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  Champion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting Bag Caldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting Rest Caldwell® Lead Sled® 3 Rest Caldwell® Lead-Shot Carrier Bag Hyskore® DLX Precision Rifle Rest Hyskore® Swivel Pistol Rest Hyskore® Compact Shooting Rest
 Champion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting BagCaldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting RestCaldwell® Lead Sled® 3 RestCaldwell® Lead-Shot Carrier BagHyskore® DLX Precision Rifle RestHyskore® Swivel Pistol RestHyskore® Compact Shooting Rest
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Champion® Shooter's Ridge Gorilla Shooting Bag

Always be prepared to sight in accurately in the field when you carry these easy-to-transport, shot-stabilizing bags. The Gorilla range bag grips your gun while sighting in, reducing recoil when used in the “X” position. Unzip and roll out the bag to provide a solid shooting platform. Carry strap allows easy transport. Imported.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Caldwell® Tack Driver® Shooting Rest

  • One-piece shooting bag for convenience
  • Easy to use on benches and in the field
  • Self-tightening surface grips your rifle or shotgun
  • Comes filled for immediate use
  • Get the precision you've been aiming for with Caldwell's TackDriver Shooting Rest. This one-piece shooting bag takes the place of two, making it the most user-friendly and effective on the market. Easy to use almost anywhere, on both shooting benches and makeshift positions while hunting. Self-tightening surface grips your rifle or shotgun to reduce recoil without marring the finish on your gun. Comes filled for immediate use.
    11.4”W x 8.85”H x 7.5”D.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Caldwell® Lead Sled® 3 Rest

  • Reduces recoil up to 95%
  • Precise “no-wobble” elevation shaft
  • Adjustable weight tray holds up to 100 lbs.
  • Fingertip elevation adjustment
  • Nonmarring feet and front yoke
  • Improved Shock Eliminator Technology in rear buttstock cradle
  • The next generation of Lead Sled is here. Like the original, the Lead Sled 3 Rest reduces recoil up to 95%, while securely holding your gun on target. Features a precise “no-wobble” elevation shaft that eliminates play in front elevation. The adjustable weight tray holds up to 100 lbs. and accommodates a variety of weight types, including 25-lb. barbell weights, sand or lead-shot bags. Fingertip elevation adjustment. Rugged rubber feet. Height-adjustable rear foot. Ideal for magnum rifles and slug guns. Elevation-adjustable front and rear rest. Skeletonized front rest. Rear rest features a Shock Eliminator Technology pad and nonmarring cradle.
    37"L x 12"W x 13"H.
    Wt: 15 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Hey guys matt again here at shot show. 2017 and I'm here to talk about the. Brand new lead sled 3 it's replacing the old lead sled plus with a lot of great. New features starting on the front we have a brand-new design front bag the. Old bag was made out of fabric and people weren't liking that of a snag on. Quad rails and it was flipped, so we wanted this molded design that soft on your firearm so it's got a solid bottom just like a really high-end sandbag if. You move around to the back so you can see that we removed the rear flip cover. We have this new over molded feature to protect the finish of your firearm on your stock, and we've added this one inch super Gucci supersoft pad that's two. Benefits enough it cushions your stocks you don't have to worry about it ever break and it dampens the recoil even. More than it's used to and then the last thing that you're going to notice is we have the new color scheme we've got rid of the green on green we have a smooth black frame with a green tray, and we think it's a really great look if you're looking for one of these visit your local australian gun dealer or store.

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    Caldwell® Lead-Shot Carrier Bag

  • Conveniently totes 25-lb. lead-shot bags
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Reinforced carrying straps
  • For your next trip to the range, carry all the shot bags you need for your Lead Sled with less effort. Conveniently transport and tote 25-lb. lead-shot bags. The zippered compartment may also be filled with sand. Heavy-duty nylon with reinforced carry straps for added weight. Imported.
    Dimensions: 5.5" x 10" x 3".
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Caldwell lead sled shot carrier bank ford pac. Comes with four standard lead sled. Weight banks holds approximately seven pounds of sand or 25 pounds of lead shot. Comes with four standard lead sled weight bags 5.5 x 10 x three designed to. Be placed in the shot tray of your lead sled. This set of called will standard lead. Sled weight bags are designed to be placed in the tray of your lead sled they conveniently hold a 25 pound of. Lead shocks and or other weighted media the durable handles make toning your wig bags to the range a snap this sets comes. With four of the standard sized called wooly sled weight bags. The shot carrier bags will hold a 25. Pound bag of shot very snugly i have to fold over the top of the shot back that. Empty portion of the bag after the shot settles and stuff and inside the caldwell bag in order for it to fit be. Careful with the zippers they rather wimpy and started to separate as i zipped the shot bag in place i wouldn't want to lift these by the bottom strap that puts all 25 pounds of weight against the zipper these will serve the. Purpose of adding an extra layer of protection to shot banks all over ky. Caution you to show an extra measure of care with them they won't stand up to a lot of roughhousing brbr for their. Quality they're way overpriced. You.

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    Hyskore® DLX Precision Rifle Rest

    Top-end recoil-stopping performance at an affordable price. Its removable compression damper system absorbs recoil and returns your gun to battery after each shot – no weights needed. Its also prevents damage to guns, stocks and bedding. Welded, powder-coated steel frame. Includes remote hydraulic trigger release. Optional spring pack available for light recoiling guns. (Sold separately.)
    Weight: 13 lbs.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's lien green and mean why it's the. Beefy built high score x ring plus precision shooting rest take it to the. Range for dead-on zeroing of your rifle scope with controlled recoil works well. With all long guns including high-power ar-15 style rifles instantly make. Leveling changes at the turn of a few locking dials that securely grip to most. Shooting surfaces and dial up accurate. Windage and elevation by making adjustments without leaving your position once said there's no creeper. Drift just dead-on hair-splitting accuracy shot after shot factory. Prefilled leather bags support your firearm in the front and rear for a comfortable rock steady shooting position / improve zeroing with. Razor-sharp accuracy make this rugged shooting rest your new range buddy order. Today four years of top performance.

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    Hyskore® Swivel Pistol Rest

    Hyskore's Swivel Pistol Rest provides you with multiple shooting options. With the lockup knob in place, it is a solid, portable, fun support platform. With the platform less than 3" off the deck, it allows shooting at full arm extension. Remove the lockup knob and it smoothly pivots over 150° on an industrial ball-bearing set.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    With a practicing sighting in was. Shooting varmints a highscore rotating. Pistol wrist has more usable features than any other rest the rest is. Rock-solid and load to the deck this. Allows the shooter to practice and full. Arm extension with the elbow locked so. We can emulate offhand shooting in. Addition by removing this locking knob. The rest can smoothly rotate through. Over a hundred twenty degrees for adjustments the wrist features an. Adjustable v-notch locks in place with. His collar knob two adjustable lockable. Leveling jacks end if you feel the need. To anchor it's awfully to the bench top. There are four anchor points that you. Can use to leg it into place he trust. Comes equipped with magnetic back vile. Spirit level so you can make the exact. Perfect setup lock the rest in place so it doesn't. Rotate simply a matter of inserting this. Knob tightening the rest features. Convenient carry handle foam padding on. The v-notch and foam padding on the. Platform the rest uses a three-part. Industrial thrust bearing assembly the. Bearing is over four inches in diameter and this allows the rest to rotate silky. Smooth but it also provides ample. Support for the platform on occasion the. Bearing may need cleaning and lubrication to access the bearing remove. The locking knob then remove the large. Nut. Lift off the platform now you have. Access to the bearing we're going use a. Clear hot soapy ammonia water solution. And then air dry use several drops of. Acid free light machine oil like sewing. Machine oil to lubricate the bearing and. Then reassemble the final step in. Reassembly is to adjust the drag with. The tension on the platform and the amount of play tighten the nut until there is no. Up-and-down play in the platform and. Then simply a matter of tightening or. Loosen the not just a little bit to adjust the drag the rest measures 13 and. A quarter by 14 the bottom of the. V-notch can adjust from as low as 5 inches to as high as 7 inches you can. Use the leveling jacks to increase the amount of elevation the rest works. Equally, well with long guns. Spring and compression damper technology. Progressively observed the recoil she. Grabbed high relief and sight picture. Remain unchanged the dead eye gives a. Shooter an opportunity to actually deliver a high volume of rapid fire on. Multiple targets shot after shot rifle. Risk get you on the money and keeps you. There recoil sensitive people can now. Enjoy unlimited shooting without flinching and without the pain of recoil. Guns designed on the ar platform have. Several unique features flow to third. Stack with no dropper to heal pistol. Grip and the ability to accommodate high-capacity magazine the dead eye has. Been designed to complement these characteristics. The good eye works equally well with. Death and semi other guns and a man is. Similar to a tenuring reciprocating. Shooting rest the dead eye uses our patented spring and compression tampa. Technology to progressively observe the recoil returned the gun to battery and. Keep your crosshairs ripe on the target shot after shot to fit your. Gun to the rest first lay the gun up in. The v-notch fasten the three stored. Restraining straps then take the large. Recoil transfer strap put upon the pins. Around the bed of the gun make sure it's. Securely on the pins or the bend back so. It's seated firmly on the strap and finally snug up the tree restraining straps from the factory that that out. Comes equipped with two yellow springs each providing two pounds of resistance four inches of travel to red spring each. Providing four pounds of resistance two inches of travel and two blue springs each. Providing four pounds of resistance four inches of travel in addition. Factory-installed compression damper to. Provide 17 foot pounds of progressive resistance if you want more or less. Compression damper resistance 11 and 22. Pounds compression dampers are available. As options on the replacement parts list. To check to see if the compression. Damper is providing correct resistance. For the gun you're using put a little grease on the shaft of the damper and. Fire your gun if the grease residence shows that the. Damper has traveled less than one inch then you have too much resistance you. Need to change to a lighted damper and or just use spring the transport storage. All the times when you want to lock the rest in a fixed position there are two. Adjustable and removable. And lockups at the rear and run riveting. Rock up the treads right in here. It stores right here different guns. Have different balanced characteristics to change the balance of the rest first. Remove the upper assembly remove the. Bench grip rotate the base and the day. To degrees now reattach the bench grip. From the other end take the upper. Assembly mount it to the base like this. And you're in business. There are two mounting positions on the. Base and on the other assembly there are. Also two mounting positions give you for total of four different mounting. Provisions candy springs etc is an easy. Process simply remove the two retaining nuts. Front of the rest go to the rear of the. Rest removes two with compression example. Retaining nut a bit of tension against. The springs on the upper carry here elevate the eyelid after over the sped. Now move the entire tail assembly forward rotate it and remove it now you. Can access the third mounting stud for. The gas spring under the nut and you're. Done replace the carrier assembly and. The damper first mount the shaft end of. The damper to the third mounting stud on. Carrier tightens the nut to complete. Revolutions now supporting the damper. With one hand engage the two third tubes. Over the two filled with pins about one. Quarter of an inch don't you do that the two richards will. Drop the head of the to wear pins and you contrition entitles temblor back against the spring tension put the out of the damper over the mounting stem put. The nut in place and tighten it now go back take your wrench and tighten the. Third mounting not on the damper so that. It's flush with the end of the stud one. Think you have to do is put your. Retaining nuts in place and you're in business the foam heads and the v. Notches have been specially designed and. Located to easily clear swivel studs. Other features the rest include adjustable vents clip-on. These transfers recoil investment events. Walk of a leveling jacks one of these. Side in the front and a vile spirit. Level the collage locknut does two. Things first by making it tighter or looser you can. Exist the drag on the swivel function. Second it allows access to the bearing. You.

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    Hyskore® Compact Shooting Rest

  • Accommodates all long guns, including ones with pistol grips
  • Compact for easy transportation and storage
  • Fine adjustments are easy
  • Gun-contact surfaces are padded with closed-cell foam
  • Hyskore's Compact Shooting Rest provides a stable, lightweight gun support platform that accommodates all long guns, including those with high-capacity magazines and pistol grips. It is also compact for easy transport and storage. Features two forward leveling and elevation jacks and one elevation jack at the rear, which also serves as a fine elevation adjustment. All the jacks can be fixed in place with a locking knob. Forward V-notch gun support can be adjusted for elevation and rear pedestal. All gun contact surfaces are padded with a closed-cell protective foam.
    __"L x __"W x __"H.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Today we're gonna be looking at a pistol. Rest from ctk precision we picked this. Up here a few months ago we've been using decided our different guns for our. Hunting seasons and just random things here we used it on the 44 mag project as. You can see we've got the ruger super red hawk in there and the thing works phenomenal we're just going to talk about some of the features here alright so in the front we've got the elevation adjustment knob and again simple to use just the post inside of it post drops. Out tighten it easy to use elevation a nice wide view with some foam padding and some felt in here protects your barrels in the rear you can also adjust. The where how long your barrel is. The stuff so you can adjust this forward and rear if you've got a short rig up in here like lance's glock you can drop this pose down slide this forward and. And then you've got a perfect dress for. You know a smaller gun also the rear has. An elevation adjustment all it is a. Simple slider here with a with another. Spin dial that you can lock it so it doesn't spin and it's just a little late hands just sitting up platform again foam and foam padding also there's more adjustment on the rear you can tilt to tilt it down and again it's got the same. Dial lock that is in the front so you. Can literally make this thing fit any gun that you want the nice thing about it is it's actually designed for ending pistol rape or a pistol grip so you can take an ar stick it in there. Raised in front of you got a nice. Little pistol nice little pistol grip. Breath so you can take the range instead of dragging a lead sled out there if you don't have a bipod and a gun or you just want something with more stability it's very compact very easy to use very simple not a lot of moving parts you have to worry about anything or an out so the ctk precision compact. Shooting rest comes with the v-notch post mount and you can see that they have some graduations here so if you've got different guns you can come you know memorize or write them down so you know what elevation need sometimes you have to adjust that for different elevation but kind of extra feature you can reference back to an option that. Comes separately is this pistol post. Mount it's 15 bucks it's a extra option to carry and what it's meant for is for. Short barrel pistols so you can see that. You know if you've got a short barrel it might stick here in the v-notch and you. Might blast out and you know tear or burn some of this so for 15 bucks you can pick up this extra post and it's meant for short grail pistols i would. Say my favorite part about the rest is that it is so small and you know most of. What we do here at hijack is a lot of pistols pistol grip based off a ours. Pistols things like that so if you need a rest you know we took it out with the ryan's air pistol and it works. Phenomenal except the thing in there. It's light and easy to take carrier to the range you can set it as to set it anywhere, and we used it decides its gun and now something like that it's almost. Impossible to use any anything else to cite that in and you can use a bag you can use that but you'll never good yeah as good as rest as you would with something like this so it's definitely. It's super handy super small and. And you guys check this out from ctk precision.

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