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  Adidas Dekum Packable Jacket - Men's Icebug DTS3 BUGrip GTX Shoe - Men's Carhartt Woodside Hat Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's BLACKYAK Fulani Shirt - Men's Salomon XA Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Under Armour Vanish Seamless Hoodie - Men's New Balance Fresh Foam Crag Trail Running Shoe - Men's
 Adidas Dekum Packable Jacket - Men'sIcebug DTS3 BUGrip GTX Shoe - Men'sCarhartt Woodside HatPatagonia Capilene Cool Daily Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men'sBLACKYAK Fulani Shirt - Men'sSalomon XA Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men'sUnder Armour Vanish Seamless Hoodie - Men'sNew Balance Fresh Foam Crag Trail Running Shoe - Men's
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Anti-OdorPolygiene--Polygiene coatingnatural attribute of merino woolyes--
BrandSalomonNew BalanceAdidasPatagoniaBLACKYAKUnder ArmourCarharttIcebug
Claimed Weight5oz(single) 9.7oz-5.4oz4.4oz--11.6oz
Manufacturer Warrantylimited lifetimelimited-lifetime1 yearlimited lifetimelifetime30 days
Material89% polyester, 11% elastane-100% nylon100% recycled polyester77% polyester, 23% merino wool64% polyester, 26% nylon, 10% elastane100% acrylic waffle knit-
Recommended Usehiking, road running, trail running, trainingtrail runningcasual, road running, traininghiking, fishing, running, casual, training, yoga, travelroad running, trail running, trainingroad running, trail running, trainingskiing, snowboarding, backpacking, casual, commutingroad running, trail running, training

Adidas Dekum Packable Jacket - Men's

Outdoor training during shoulder seasons often means unexpected weather. Keep the adidas Dekum Packable Jacket close by to keep you protected when the wind picks up. Its lightweight nylon fabric shrugs off gusts and easily packs down into its own pocket when the weather is pleasant again for convenience. And when you're done training, its heritage detailing pairs with a modern aesthetic to allow this sporty jacket to easily flow from your workout to the streets.

  • Lightweight and packable jacket for comfort in windy conditions
  • Nylon face fabric is wind-resistant for protection while training
  • Mesh-lined hood and back offers cool comfort during the workout
  • Heritage detailing with modern aesthetic offers street-ready style
  • Jacket conveniently stows into its own pocket for easy carrying
  • Item #ADD00XE
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    Icebug DTS3 BUGrip GTX Shoe - Men's

    The sound of rain pounding against your window drowns out your blaring alarm and the cold, dark morning air is willing you to go back to bed. Good thing you've got your Icebug Men's DTS3 BUGrip GTX Shoes so you can power through early morning miles even during the soggier months.

    Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, these kicks repel water and are breathable enough for warmer weather, while the mesh upper holds your foot in with a snug, secure fit. The high torsion, cushioned midsole provides stability for overpronating feet, and rubber outsoles increase traction to keep you upright while you're running through slick conditions.

  • A waterproof running shoe for training in the rainy months
  • Gore-Tex membrane repels stormy weather
  • Mesh upper breathes well and offers a secure fit
  • EVA midsole provides long-lasting comfort
  • Stability Flex helps with overpronation
  • Rubber 9 Extreme outsole maintains traction on slick surfaces
  • Item #IBG000A
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    Carhartt Woodside Hat

  • Super-warm insulated hat for your coldest days outside
  • 40-gram insulation traps heat where you need it most
  • Fold-up cuff provides a modern style that can be worn with anything
  • Small logo on cuff adds to the understated style of this hat
  • Item #CHT00FU
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    Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's

    Designed for everything from lazy days of fishing in your local waters to far-flung adventures in hot climates, the Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily Long-Sleeve Shirt works to keep you comfortable and protected when temperatures rise. New to Patagonia's performance tee lineup, the Capilene Cool Daily fabric provides moisture-wicking performance and cooling comfort in hot conditions. It's also got UPF 50+ sun protection built into it, which is perfect for the traveler who might be dealing with stronger sun than they're used to. A special treatment helps boost the softness and moisture-wicking quality of this top, giving you greater overall comfort, while Polygiene anti-odor technology ensures that even after strenuous day hikes and sprawling walks around foreign cities you'll always stay smelling fresh.

  • Lightweight long-sleeve made for cooling comfort and sun protection
  • Capilene Cool Daily fabric wicks moisture in hot weather
  • UPF 50+ sun protection keeps your skin safe in sunny weather
  • Stretchy construction offers an unrestricted range of motion
  • Minimal seaming prevents chafing when wearing a backpack
  • Polygiene anti-odor technology keeps things fresh between washes
  • Special treatment enhances prolonged softness of the garment
  • Item #PAT02T0
  • nice and stretchy with 50 plus upf sun. Protection and minimal seams for minimal chafing our women's capilene cool daily. Is a versatile performance knit shirt made for running climbing surfing or. Just hanging out at first glance this is a pretty simple piece the compelling story here is how well it's stretchy knit fabric works to keep you dry comfortable and protected from the sun in this case with its 50 plus upf. Protection built right into the yarn solid colors are made with 100% recycled. Polyester while heather's and cross ties have 50% recycled content to improve. Softness and wicking we use midori bio soft a bio-based finish, and we use an. Antimicrobial finish for permanent odor control still you'll want to wash it at. Least occasionally we recommend machine washing in warm water no softeners or bleach and tumble dry on. Low cool comfortable with great sun protection made with recycled polyester. And fair trade certified sewn our women's capilene cooled daily shirt delivers on land and in the water.

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    BLACKYAK Fulani Shirt - Men's

    Stay out on the trailer longer with the added comfort and performance of the BLACKYAK Fulani Shirt Polyester and merino wool fabrics are spun together to create a durable, quick drying, and moisture wicking shirt to accompany you on your next challenge. Active Stitch sewing increases the stretch properties so that you have full range of motion while you're in full stride. Highly visible reflective accents lets drivers and cyclists know that you're sharing the road or trail with them.

  • A high-performance shirt for running or training
  • Polyester and merino blend wicks moisture to keep you cool
  • Active Stitch provides extra stretch for full movement
  • Smart-reflecting technology keeps you visible in low-light
  • Item #BKY005K
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    Salomon XA Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

    The versatile Salomon XA Long-Sleeve T-Shirt is designed to keep you comfortable through your workouts year-round. Its lightweight, quick-drying fabric has micro holes that enhance breathability while providing a stylish stripe pattern that flows from the trails to the gym. Plus, an odor-resistant Polygiene treatment enables you to confidently wear the shirt from sport to sport.

  • Lightweight, quick-drying long-sleeve tee for year-round training
  • Micro holes enhance breathability, produce stylish stripe pattern
  • Polygiene treatment helps eliminate odors for lasting freshness
  • Slim fit reduces bulk for higher mobility while you train or run
  • Item #SAL01MD
  • This is the salomon men's agile long-sleeve t-shirt these shirts are great there's some of the lightest running shirts I've ever tried on, and they've got just enough of a technical aspect to make them stand out they're. Made with salomon's and advanced skin active dry fabric this is a warp knit. Fabric that uses a unique blend of fibers these wick moisture dry extremely. Fast and don't chafe whether you're getting an alpine start running or taking an evening post work run you'll. Be seen because of the reflective hits all along the shirt the pitts have a. Breathable mesh material which makes. Then that much more effective the fit is. Athletic so they'll be tighter than a typical t-shirt but there's still plenty of room to move around I'm wearing a large and it fits snug in the chest but. I've got plenty of moves because of the stretch within that fabric this is a great shirt. For anyone who's expecting to move fast and wants to be light it's the salomon men's agile long sleeve. Tee thanks for watching if you have any. Additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with. Me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our. Products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    Under Armour Vanish Seamless Hoodie - Men's

  • A technical hoodie for cool-weather training days
  • Synthetic blend is odor-resistant and breathable
  • Slim fit for an athletic silhouette
  • Hood adds extra protection from the elements
  • Item #UND02G2
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Crag Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Bring comfort to rugged trails with the New Balance Fresh Foam Crag Trail Running Shoe. This stylish and functional trail shoe features New Balance's plush yet poppy Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, giving you a soft yet responsive underfoot ride even when you're spending long miles running on rough and rocky surfaces. The AT Tread outsole uses durable rubber and special lugs to give you dependable grip on ever-changing trail surfaces, and the tough synthetic upper materials will more than hold up to scrapes against rocks, roots, and overgrown branches.

  • Trail running shoes that bring comfort to rough terrain
  • Fresh Foam midsole delivers soft yet responsive cushioning
  • Trail-ready outsole provides dependable grip on dirt and rock
  • Durable upper materials withstand brushes and scrapes
  • Bootie construction offers a snug and comfortable fit
  • Item #NEW00ZL
  • What's up guys matt ross fresno's calm today we're checking out the new balance fresh films on tv threes these are. Neutral road running shoes that have picked up some steam in the running community over the past couple years new balance has been making a big comeback, so we decided to pick them up chime out for ourselves and i got to say I'm a big fan so today we're going to talk about what's new with the bead 3s what we like what we don't like let's. Get to the video Okay so first up let's just quickly run through what's new over the zonte b-2s first new balance went with a new engineered mesh material for the upper and eliminated the overlays it's still raster foot extremely well and i think it's more breathable now compared to the v2s new balance also made a slight changes the outer sidewall the mid sole they now use raised hexagon shapes rather than depressed exa don's a subtle change i know but it does result in a little firmer of a ride and less flex the viii's also featured a new saddle which i ended up really liking a lot it really allows you to strap these shoes your feet and it helps with lock down and lastly the side logos are now reflective kind of minor change but it might be nice for some people that love to run at night ok so that's what's new now let's talk about arguably the most attractive thing about these shoes and that's the price point their msrp is 100 dollars, but we've already seen them as low as 85. So finally we have a solid pair of running shoes below that $100 mark I'll link them down below in the description so you can check them out for yourself but if new balance isn't for you or maybe you're just looking for some more cushioning running shoes definitely check out our website rizz nose comm and download our mobile app rizz nose deals the link is right here on the screen we all the time are posting awesome deals on running shoes whether it's a six brooks nike all the big brands i know we. Can save you guys some money okay back to the viii's another thing that i like is that they are ultra lightweight at around eight point eight ounces sometimes you forget they're even on your feet they're great for those fast paced shorter distances a bit like the concept with the underarms of velocities only i think it's better the viii's are. Also pretty comfortable no issues with pressure points and the tongue is just fine and like i said earlier lock down is solid there's also a decent amount of padding around the ankle collar and i had no issues with heel slippage at all i also think these shoes will be pretty durable over the long haul you can definitely tell new balance was going for increased durability with the viii's as far as negatives i already kind of touched on one and that's cushion the viii's are definitely firmer than the b-2s especially in the forefoot I'd say bounce back is just average as well i was hoping for a little more there but i guess for short quick distances it makes sense and lastly this didn't happen to me but i have heard some people complain that their toes rubbed against the lateral side of the shoe so if you're kind of on the size border for the v2s you may think about ordering up a half size with the viii's some other things you may want to know these shoes have a six millimeter drop so not the typical nine ten drops you see with like the gel nimbus series or ultra boost running shoes for example the viii's are kind of that nice compromise between those high-end cushioned running shoes and racing flats also like i said earlier these are neutral shoes so if you tend to overpronate i would recommend staying away from these overall though i really like these shoes especially given their affordable price point they're pretty versatile they're perfect for speed training probably best for 5ks, but they still have enough support and cushion for those longer distances probably up to about a half-marathon or so I'd say but i want to hear from you guys let me know what you think comment down below make sure you subscribe and I'll see you guys next time what's up guys see painted pain train in. The house if you want to see the behind the scene there is no check out our snap chat one of your latest deals check out facebook and twitter and then if you want to see some cool pictures and visit what's going on right now check out our Instagram we want to see another video like this put someone on the screen

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