5th Edition Loadbooks USA Caliber/Gauge Specific Reloading Manuals Hornady® Reloading and Bullet Accuracy DVD Hodgdon® 2016 Annual Reloading Manual Lyman Long-Range Reloading Handbook
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Brand Hornady Lyman HODGDON Lyman Nosler - Lyman

Nosler® Reloading Manual #8

  • Includes AccuBond long-range bullet data
  • Data for 26, 28 and 30 Nosler and 458 Socom
  • Expanded powder selection includes newer powders
  • Provides step-by-step reloading instruction
  • Nosler's Reloading Manual #8 provides step-by-step instruction through the entire reloading process and includes load data for most classic and modern calibers. Eighth edition includes AccuBond® long-range bullet data plus 458 Socom and 26, 28 and 30 Nosler cartridge data and new-cartridge introductions. Expanded powder selection displays load data for a variety of new powders. Foreword by Dan Petzal. 800 pages. Hardcover.
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    Lyman Pistol and Revolver Handbook 3rd Edition

    The Lyman 3rd Edition Pistol and Revolver Handbook has up-to-date load data for the serious handgun reloader. Suggested loads, and their ballistics and trajectory are included for each caliber. New information is included for Lyman cast-bullet designs. Editorial section features how-to-reload information, tips on improving accuracy and casting bullets, and articles by some of the most respected names in the handgun field. Softcover. 280 pages.
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    Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook 5th Edition

    With more than 230 pages of devoted data, this is the most complete and up-to-date manual available. It covers cases, wads and primers currently offered by all leading manufacturers in all gauges from .410 to 10 gauge. Tips and techniques from the pros at MEC will make your loading sessions more productive. Loads for slugs and buckshot are included. Identify popular shotshell cases. An expanded non-toxic data section contains how-to-load instructions for steel, bismuth and Hevi-Shot. In addition, the latest and also the most popular powders from Alliant, Hodgdon, Accurate, IMR, VihtaVuori, Ramshot and Winchester are included.
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    YouTube fortune cookie 45 lc coming to. You from hot lead zone and tonight we're gonna review the lyman fifth edition shot reloading handbook now you. Now that i found a lot of the lyman books to be excellent resources for all. Shooters whether you're a beginner or intermediate or advanced they're excellent volumes to have great data but. This book the shots are reloading. Handbook it's basically valuable for new. Shots aubrey loaders if you're an experienced shot she'll be loaded at all you're not gonna have much use for this. Book so if you're an experienced shooter. Or a competitor say in trap or skeet or. Sporting clays you're not gonna have much use for that whole section in there on target loads because you've got your target recipes set and you know what. Works for you what you like to do so that's a whole wasted session in this book and the serious competition. Shooters use factory loads anyway for. Their competition might be using practice reloads but again you've got. Those reload sets so you don't really need more recipes in target loads and if. You're a hunter this book won't be that. Useful for you because if you're gonna. Reload steel or bismuth or tungsten that. Shot is so expensive that you don't get many savings over factories so you modules use factory and it's better for your hunt anyway in fact the best magnum. Shot lead shot is so expensive now that. You're not getting many savings over factory with that either so again this. Book usefulness is diminished finally. The slug shooters. That's the session on slugs — the end. Pages the index all that kind of thing. So there's not much on slugs in this. Book and the only slugs that they have. In the book anyway are the lyman slugs. If you are loadly slugs there's no data. For slugs in this book and one of the basic. Principles that they're always impressing upon readers of this book is. That we don't change components so what. They're really saying is use lyman slugs and don't use the least lugs and if you do. Use lead slugs there's nothing in here for you so again the usefulness even for. Slugs is diminished in this book and. Then finally the articles in the beginning a book talking about the holes and the primers and the powder in the wads that's run the mill stuff and if. Unless you are a new shot shell reloader. That information doesn't help us much. Still, all experienced or intermediate. Re loaders of shot shells this book isn't. Going to help you much great for beginners till now you might ask well why do i buy this book then and the reason is that i had an earlier. Edition of a shotshell reloading handbook i know it's lot earlier because. There's no sporting clays pictures in it. Like this one has goes way back and i. Loaned that book out and if you loan. Your reloading manuals out you'll probably never get them back well i never got back and so all these years i haven't really missed it but i thought I'd round out my library by adding this book to it so just to round out my. Reference laughter that's why i bought this and so i go ahead and do a review. For you but that's it the lyman fifth edition shot reloading handbook limited usefulness and a lot of the data. In there is available online even the. Lease lugs and even the lyman slug reloading data is available online so. You don't really need to get this now if you need something out of this book you can contact me under comments and I'll be glad to give it to you or share it. With you take care of you tubers out there we'll see you next video bye for now.

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    Loadbooks USA Caliber/Gauge Specific Reloading Manuals

    Complete reloading manuals with up-to-date information from all the leading bullet and powder manufacturers. Each book is tailored to a specific caliber or gauge. The wide selection covers virtually every popular caliber and gauge, giving information on proven and tested loads.
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    Hornady® Reloading and Bullet Accuracy DVD

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Shows reloading process step by step
  • Covers rifle and handgun cartridges
  • The Hornady Reloading and Bullet Accuracy DVD with Joyce Hornady shows the step-by-step reloading process in an easy-to-follow format, making it a great video for beginners. It also covers both rifle and handgun cartridges. 24 minutes.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    To each of these shooters the accuracy. With which he can place each shot is of prime importance an inaccurate rifle or. Cartridge is in the same class as an unfaithful wife a leaky boat or a bird. Dog that officially false points we're. Better off without them I'm joyce. Hornady you might say accuracy is my business i make bullets this is chuck. Schreiber accuracy is his business to. Mrs. ralph in singer leo lee ken maduro. Melvin holmes whose jobs are to build. Accuracy into the tools and dyes and machines that make our bullet. That doesn't mean 10 these bookmaking. Presses with all the loving care a mother bestows on an only child these. Voting. These craftsmen and dennis o'neil. Ron miller. Richard musica and gary bull. Him down bob andrew this is the plant. Superintendent dale francis he worries a. Lot too because accuracy is also his problem and this is reuben hayes he. Fires sample bullets from each of these machines in our super accurate test barrels to make certain that our accuracy standards are being met and to. Bring things to hold if they're not our kind of accuracy isn't something easily come by it isn't found anywhere in the. World in at the pure state and you cannot buy it by the pound and even when. You have it can easily slip away we. Have to build it into our bullets carefully not ten thousandth of an inch. And a tenth of a grain at a time no accuracy just doesn't happen you have. To make it happen with tools with men. With materials with machines with. Bullets and what rifles this is the sort. Of 200-yard group a good many shooters get as you can see hitting a prairie dog. At that range would be pretty much a matter of good luck rather than good shooting even many woodchucks would be. Missed or only wounded that 200 yards are beyond varmint shooters really do. Need better accuracy than this, and they can get it takes a good look at this. Target I've just started now let's see. If i can put two more right in there. Good now that's what i call varmint. Accuracy but we can only get it with a. Good rifle properly bedded and having a. Smooth trigger pull shooting hand loads. Carefully made from selected fire form. Cases with the proper powder charge and. The best possible bullets seated to the. Right depth however bear in mind that. Factory ammo has to be made to fit all. Kinds of rifles with all kinds of chamber dimensions in a wide variety of. Actions bolt slide lever auto loaders and. Single shot hand loads however can be. Made up for an individual rifle and its chamber without compromise so it can. Bring out its best capabilities as it. Did with my rifle and as it can with yours this 1/2 minute of angle group. Really means that if our own shooting skill is up to it prairie dogs can be consistently hit at 200 yards in there. And wood chips can be cleanly killed at 3 to 400 yards now what did it take to. Produce the hand loads that made this rifle shoot so well only these. Components empty once fired cases. Primers powder bullets plus this. Equipment powder measure scales. Loading press a set of dies some case. Lube and a loading manual yes such a. Book is also part of the hand loaders basic equipment just possibly the most. Important item of all for here's. Contained the step-by-step instructions a novice needs to undertake the making of his own cartridges plus most of the. Data required by both the beginner and. Experience freeloader regardless of the caliber gun or type of game for which he is loading and loading could hardly be. Easier or safer unfortunately hundreds of years ago. Gunpowder got a bad reputation because. It blew up ships and building. Black-powder ignite it so easily and. Exploded so violently like this but. Modern smokeless powders on the other hand are propellants and merrily burn. When ignited unless tightly confined in. Fact you have many more dangerous substances around the house like. Gasoline for your lawnmower paint dinner. Her hair sprays. Remember this is just a demonstration. We certainly don't recommend the use of. Flame around gunpowder this film is not. Intended to teach you the basic steps of. Reloading your emmanuel can do it much better there, but we want to show you. Certain aspects that are difficult to. Understand in words or still pictures. For securing the ultimate in accuracy. And performance from your rifle and your ammo it will help if you more fully. Understand some of the more complex factors involved what really happened in. The chamber of this rifle when the cartridge was fired how is the case. Affected the bullet perhaps we could better understand if we look directly into the chamber through the magic of movies using stop action. And instant replay now we can exaggerate. Clearances that normally would be difficult to see and to slow down the action enough to give us time to observe and understand what is happening this. Way we can see that this new factory load is a somewhat loose fit in this chamber and the bullet is not in perfect. Alignment with the bore that the case. Doesn't contact the front of the chamber. But as the firing pin strikes it moves. The case forward so that it does this. Gives a little head space there not a dangerous amount as the firing pin continues and fires the primer notice. That the violence of the flashbacks the primer partly out of the pocket as the. Powder is ignited and the pressure builds up the brass case expands to. Completely fill the chamber preventing. Any escape of gas to the rear as the. Pressure continues to build the case is forced so tightly against the chamber walls but it cannot move but the brass. Eventually has to stretch in this area when the pressure is great enough to force the case head back against the bolt or breach block the primer then. Being receded in its pocket as the. Bullet exits up the barrel. Pressure drops the cates cools and contracts enough to extract easily. This is a 308 case fired with a normal. Load but in a chamber having excess headspace it is a classic example of how. Excess headspace causes cases to stretch. At this critical point it would almost. Certainly have separated on the next. Firing as did this case but now let's. Look at another type of case the rim type notice that as the find pin hits. The primer the case cannot move forward appreciably because the rim not the. Shoulder positions it because the rimmed. Head is virtually in contact with the bolt face or breech block this case will not stretch as much here as did the. Rimless case we looked at first unless the action is an exceptionally weaker stretchy one there is a third type of popular rifle case the belted type the. So called magnum the belt is in effect. The rim moved forward rather than at the. Rear its chambers like this being. Positioned by the belt it is moved forward only slightly by the firing pin regardless of space at the shoulder after firing there is very little. Stretch in the critical head region. Let's have a look at that limbless case. The 243 we first had in that animated. Chamber remember it was expanded to fit. The chamber exactly and it could now be put back in except the neck at least. Will have to be resized because it will not now hold a bullet so here we are. Face to face with a decision that plagues and confused so many re loaders. Whether the next size only for the. Full-length resize that cartridge case. Let's just next size first and see what. That does for us because this die does not exert pressure on the body the case no lubrication is required all we need. To do is lift the neck lightly and some powdered graphite then into the diet. Goes most cartridge cases can be. Next sized only in a normal full length. Die by unscrewing it slightly but a proper neck die like this is best a. Primer and now we'll switch dies so we. Concede a new bullet when we're ready for it some powder. A bullet and we're in business again. Next sizing not only will extend case. Life to a remarkable degree for reasons. We'll go into later but even more important it usually promotes better accuracy because now when this cartridge. Is chambered in the same rifle it is an almost perfect fit headspace is just. Right with all cases be they rim belted or rimless and what is even more helpful the bullet is almost perfectly aligned. With the bore when this cartridge is fired the striker does not drive the case forward because the shoulder is already in virtual contact with the chamber and because the head has always. Been in contact with the bolt face the. Case is not subject to stretching in this critical area but even if you. Adjust your full length sized eye to eliminate any excess head space as I've. Just done you can see the brass is still. Being worked by the side die reducing. The diameter of the case lengthens it as the metal has to go somewhere but now. This case is no longer the perfect fit for the chamber that it was after it had first been fired except for having no. Excess headspace is almost as loose a. Fit as a brand-new case nevertheless it. Does present the bullet well aligned with the bore of course there could be some misalignment due the case or chamber eccentricity. If shooter continues to pull like three. Sizes cases the cases will lengthen. Require trimming possibly after three or four rounds it must be trimmed because. When it is chambered in this condition the mouth or edge of the neck will come up against the chamber throat before the bolt is fully closed or the case shoulder has contacted the chamber because the bolt has such powerful. Camming action this varmint shooter never realizes that he is actually crimping the case mouth firmly into the bullet and that at this point the case. Is solidly wedged between the throat and the bullet so that it cannot expand to release the bullet therefore pressure. Can and most certainly will go dangerously high just watch what. Happens man i sure put together a hot. Load that time lord harry doesn't. Realize just what a hot load he did have or why it gave him such a belt in the cheek but if he doesn't study is loading. Manual or get some advice from a friend who knows something about loading he'll. End up with something much worse than a sore face hey son take a good look at. That case head you thought it was only a. Good hot load but it was really a. Dangerous one and you'll find the case head says so just as plainly as if it. Could talk isn't there a sort of crater around the firing pin mark and isn't the primer itself pretty well flattened sure is and wasn't the brass. Extruded into the ejector slot yes sir. Toss that case to me and I'll see just how much too long it is just as i. Thought almost 20 thousands to long and. 3,000 head expansion three thousandths. May not sound like much but even a half a thousandth is an indication of high pressure you better do a little homework. In your loading manual and keep this to. Remind you to look after your cases bear in mind they're trying their best to keep 50,000 pounds per square inch of. Hot gas from getting in your eye while. Necks are lengthened by full length resizing case life is shortened for the. Continuous working of the brass between. The chamber and the die stretches it and will eventually produce the crack then. Complete head separation hot loads even. If the next search end is needed speed. Up this process so my advice is the next. Size only whenever possible but remember it is necessary to full-length resize four pumps lever actions and auto loaders and. Even for bolt-action rifles if the. Cartridge cases will be used in a different gun choice i think we should. Remind the shooters the bullet seating has a considerable effect on accuracy in. Many rifles yes and on pressure and. Velocity could we have that drawing of the rifles chamber again good you see. This section just ahead of the chamber before the rifling starts this is called. The lead throat or free boar it is. Really the bore of the barrel with the rifling reamed away it varies considerably in length and in the angle. At which the rifling is cut according to the use of different factories cartridge designers barrel and gun makers this. Variation in the distance the bullet travels before entering the rifling. Results in great differences in velocity. And pressure with any given load in different rifles I'll show you why this. Is a normal load with the bullet seated to allow what would actually measure about 1/32 of an inch before it contacts. The rifling notice how the pressure. Builds very steadily and smoothly even as the bullet enters the rifling now. I'll take the same load with the bullet seated deeper so it can travel further. Before taking the rifling this bullet. Meets no resistance as it moves through the throat and so gets a good run at the rifling pressure is lower than normal. And because the gas has more room in. Which to expand the pressure never reaches our normal figure nor does the. Velocity which was only 3,400 instead of. 3,500 feet per second let's take out. Standard load and see how it's affected if we set the bullet well out so that. We'll actually contact the rifling and be marked by it.

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    Hodgdon® 2016 Annual Reloading Manual

  • Widest variety of pistol- and rifle-cartridge reloading data available
  • Presents detailed data for Enduron's IMR 4955 powder
  • Covers Olde Eynsford for black-powder cartridges
  • Updates for 31 rifle and pistol cartridges
  • Offers data for the new 28 Nosler
  • For owners and enthusiasts of rifles and pistols that use Hodgdon, IMR® and Winchester® powders. The Hodgdon 2016 Annual Reloading Manual presents the widest variety of pistol- and rifle-cartridge reloading data available – with well over 5,000 loads. This edition presents data for the newest member of the Enduron® powder family – Enduron IMR® 4955. It also covers Olde Eynsford® for black-powder cartridges, data for the new 28 Nosler and updates for 31 rifle and pistol cartridges. Includes many other articles from top industry writers. 170 pages. Softcover.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hello youtube you got not here it's another great day to be an american but freedom rain so as a real order one of the things i. Enjoy picking up each year it's right. Around either Christmas or beginning of the new year is the hydrogen annual manual they're. Reloading annual manual so here's the cover of the current 2019 version i. Thought it would be interesting to take a quick look back at some of the other ones that i have in my collection here. 2004 was the first one i picked up you. Can see it's pretty well-used 2006 the. 2013 the 2016 the 2017 the 2018 and so. Over the last few years I've definitely just decided I'm gonna get it every year i really enjoy the articles and i as well. Enjoy having the latest hydrogen reloading data at hand wherever i am. Without having a need electronic device. So what i thought we would do here is take a little closer look at the 2019 version and the big things in this one. Are the 224 valkyrie and 6.5 prc. Cartridges and they did update 17 rifles. And pistol cartridges, and we'll see if we can find a little some of those updates always have an introduction and. They always have some good articles the. Articles i found most useful in this version we're at 6 millimeter and 6.5. Creed moor precision loads for them so this was a really good article so if you guys are into creed moor you're gonna enjoy that article also if you reload. For the 45 acp another good article i. Might get into 45 acp reloading soon so. I thought that was helpful for me. There's a good article here in a 6.5 prc for me it was just good to learn more about it not really sure if it's something I'll ever pick up but i did find the article interesting 224. Valkyrie i really don't have a lot of desire for this one but i know a lot of people are into it so if you're into that. There's an article on black powder for. Shotshells which i had zero interest in. Didn't even read it they're handling the 45 colt which i found interesting because i do someday want to pick up a single-action army and a 45 colt the 30. Remington er which i didn't really get into that article i don't really know to. Me that caliber is really not something that makes any sense six and a half by fifty-four of man. Litters corner her shoulder very interesting cartridge in history i learned a little bit from that one and then firestar best bet first from front. Stuffers i didn't really have any interest in muzzle loaders so i didn't really read that they always have a burn rate chart, and they keep it up to date fairly well with the latest powders they. Also has a section that explains a little bit about their powders which i. Also enjoy and then we get into the. Rifle data if you're in a 6.5 creed moor. You will see that they have added in this section if you had last year's they. Have added too heavy bullets so the 143 green hornet ee l dx i. Believe this new 147-grain al dm and 150. Green sea rat boat tail hollow point looking at last year's data you will see. That they stopped at the hundred forty-two grains serie hollow-point bullet dale, so they do have new data for 6.5 creed mark i didn't really go through and look at anymore to see what else they added for $9.99 i think this is always a good value and something i enjoy picking up each year the state current with hodgdon powder reloading. Data and also just to read the interesting articles just wanted to know if this is a reloading manual that you. Guys pick up on a regular basis each year or i have any interest in if you do. Please post some comments below i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please like and subscribe you guys be safe out there You. You.

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    Lyman Long-Range Reloading Handbook

  • Reliable reloading data for long-range cartridges
  • Includes pressure and velocity data
  • Articles by top long-range shooters and experts
  • Precision long-range rifle shooting is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports around and Lyman has produced the Long-Range Reloading Handbook to deliver reliable reloading data to cover all facets of this activity. This handbook provides specific data for long-range cartridges including: .223 Rem., 6mm Dasher, 6x47 Lapua, 6XC, 6mm Creedmoor, .243 Win., 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Rem., 6.5x284 Norma, .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., .300 Norma Mag. and .338 Lapua. It also covers target bullets from Berger, Lapua, Sierra and Hornady. Each cartridge covered includes pressure and velocity data. This book is printed in full-color and it includes exciting articles by top long-range shooters and industry experts. 132 pages. Soft cover.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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