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  Mammut Hueco Low LTH Shoe - Men's Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's Scarpa Crux Shoe - Men's Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Men's Arc'teryx Konseal FL GTX Approach Shoe - Men's Evolv Cruzer Slip-On Approach Shoe - Men's Garmont Dragontail N.Air.G Approach Shoe - Men's Fronteer Geotrekker Shoe - Men's Millet Super Trident GTX Shoe - Men's
  Mammut Hueco Low LTH Shoe - Men's Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's Scarpa Crux Shoe - Men's Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Men's Arc'teryx Konseal FL GTX Approach Shoe - Men's Evolv Cruzer Slip-On Approach Shoe - Men's Garmont Dragontail N.Air.G Approach Shoe - Men's Fronteer Geotrekker Shoe - Men's Millet Super Trident GTX Shoe - Men's
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Brand Mammut Fronteer Arc'teryx Metolius Millet Scarpa Evolv Garmont Evolv
Claimed Weight 12.8oz (size 9.5) - [single, size 9] 11.3oz [medium] 20oz 2 lb 6 oz 1lb 9.2oz 6.6oz 15lb 10oz
Closure lace lace lace - lace lace elastic - lace
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime - limited 1 year 3 years 1 year limited lifetime limited limited lifetime
Recommended Use approach bouldering, hiking, sport climbing hiking, climbing sport climbing, trad climbing approach bouldering, casual, hiking, sport climbing, trad climbing casual hiking, climbing casual
Sole Michelin compound Vibram Vibram Megagrip - Vibram MULAZ Evo Vibram Vertical Approach rubber Trax Vibram XSTrek rubber Trax Enduro
Upper Material 100% nubuk leather suede, rubber toe cap ripstop mesh, rubber toe cap, TPU, nubuck synthetic - Hydro-imper Leather (1.8mm), synthetic carbon leather 100% cotton canvas synthetic [night, army] leather [vegan jet] synthetic
Midsole - EVA injected EVA - Trident heel (recycled EVA) EVA EVA tri-density micro-porous rubber compression-molded EVA

Mammut Hueco Low LTH Shoe - Men's

The Men's Hueco Low LTH Shoe is the lightest, slimmest shoe in Mammut's Hueco collection, and is most ideal for easier approaches or casual use. Its leather upper has a soft-yet-durable feel, and the textile lining adds breathable comfort on the trail. Mammut made the Hueco's sole out of Michelin rubber, the very same rubber cars use to maintain traction on rainy roads.

  • Mammut's lightest shoe for casual approaches
  • Nubuck leather upper is soft and durable
  • Michelin sole uses similar rubber found on tires for traction
  • Cushioning Strobel construction with a TPU heel for stability
  • Item #MAM012X
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    Evolv Rebel Approach Shoe - Men's

    Compared to Evolv's other approach shoes, the Men's Rebel Approach Shoe is more durable than the Cruzer and more casual than the Zender. It's ideal for climbers who want to frequent sport crags, climbing gyms, and hangouts in the same shoe. Both the army and night styles are made with leather uppers, and the vegan jet style forgoes leather for synthetic; regardless of the option, the Rebel's upper is ruggedly water-resistant to keep clean on a rainy, muddy day.

  • Burlier approach shoe coupled with a casual style
  • Water-repellent upper crafted out of leather or vegan synthetic
  • Trax Enduro rubber sole extends over toe for extra durability
  • Memory foam footbed with EVA midsole underneath for customized cushioning
  • Item #EVL002A
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    Scarpa Crux Shoe - Men's

    Whether you're scrambling the talus fields of Joshua Tree to get to a crag or you're takingon a Yosemite approach, the Scarpa Men's Crux Shoe has sure footing you can rely on. An upper comprised of suede and recycled polyester airmesh lining offers ventilation so your feet aren't soaked through with sweat by the time you reach the trailhead, and a Vibram Vertical Approach rubber sole helps you get traction on steep or slick terrain. The microporous dual-density  EVA midsole cushions under proven pressure zones to maintain comfort even during the most trying approach and protects underfoot from sharp, jutting rocks or a mid-trail root.

  • Durable approach shoes to protect your feet on any hike or scramble
  • Suede upper offers durable wear and protection against elements
  • Mesh lining keeps air flowing throughout shoe as your hike
  • Rubber toe rand and EVA underfoot protect against sharp rocks
  • Vibram rubber sole adds grip and traction on slick or steep surfaces
  • Item #SCR005M
  • Today we're gonna take a look at how to approach you from scarf but other crooks. It combines scarpas experience in making. Both shoes and rock boots to create a technical boot that's comfy enough long. Approaches yes still technical for easy. Rock climbing it's a tough shoot constructed using. High quality suede on the upper with a nice protective rubber around the toe and it let it laces right down to the toe too so you can get a really precise fit you can either wear it looses or walking or nice and tight when you want to climb it's got a loop at the back so you can clip a pair to your harness but of walking back down cuts off the crack and on the sole you've got a vibrant rubber sole with a good traction on loose ground and a. Smooth climbing area for edging and smearing on. People without. Briggs you're up man so. And shake. Err. The shares a favorite set a staff. Members I've used mine for everything from just approaching rock climbs to climb the easy route such as louis shama d in chiapas kraggen barred out other. Staff members have used them for everything from hill walking in the lakes to via ferrata in the dolomites in. In italy overall it's a really well-thought-out to shoot and it's available both the men's.

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    Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness - Men's

    The Metolius Safe Tech Men's Deluxe Harness is one of the best fitting, safest harnesses in the world. The Men's Deluxe is a beefed up version of the All-Around and is designed to lend maximum support to the lower back while simultaneously providing unparalleled freedom of movement. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside with a tough 1050d Ballistics outer layer and a polyethylene foam with brushed inner lining, it is ideal for Big Wall and long Trad routes where comfort is crucial. Metolius' sophisticated adjustment system lets you fine tune the fit by adjusting the riser length; that is the distance between the waist belt and the leg loops. This harness also boasts the world's toughest and longest wearing tie-in points. Every component, including leg risers, the gear, haul, and belay loops are engineered to withstand a load of at least 2250 lbf (10kN)—that's FULL strength and typically the max impact force rating of a modern climbing rope. **ABOUT SAFE TECH HARNESSES: Due to an alarming number of accidents involving the misuse of harnesses and/or the failure of harness components, Metolius designed their Safe Tech Series with every possible margin of safety in mind. The structural systems of the Safe Tech harness have been made as redundant and error-proof as possible, e.g., the waist buckle even shows the word ‘DANGER' if not correctly double-passed.

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    Arc'teryx Konseal FL GTX Approach Shoe - Men's

    Big mountain walls are just like the rest of us—no matter how tough of an exterior they put out, they just want to be loved. Keep epic routes approachable in the Arc'teryx Konseal FL GTX Approach Shoe. Designed with Gore Invisible Fit technology, this shoe gives you a seamlessly integrated membrane for waterproof and breathable protection, providing everyday insurance against inclement weather. In the outsole you've got Vibram Megagrip rubber for the same reason, delivering high performance traction on dusty trails and slippery rocks alike. The outsole lug pattern gives you added toe grip for steep approaches, as well as easier braking and stability for long downhills. The Konseal's minimalist upper affords little room for rocks and other trail debris to sneak in, while raised midsole perimeter sidewalls help give you added stability in variable terrain.

  • A waterproof approach shoe built for any terrain
  • Gore Invisible Fit gives you lightweight integrated waterproofing
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole grips on wet and dry surfaces
  • Lug pattern assists with grip on uphills and braking on downhills
  • Minimalist upper keeps out rocks and other trail debris
  • Perimeter sidewalls help with added stability
  • Item #ARC00T2
  • This week's pick of the week is the. Arc'teryx conceal approach shoe the conceal is lightweight but still offers exceptional support and protection a. Vibram mega sole grip and front and rear lugs means excellent traction in mud and. Dirt more rounded bumps on the sole provide traction on rock it has a very. Precise fit so excels at climbing especially scrambling moves where precision is key a tpu mid foot chassis. And evi a foam mid sole provides. Stability on uneven terrain giving you confidence a gusseted tongue helps. Prevent debris ending up in the shoe and four millimeter thick authors liked 3d. Molded insert pads the bottom of your. Foot for comfort the arc'teryx conceal approach shoe is the ultimate shoe if you're looking for something lightweight that still offers maximum protection. You.

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    Evolv Cruzer Slip-On Approach Shoe - Men's

    The Men's Cruzer Slip-On Approach Shoe knows a thing or two about hiking trails—or lack thereof—even though it's the most casual selection in Evolv's classic Cruzer collection. A cotton canvas construction keeps the Cruzer strong and soft and lends the shoe style that you can enjoy at outdoor concerts and climbing crags. Smooth foam and soft cushioning keep you on your feet whether you're hiking long distances or jumping to the beats. Trax high-friction rubber grants a tenacious grip for assured traction on slippery rock.

  • The most casual option in Evolv's Cruzer approach shoe collection
  • Cotton canvas construction keeps the Cruzer strong and soft
  • Smooth foam footbed and cushy midsole for long-lasting comfort
  • Trax high-friction rubber sole for assured traction
  • Item #EVL001G
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    Garmont Dragontail N.Air.G Approach Shoe - Men's

    Making it to the climb is half the fight, but with Garmont's Dragontail N.Air.G Approach Shoes, taking to the trail will be easier than ever. These approach shoes are built with a sticky, slip-resistant Vibram rubber sole, so you can fly up the rocks at record speeds to make it to the routes you want. With a FrameFlex Light insole, your feet will last all day, whether the approach is 25 feet of six miles. The Dragontails work well for hauling large loads on rough trails, precisely stepping on edges during your hike, and absorbing shock when you make a wrong move. Outfitted with an anti-abrasion mesh, the Dragontails are game for whatever approach you throw at them, because what's worth the prize is always worth the fight.

  • Durable approach shoes for getting to your climbing cravings
  • Vibram rubber sole keeps you stuck to the rocks
  • Flexible, light midsole helps with stability and precise edging while hiking
  • Abrasion-resistant outer mesh for long-last
  • Gore-Tex finish keeps water out and let's your feet breath
  • Item #GAR003J
  • The iconic garment woman's dragon tail. Lt gore-tex approach shoes are ready for. Whatever you have in store they're versatile enough for hiking, but they perform really well when scrambling on. Rocks to approach your climb let's start. With the bottom the point of contact with the ground garma created a shoe that will work well. On technical rock mixed terrain approaches scrambling and even light. Hiking so the outsole is really meant to. Do it all it's made of tried-and-true vibram it's thinki enough for rock but. It's durable enough for long miles so it won't break down as quickly as some. Other types of softer sticky rubber that. You might find on approach shoes or even climbing shoes back here you've got a. Blocked heel strike area and the same. Blocking on the medial forefoot that's. For edging so all the while they give you a lug pattern in between that's perfect for hiking on those dirt trails. You're sure to encounter some rocks and. Some loose gravel so these lugs are. Going to keep you on the trail and make sure that you're sure-footed you can see three different colors in the mid sole. Grey yellow and red and that's not just. For look the grey part is a medium. Density so that gives cushioning and comfort and you can see it goes all the way around to the other side now the yellow part in the back is firmer so. That gives more stability where you need it in the heel and then the red part up front is densest and the most. Durable this is kind of what i call the. Climbing zone of the shoe and you're going to want densest material up. There mixed with what you have on the. Outsold the red dense part of the. Midsole really gives support you don't. Want your toes to flex too much and. That's going to give all the support you need for edging as you approach your climb on top of all of that you do have. A soft footbed it's removable. Just take it out here and show it. Definitely provides a lot of cushioning there's denser material here than. I've seen on some other removable. Footed and i think what they tried to do is give a nice soft place for your feet to land be kind of you have such a. Rigid mid sole on those long miles those. Heights this is going to keep you a little bit more comfortable the climbing. Style lacing is great for dialing in the. Tightness you prefer over different parts of your approach so leave them a little bit looser when you start hiking. But then when the hike starts to get more technical you can adjust those laces all the way down to the toes you. Can see the laces are kind of asymmetrical here and garmin actually built this entire shoe to mimic the. Natural asymmetry of your foot it's. Called they're anatomically directed design or abd this really cuts down on. Open space in the shoe that could lead to rubbing or blisters that mixed with. The lacing and this heel lock in the. Back will actually ensure a really good snug fit all day long also so wrap. Around so rand here in the front reduces the impact of kick rocks and roots and. Really protects those toes this is a gore-tex shoe as the name suggests so. It's going to keep out water so long as. That water doesn't come up over the top of the shoe the outsole in general is. Constructed of a few different materials but overall it's a really durable suede. That suede is going to last a long time. When you're encountering sharp rocks going to show some wear and tear and. That's why they're using such a durable material they've got overlays here but. Then they have some other kind of textile materials synthetic materials. Around the heel that you can really snug in and then again you have that rand because all the way around so that protects the suede even more and you've. Got the same material in the back overall the fit is pretty narrow these. Are approach shoes climbing style shoes. So they do want to give you a nice snug fit especially up here in the toe box. Again you can adjust the lacing for more. Comfort but if you're not used to approach style or climbing style shoes if you're just used to hiking shoes they're going to seem pretty narrow but. They're kind of meant to do that they're meant to be able to snug down and give you a tight fit all throughout the shoe with the features here you're getting a. Durable reliable shoe for all different. Types of turing's there's a garment women dragon tail lp gore-tex shoes. Thanks for watching if you have. Additional questions about the gear you just saw please feel free to visit that country edge comm and get in touch with. Me or one of our other gear specialists we also have technical specs about that. Here on the product pages of our website and often times we have bonus videos if. You like our channel please subscribe.

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    Fronteer Geotrekker Shoe - Men's

    Conquer tough approaches to the crag or make summit scrambles with the tough and stylish Fronteer Men's Geotrekker Shoe. This rugged approach shoe boasts a durable, yet supple suede upper, supportive and cushy EVA midsole, and aggressively-lugged Vibram outsole to help it get you off the beaten path and onto the trail less traveled.

  • Rugged approach shoe that's stylish enough for the city
  • Suede upper with rubber toe cap for serious durability
  • EVA midsole offers lightweight cushioning
  • Vibram outsole provides incredible traction and toughness
  • Item #FDR0006
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    Millet Super Trident GTX Shoe - Men's

    If you're looking for a year-round alpine approach boot, look no further than the Millet Men's Super Trident GTX Shoe. The official boot of the Chamonix Guides Company, this mid-cut boot offers protective, fluid, and precise performance. A Hydro-imper leather and synthetic carbon upper is backed by a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproof, breathable protection, no matter the weather. A Vibram MULAZ Evo outsole provides approach-style precision, while the stabilizing, cushioning Trident heel offers a quasi running style back section for versatility and comfort. Rubber toe and heel guards protect your feet from sharp rocks and roots. Crampon and snowshoe compatible, the Super Trident features a tight fit with a semi-rigid soft flex for a year-round boot that will get you where you want to go.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • A year-round alpine approach boot
  • Hydro-imper leather and synthetic carbon upper
  • Gore-Tex membrane for breathable, waterproof protection
  • Trident Heel recycled EVA midsole for cushioning and stability
  • Vibram MULAZ Evo outsole offers traction for the approach
  • Mid-cut provides ankle support and protection
  • Rubber toe and heel guard
  • Tight fit with a semi-rigid soft flex is crampon compatible
  • Item #MIL00A1
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