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  Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Front Pocket Wader - Men's Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Felt - Men's Simms Intruder Boot - Men's Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's Simms Challenger Windbloc Hooded Jacket - Men's Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's Simms Flyweight Wading Boot - Men's
  Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Front Pocket Wader - Men's Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Felt - Men's Simms Intruder Boot - Men's Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's Simms Challenger Windbloc Hooded Jacket - Men's Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's Simms Flyweight Wading Boot - Men's
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Brand Patagonia Caddis Hodgman Simms Redington Simms Simms Simms
Claimed Weight (single) 1 lb 3 oz - - - - [size 11] 2lb 8oz (single, size 11) 22.5 oz 30oz
Closure lace - - slip-on lace with molded, non-corrosive metal hardware lace lace -
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime - 1 year lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime lifetime
Midsole molded EVA - - - molded PU EVA dual-density EVA -
Recommended Use fly fishing fly fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing river fishing, saltwater fishing, stillwater fishing fly fishing river fishing, stillwater fishing
Sole felt (polyester) - - rubber stud-compatible felt Vibram Idrogrip (rubber) Vibram Megagrip rubber -
Upper Material synthetic leather, Venergy mesh - - vulcanized rubber molded rubber overlays synthetic, TPU synthetic, TPU overlays -

Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Front Pocket Wader - Men's

Wading in nothing but a pair of shorts and flip-flops seems like a great idea until you feel the cold sting of mountain runoff. Keeping you out in the river all day, the Caddis Men's Breathable Stockingfoot Front Pocket Waders provide protection from cold river water while maintaining breathability, so you don't finish the day day with sweat-drenched legs.

  • Fly fishing waders for anglers on a budget
  • Waterproof and breathable construction with taped seams
  • Neoprene booties taped inside and out for durability
  • Attached gravel guards keep river rocks out of boots
  • Adjustable H-style suspenders and removable belt
  • Chest pocket secures a small fly box and extra tippet
  • Item #CAD0006
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    Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boot - Felt - Men's

    If you prefer to work an entire stretch of river instead of casting different flies to the same fish in the same over-fished hole all day, then lace up the Patagonia Men's Ultralight Felt-Soled Wading Boot. The synthetic leather and Venergy mesh uppers are lightweight and fast draining, which allows your feet to feel light and nimble when you move upstream or head to the other side of the river in search of your new honey hole. Plus, the polyester felt soles provide stable and secure traction in the most treacherous of boulder gardens, and they are designed to accept fin straps and can be easily resoled for season after season of use.

  • Synthetic leather and Venergy mesh upper
  • Neoprene, spandex, and nylon tongue
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Polypropylene insole
  • Rock Grip soles
  • Sole accepts studs and fin straps
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Item #PAT01A7
  • This is the women's ultralight weighting boot a durable comfortable lightweight fishing boot for the female angler with. Sticky rubber soles the uppers are made with rugged synthetic leather that dries quickly flexes easily and holds up. Through years of hard use mono filament mesh drains the footbed while keeping out sand and silt the external rand. Polypropylene insole board and reinforced toe box protect your feet from deep water pressure and rocky river bottoms the mid sole is made with comfortable shock absorbing full-length molded eba foam for long slogs to the. River the rock grip sticky rubber soles. Provide great traction on slippery and uneven surfaces they're designed to hold. Fin straps and accept studs which are sold separately I'm stoked to have a women's fishing boot in our lineup the. Women's ultralight weighting boot is comfortable durable lightweight and it has purple laces.

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    Simms Intruder Boot - Men's

    When spring flows have receded, summer temps have the bugs moving, and the fish are starting to look up, then it's time for you ditch the waders and enjoy the warm summer days with just a pair of shorts and the Simms Men's Intruder Boots. Simms designed these boots with an integrated neoprene sock to help insulate against cold river water and protect feet from bits of debris and gravel. The sole is composed of Vibram Megagrip rubber that will bite on slick river bottoms and are a part of Simms's CleanStream line of wading gear, meaning there aren't too many places for invasive organisms to hitch a ride. Accessing the best streams can mean a few extra miles spent on the trail, so Simms built the Intruder on a cushioned EVA midsole and put abrasion resistant TPU overlays in high wear areas over the synthetic upper to help extend the life of the boots.

  • Synthetic upper with TPU overlays
  • Full neoprene lining
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Vibram Megagrip rubber sole
  • Item #SMM006A
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    Simms Challenger Pull On 14'' Boot - Men's

    For a worry-free day on the boat, pull on the Simms Men’s Challenger 14” Boot. This boot gives your feet purchase on slippery decks thanks to its siped rubber outsole, and keeps your foot toasty with a grid fleece lining trapping in heat. The 14-inch upper is constructed of vulcanized rubber to seal out any water that splashes onto the deck, ensuring your foot stays dry and comfortable. For proper foot alignment, Simms included a Right Angle footbed to reduce fatigue.

  • Boots for spending time on boat decks and docks
  • Vulcanized rubber upper blocks out water
  • Fleece lining keeps your foot toasty
  • Right Angle footbed promotes proper alignment
  • 14” height blocks out splashing water
  • Item #SMM00C9
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    Simms Challenger Windbloc Hooded Jacket - Men's

    Being outside in the biting wind is, well plainly stated, no fun. However, with the Simms Men's Challenger Windbloc Hooded Jacket, you're able to keep the bite at bay and enjoy the cool temperatures, as well as the fishy company. The Challenger features a Polartec Windbloc hardface material, which not only safeguards you from the elements, but also provides warmth and mobility (as it does flaunt a stretchy constitution). Meanwhile, the DWR treatment helps fend off light moisture, be it precipitation or what not, and the molded cuffs are equipped with an anti-line catch tab for your convenience.

  • A hardy, wind-blocking jacket for fishing
  • Polartec exterior fends off elements
  • Lining promotes comfort and warmth
  • Hood is adjustable for enhanced convenience
  • Zippered pockets keep necessities secure
  • Molded cuffs feature anti-catch tabs
  • Item #SMM00BO
  • Hi nick here with sin efficient products. I'm over in the blue montana today at kingfisher fly shop, and we're taking a look and new sim fishing products for. 2017 saul seizing whatever got minions. Right now is a compliment to amend. People releasing this year a challenger. Wind block jacket this is available for women in that same material so it's a. Polartec wind block in theory oh we've got the dual pockets down here on the side for storage we've got the architectural cut in the back here so it's got a little bit of taper and flare out down at the hips for the ladies so it's got that style at set photo available on two nice colors available without the hood or the ladies full zip. Down the front with some police line inside this thing will keep you warm. Keep the out of the wind when you're out there on the river and in those adverse condition thanks dwr finish in case it. Starts raining as well to protect you from those elements this jacket will be. Available again fall of 2017 and mid. July time frame available online at kingfisher fly shop calm.

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    Redington Prowler Felt Boot - Men's

    Stalk trophy-worthy trout across slippery streambeds when you're wearing the Redington Men's Prowler Felt Boot. This premium wading boot offers sure-footed grip and robust durability, all wrapped within a sleek, modern-looking boot. This particular version sports a stud-compatible felt sole for plenty of grip across freestone streams, as well as quiet walking performance, as to not disturb weary trout.

    Molded rubber overlays ensure high levels of protection when you're bumping into rocks and downed debris strewn across river bottoms. The widened toe box and sole provide maximum stability when you're wading across fast-moving streams. Non-corrosive metal hardware won't rust out after long-term use on the river. Plus, its mesh-lined interior dries quickly with built-in drainage ports that quickly expel river water.

  • Molded rubber overlays, padded collar
  • Widened toe box and sole
  • Mesh-lined, with drainage ports
  • Non-corrosive metal hardware
  • Molded polyurethane midsole
  • Stud-compatible felt sole
  • Item #RNG001I
  • The prowler is our premium men's waiting. To that offers all-day comfort in a. Lightweight design but is also exceptionally durable and support this boot is the product of a multi-year development timeline and was designed with contemporary aesthetics and supreme. Comfort in mind the prowlers most. Obvious feature is its wide toe box that. Offers comfort and stability but most. Importantly provides an increased surface area for additional traction. While you wait this boot is constructed around a durable molded pu mid sole rubber. Overlays have been placed in critical wear areas for additional durability and. Protection the prowler boot is available. In two out so options felt or sticky. Water and is constructed around a rigid. Polymer chain that protects your foot and adds durability with it combines a mess wines interior and. Ample drain holes for quick drying after. Use the prowler boot is our most comfortable waiting boot offering that combines modern aesthetics classic. Performance yolo.

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    Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot - Men's

    The Hodgman H4 Stocking Foot is designed for recreational anglers whose favorite place to be is in the water. With waterproof, four-layer fabric in the seat and legs, and a three-layer fabric for enhanced breathability, this wader seals out the water moving around you. The stitched seams have all been fully taped to ensure no droplets can squeeze through, and the inner leg seams have been eliminated to reduce abrasion. Your extremities are important, so these waders are equipped with anatomically correct neoprene booties and lined the hand pockets with microfleece to keep them toasty.

  • Waders for recreational fishing
  • Waterproof, three- and four-layer fabric for breathable protection
  • Fully taped seams ensure no droplets come in
  • DWR finish sheds water
  • Anatomically correct neoprene booties for comfort
  • Compatible with the Core INS insulation system
  • Item #HOD000A
  • I'm on the south fork river, and we've. Been fill testing the new h5 from hodgman and today I've stopped by the local pro shop at the lodge to take you through some of these features the first thing that we've done is we've incorporated our new shell fabric this. Is a very durable fabric that we've developed the (upper) of this waiter comes with a three layer which means it's extra breathable the lower is a five-letter which adds durability and. Puncture resistance what we've done is we've moved that 5 layer all the way up to the upper leg and then round to the seat so if you're in and out of drift boats you know you've got extra protection on your seat where you often need it most the 5 layer fabric incorporates a durable shell fabric. Micro porous coating interior fabric for. Added puncture resistance or hydrophilic. Laminate that pulls moisture away from the body and then it's backed with a tree cut backer to protect the laminate one of the biggest areas that causes. Leak points on waders is the inside leg seam, so we've moved the seam all the way. Around to the outside of the waiter while still keeping articulated knees to. Allow the waiter to move with you when you're bending your knee and it doesn't bind up in this area age 5 as well. Incorporates our comfort thick gravel garden design what this does is reduces. Bulk at the shin point because we don't connect the fabric the stocking foot and. The waiter all at the same point so it allows a little bit more play ability in this area which makes for a big difference when you're covering long distances and ground the h5 as well. Incorporates a corrosion resistant lace hook that you can hook to your weight shoes for a secure fit one of my favorite features on the h5 is the anatomically correct left and right foot. Stocking foot these are sculpted to the unique design of your foot reduce bolt for added comfort we've also incorporated a way belt with three belts. Loops for safety so if you unbuckled it you're not gonna lose your weight belt which can always be frustrating the hand. Warmer pockets on the h5 wader are fleece light micro fleece line which makes them extra warm as well there's also a large capacity storage pocket on. The chest slippered we've also incorporated an. Internal flip out pocket for valuables. And we incorporate only dura flex buckles because they're very durable and long-lasting buckles and the shoulder straps on the h v are paid from elastic, so they don't bind up on you when you're sitting down or moving around and gives you a lot of range of motion lastly the h v accepts our cora and s. Removable installation system so you can install that inside of your waiter and make it perfect for cold weather icy fishing conditions or remove it for warm southern months so next time you're in your local pro shop ask about the new h 5 waiters from hodgman

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    Simms Flyweight Wading Boot - Men's

    Designed to not only keep you comfortable in the river, but also maintain your comfort on the hike to and from, the Simms Flyweight Wading Boot is the boot you need for venturing far and wide to find the perfect spot. From the lightweight, synthetic upper to the Vibram Idrogrip outsole, this boot is fully featured for wading and hiking. The outsole is stud-compatible in case you want to customize your traction options, but grips rocks and trails on its own as well. Underfoot, a dual-density EVA midsole provides cushion to reduce fatigue stride after stride.

  • Lightweight wade boot for anglers who hike in
  • Low-profile upper is lightweight for easier hiking
  • Vibram Idrogrip outsole provides traction on wet trails
  • Stud-compatible outsole allows for customization
  • EVA midsole provides plenty of cushion while wading or hiking
  • Welded TPU enhances durability in high-abrasion areas
  • Item #SMM00I4
  • This is the new sims flyweight boot at. 40 ounces a pair it's pretty light let's check it out I'm here with rich from sims rich tell. Us about the new flow right yeah this flyweight dude this is the lightest boot we've ever made it sims we're super excited about it we don't sacrifice any of the quality or durability on this thing either, so we've got this nice synthetic up right here it's gonna be really hardy against rocks and things like that and it's hard to baby pick up on the camera but you can see there's a reinforcement with this tpu film that goes across here that's also gonna help with abrasion resistance here nice padding here with a notch cut here so it's really gonna be. An athletic but great for on the trail especially a place like new zealand you're walking up and down seemingly forever nice take a lot of weight out with things like the eyelets are gone here and this nice fabric here nice total lace closure here so it gets closer down. To your toe which you get a better fit yeah on that, and then we're hiking kona more about hiking type of boop right yeah and then you've got this nice eba mid sole here so a nice cushion and pushing in there as well and then on the bottom we've worked with our friends at vibram this is the vibram I'd rogue grip. Outsold here and still stud and starkly. Capable so if you want to put those in as an angler you see we've removed some material here to keep it even lighter and lighter as much as we can, so we're really excited about this boot it's our lightest boot like i said ever, and we think if you're out either hiking all day in waders or if you want to put this without waiters with a guard sock it's gonna be awesome for that too and for people who camilia with the intruder is this the next generation if you like that kind of boot, and we still have any true which is really meant for you know just that one just the without waders. Right so this is going to be for people that are even if you're still heading all day and you're walking up and down all day and your feet get heavy from those big heavy boots yeah ah this is gonna be your favorite new friend yeah and this is a fabric release. For water through it so is it there's a some train holes down here and coach material out here on this reinforced panel here yeah which is good for also kicking rocks and things like that but yeah it's just gonna stay light with you all day we've got awesome. Insole in here as well through additional comfort cool so if you're. After a live boot to do distance in i suggest you check out the flyweight.

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