how to make paracord belt

Weaving a Paracord Belt

Weaving a belt out of paracord. Stylish accessory that will last for years

For a long time I was beating my head against the wall, figuring out how to weave a belt, and not just any belt, but a narrow one, to fit into a buckle with a 2 cm hole. There were many variants, but not all of them pleased the customer.

Looking through the book Paracord fusion ties once again, I came across the Endless falls weave, and I wondered if I could increase the width to the necessary width by adding one length of rope! Tried it on short sections – it works! I prepared a few options and sent them to the customer…

The third option was chosen. Well, lets get started!

1) First, we cut the paracord (preferably a little more than necessary), two pieces of equal length (for an 80 centimeter belt I took two pieces of 8 meters each, and there was still some left) and a smaller piece (for the same belt I took a 5 meter piece and also left a little). In simpler terms, for two pieces take the belt length multiplied by ten, and for the third piece take the belt length multiplied by 6 (if you are sure it will be okay) or 6.25 (as I actually did).

2) Fasten the ropes to our buckle like this. Find the centers of the two long pieces and fasten by them.

3) Take our buckle, turn it face down, and clamp it somewhere tighter. In my case, it was very convenient to clamp it with a drawer in my desk.

4) Lets start weaving (I didnt take the photo from the beginning of the belt, but everything is the same):

A) Cross the ends of the cross rope. Pay attention to which end is at the top, so continue (i.e. if the bottom is left and the top is right, then do the whole weaving, otherwise it will look crooked).

B) Throw the ends of the longitudinal (we have 4 of them) over the crossed ends of the transverse. The ones on the left go to the left of them, and the right ones go to the right of them. For convenience, I gathered the ends of the longitudinal pieces into skeins.

B) Tighten. First tighten the transverse ends, then the longitudinal ends, and so on several times. To make the belt the same width (2 cm) you need to tighten to a certain torque, use a ruler. The resulting columns should be 16-17mm, no more.

5) Repeat step 4 to the desired belt length.

6) Finish the belt. Cut and fuse the transverse ones. Do this with the remaining longitudinal ones: cross the outermost ones, throw over the central ones in the same way as in the main weave, and tighten them. Cut first the transverse and melt, then the longitudinal.

The result is a strap like this.

Thank you for reading! I wish you all the best of luck in your creative endeavors!


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